Claircognizance: What Is It? Signs You Have It And How To Improve


What Is Claircognizance? Claircognizance gives you the ability to have knowledge concerning events without having any evidence or information validating these events. Claircognizance also may give you the ability to see the intentions of someone without truly knowing that person, and sometimes without even meeting that individual in person. In …

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Clairaudience: A Quick And Effective How-To Guide


What Is Clairaudience? The dictionary defines clairaudience as the ability to hear (audible) sounds that are beyond the normal scope of the human ear. Dogs and other animals can hear on a different frequency than humans, but clairaudience is describing the ability to hear things from different realms, or planes …

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Deepening Meditation and the Realm of the Akashics

An Empathic Life As we progress through our spiritual journey, all of us begin with, and continue, making questions to be answered. In doing so, our minds’ open more and more to beliefs that have no exact answer; that there are many truths. We become comfortable in finding certain truths …

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The Best Astral Projection Books

best astral projection books

Astral Projection is the ability to leave the constraints and limitations of your physical body. It is also called by some mind travel, or out of body experiences. People use different methods to project their minds into different realms, worlds, and dimensions. Many people are interested in astral projection because …

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Nina Kulagina: The Almost-Unbelievable Story of a Psychic Housewife

nina kulagina

On the outside, she appeared to be a normal Soviet housewife. Looking at her, no one could have suspected the incredible psychic powers she possessed. But, once she was “discovered,” Nina Kulagina has helped ignite what some people have termed a paranormal arms race – between the USA and the …

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5 Powerful Meditation Apps To Quiet Your Soul

I talk a lot about meditation on this site and for a good reason, as many of you know (because I state it multiple times in every article) if you need or want to boost your psychic power you are going to need to meditate a lot so you might …

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How To Form A Chi Ball And Charge Your Aura

Here listed are several techniques in creating energy balls and manifesting sustainable and healthy energy patterns. The useage of chi drives on our spirit selves and we take with us the karma that goes along with it. To have a positive effect on our lives we must recharge and safely …

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Beginners To Advanced Pyrokinesis Guide

pyrokinesis training

A lot of you have been asking for this guide for the past year and I feel like I can’t keep you waiting any longer, I want to preface this article with a little disclaimer, this power can be destructive if it is in the wrong hands, an unpure mind …

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