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Everything You Need To Know About The Akashic Records

The Akashic records play an important role in the Theosophy religion and in the anthroposophy philosophy. No scientific proof exists concerning these records. The religion of Theosophy teaches that the Akashic records are present on a different plane and that is why scientists cannot find proof on this plane of their existence.

Think about the Akashic records like you think about the internet. The internet is always in existence, but we cannot actually see the connections or the path we have to follow to talk to someone in another city or country. The Akashic records exist much in the same way, like a giant internet of information about each person. We have an Akashic profile page where everything that pertains to us, to what we do, to what we like, to how we feel, and so on is listed, categorized, and kept for eternity. Once something is recorded in the Akashic records it stays there permanently.

To gain a greater understanding of the Akashic records we will take a look at what they are, what they contain, and how you can reach them yourself.

What are the Akashic Records?

These records are a succinct collection of information of overall human thoughts, the words we speak, the emotions we experience, the intentions we have had in the past, are having now, or will have in the future.

If you ever thought about it, smelled it, liked it, hated it, experienced it, wanted it, revolted against it, or simply consumed it, there is a record of that action. Everything that your soul has been connected to is recorded in these records. Every life you have lived, every tragedy you have lived through, every triumph you have made, good or bad it is on file in these records.

The records are the most detailed image of you that there is.

Nothing you have ever done, wanted, or experienced can be hidden from the record. It is complete, honest, and transparent in who and what you are.


Why are they called the Akashic records?

The name Akashic is derived from the term akasha. This is a Sanskrit word that means atmosphere or sky. H.P Blavatsky introduced this word and the theory of the Akashic records to the religion of Theosophy in the 1800s.

H.P. Blavatsky was a Russian born philosopher, author, and occultist who was one of the founders of the Theosophy religion. She helped to found the Theosophical Society in 1875 and quickly gained a great following from people interested in the society and the religion of Theosophy, Among the prolific books she has written includes:

Madame Blavatsky never actually used the term Akashic, but she did describe the term akasha as being like a life force. She spoke in great detail about tablets of astral light that were indestructible and held the records of all human thoughts and actions from the beginning of time.

Madame Blavatsky reportedly learned about the records when she studied with Tibetan monks. According to the monks, the records were accessible and they existed in the fifth element. The monks taught that reality materialized from the fifth element.

Later Alfred Percy Sinnett wrote a book called Esoteric Buddhism that furthered the idea of the Akashic records, but the term Akashic records did not come about until C. W. Leadbeater identified the records that Madame Blavatsky has eluded to by name.

Mr. Leadbeater told us that the Akashic records could be read by someone who had clairvoyant abilities. According to Mr. Leadbeater, he had clairvoyant abilities and he had seen an Akashic record that detailed the history of Atlantis and the people who inhabited it. He also reported having seen an Akashic record of the 28th century and how life will be on earth at that time.

Who keeps up with all of these details?

It is said that the Archangel Metatron has been assigned the task of recording everything and keeping this magnificent library of facts up to date.


Do not try to picture this one angel sitting at a desk and writing down everything that everyone in the world says and does at one time. That is not how it works.

We cannot fully comprehend the ways of the omnipresent. The omnipresent archangel is ever-present, and always aware of everything. Our human minds cannot comprehend a creature that can do things like this. We think of one-dimensional beings like ourselves when we think at all.

Do the Akashic Records Hold the Details of our Destiny?

According to Debbie Ritter, who studied the records in great detail with Linda Howe who wrote a book entitled Akashic Records, the Akashic records do not detail the destiny of each individual.

She explains that life is made up of constantly changing possibilities and interactions. It is complex and not completely mapped out. Each choice we make and each scenario we are engaged in throughout our lives changes the final result of our destiny so there are no clear one path destinies in the Akashic records.

How do You Reach the Akashic Records?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Akashic records is how to reach the records and see the information that they hold. Some people say that anyone who truly believes in the existence of the records can reach them through proper meditation and preparation. Other people think that only a “true” clairvoyant can access the records and the secrets that they hold.

In this article, we will unveil the ways you will be able to unveil information lying dormant in the  records

What can you learn from the Akashic records?

There is a plethora of information that is waiting to be discovered in the Akashic records. You can discover things like:

  • Where your soul originated from
  • the different skills and training we have experienced in past lives
  • the jobs we held in past lives
  • how things in our past lives may be affecting our thoughts, abilities, and fears today
  • what our special skill sets are and how we can use those skills in this life
  • we can find out how many lifetimes our soul has been on the earth
  • we can find out if there was ever another soul connected to our lifeline
  • we can find out some future elements
  • we can even find out if a love interest is a good choice for us

Can You Access anyone’s Records?

This is a very grey area. There are times when you can access some of the records pertaining to another person. This usually only happens when you have the permission of the person you are requesting information about. For instance: if you seek help from a clairvoyant in finding out what is written on your Akashic records then the clairvoyant would have your permission to look at your records.

If you are trying to access the information on someone else’s records just to be nosey you will find that this is probably not going to happen. Some people are astonished when they try to get information about others from their records and they find false information is given to them.

You can always ask the spirits to help you access information about someone else. Be ready to explain why you want to be granted access and what you plan to do with the information that you receive. Your intentions may be all that is needed for the access to be granted.

If you are truly interested in the records and want to try to reach them you should:

Prepare a Specific Question

If you are looking for the Akashic records you should know that there is a huge amount of information contained in those records. It is simpler for you to look for a specific record or a record that can answer a specific question for you.

You might want to write down your thoughts about what answers you are seeking. This could help you to focus on the records that may hold the answers you seek.

You should know that access to the records is not guaranteed, and you may have to make several attempts before you start to reach the plane of existence the records are kept on.

One beneficial way to find the answer to the questions is for you to write down the possible questions you want answers to. Maybe you would like to know what kind of life you lived in a past life. Maybe you want to know if some of the fears and anxieties you are currently living with have been caused by past tragedies.

If you were a drowning victim in a past life, and you drowned because your vehicle went over a bridge during a storm, then you might feel overly anxious anytime you are in a storm, or especially when you have to ride in a car during a storm.

Create a question that will help you solve a current life situation. Maybe you have been considering a change in careers or a change in living situations.

Ask if there is anything in your past lives that might be leading you to a different career, like maybe you were a banker in a past life and now you are feeling pulled towards the banking industry, Or possibly you have had a bad experience at a location in a past life and you are having trouble moving to that location now because the memory of the bad experience is still haunting you.

Turn to a psychic for help

Sometimes the best solution is to go to a person that has been in the trenches and knows the way back and forth with his eyes closed, instead of you going through the learning curve there are people who could easily take you there holding your hand all the way through, one site I recommend is Oranum where you will be able to talk to people who have the ability to get into the akashic records for you and tell you everything you would like to know, to see a psychic now click here

Seek a Guide

One of the surefire ways that you can use to get to the information in the records is to have a guide help you to them. The ability to get a guide to assist you in your quest may rely on the reason why you want to find the records. The intentions you have for the information you seek.

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If you are trying to gather the information that could harm someone else, or harm the reputation of someone else, there is a good chance that you may not find a guide willing to assist you.

You need to figure out what your intentions are, and how you plan to use the information that you gain. Once you are clear about this then you can state your intentions and let any potential guides know them.

There is no specific good or bad intention, and each guide will have their own set of intentions and protocols. Be honest and true with your thoughts and to your ambitions. Do not try to change what you want, or hide your true identity.

Some of the intentions people have when they are searching these records are to improve themselves. You might wonder why you are so quick to get upset and fly off the handle. Your intention might be to learn the reason why you are quick to anger so you can learn to control your anger.

Not only will clarifying your intentions help you to connect to a spirit guide that can take you to the records, but it can also help you to focus on the question you need to be answered. Your ability to focus completely is going to help you to make the revelations you want to make.

All Meditation Practices Work

There is not one particular type of meditation that is guaranteed to bring you to the records, or to a guide that will deliver you to the records. There are many different methods of meditation, and you simply have to find the meditation style that works best for you.

During meditation, you need to be calm and relaxed. In order to reach an open-minded state that will let you travel on astral planes and seek out of body knowledge and experiences, so you must be able to completely relax.

You must be able to let all of your worldly problems, and expectations be put aside so you can find the deep relaxation that allows your mind to be in control and to drift away from the constraints of your physical body. To put the limitations of the physical body aside you have to make yourself oblivious to your body and the realities of the world around you. This takes patience and practice.

The first time that you decide to try meditating or to find the Akashic records you are more than likely not going to be successful.

This is like riding a bicycle. You need to practice in order to be able to ride it well and to balance yourself perfectly. When you try to meditate and reach different planes you will learn more about the process each time you do it.

When you are riding a bike after some time passes you find that you can ride with ease and that you can even do things on the bike that before you learned to ride you thought were impossible. When you try to use astral projection to take you out of your body and to another realm of existence at first you will think some things are out of your power and after you start to learn more, and become more skilled you will find that you can do far more than you thought you could.

The power to finding the Akashic records lies within you. You must be able to relax, you must be able to focus your thoughts and energies on the records, and you must have the patience to wait for the answers. This is not like dialing the telephone and getting an immediate response.

Once you have reached the receptive state of meditation then the information that you are seeking will have the ability to enter your mind. You will not read the records like you are reading this page. You will simply be aware of the answer and you will know inside your being that what you have become aware of is the answer you were seeking. You may actually see the answer in visual terms or you may even hear the answer spoken to you. How the answer comes to you will be dependent on you and your connection with the realm of truth.

You can attempt to reach the records while sitting or lying down. You want to get in a position that is comfortable for you. You cannot relax if your body is not physically comfortable. The tension in your body will restrict you.

Use pillows and blankets to create a comfortable place that you simply want to stay in. You want to feel comfortable and you want to feel cradled and protected. Pillows and blankets can give you this sense of protection that allows you to finally let yourself go and let yourself experience the projection of your mind onto another plane.

You will probably have better results if you attempt to reach the records when there is no chance of interruption. You will want to go into a room where you can be completely free of interruption and distraction.

Turn your cell phone ringer off so you are not interrupted by a text or call. You might also want to wait until you are at home alone so no one will be likely to speak to you during your attempt.

You do not need your television on or your radio playing. These external noises have the ability to enter into your subconscious mind and stop you from reaching the total relaxed state that you need to be in.

When you are in the deeply relaxed state you are ready to focus on the question you want to answer. Meditate on that question. Let the question play over and over through your mind. Repeat the question at regular intervals. Imagine the question being played on a radio to a lovely tune, or imagine the question written on the walls surrounding you.

If at any time intrusive thoughts or daily concerns start to infiltrate your thoughts, simply push them aside and begin focusing on your question again.

Ask for Permission

You are seeking to access records of immense importance. These records should be highly regarded and revered. It is only right for you to ask for permission to see the records. After you have been meditating and concentrating on your question for at least five minutes then it is time for you to seek permission to go into the records.

Try saying something like “I am seeking the Akashic records so the events of my past lives might help me to understand my present situations. May I access the Akashic records?” Ask politely and respectfully. If you are doing this as some type of game you will not be successful. This is a serious endeavor and deserves to be treated as such.

In general, most people receive their answers about their records in the form of images at first. As they strengthen their clairvoyant abilities the images may start to be accompanied by odors, or sounds, or even written messages.

Take everything you feel, sense, hear, see, smell, and taste while you are seeking your records as a portion of the answer you are seeking. Do not overlook anything or simply give less importance to a smell or a taste than you do to an image or a sound. You have five sense and the records may come to you through any one or all of those senses.

Respond to Other Beings


There is a good chance that while you are searching for the records you might connect with another being. Do not shy away from these beings. Be bold and ask their name. Clarify to them being what you are trying to do and the reason why you are trying to do it. You are not doing anything wrong and you do not know when you will meet a being that has the ability to help you connect with the records.

You will find that other beings and entities have access that you do not. The other beings exist on planes that you do not so they can do things and get to things that you cannot find.

Imagine going to a new town. The people that live in that town know where everything is and when you want to find something the quickest way to do so is to ask someone how to get there. The same thing is true of other beings you meet while seeking your Akashic records.

These other beings know how to get around in the plane the records are stored on. The other beings can be helpful and take you where you need to go, or they might simply point you in the right direction.

Take the time to talk to the beings and find out who they are. You want to be friendly and have the beings see you as a friend. If you seem mean or standoffish to the other beings they may simply disappear or they may block your way so that you do not reach the records.

Pay close attention to the times you are seeking the records and the beings that you meet more than once. Often the beings you meet are spirit masters or spirit guides who are there to help you. You might call them guardian angels or you might think of them as the essences of past relatives who want to see you prosper in life.

Do not be afraid of the other beings you meet. They are not malicious and they do not mean you any harm. If they block your way they have a reason for doing so. If you see a certain being often and do not seem to be able to access the records after seeing that being, try having a conversation with the being the next time you encounter them.

Try politely asking if you have done something wrong that the being. Apologize for any unintentional insult or slight you may have committed.

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Tell the being your intent and purpose for accessing the records. Talk honestly from your heart. The beings will respond to honest and heartfelt discussions.

Never try to play tricks or mind games with these beings. They can sense when you are less than truthful. It is simply a matter of protection for them and their existence.

Keep a Journal

This may sound ludicrous but a written description of the experience you have when you are seeking the records will in the future help you to gain access to the records more fully. Even if you think that you did not actually reach a level of consciousness that allowed you access to the information you sought you want to write down everything that you can remember.

Read over your attempts and focus on the inspiring portions. You may find that with time you are reaching deeper levels and getting closer to finding the answers that you seek.

Your journal will also help you to interpret the things that were revealed to you. When you ask a question of the Akashic records the response may not be in sentences like the ones you are used to.

If you ask about the occupations you once we’re engaged in during a past life you might simply see a hammer in the air. When you come out of your meditative state record the vision of the hammer and explore the possible meaning. The hammer could mean that you once were a carpenter.

If you have the hammer recorded the next time you visit the records you might be given another glimpse or clue about your past existence. When you look back over all of your attempts to answer a question through access to the records you can put the different clues together and allow them to paint a picture of your lives, your experiences, and your successes and failures.

Each time you access the records your ability to access the records and to access deeper records increases. Your journal will help you to add to your strength and help you to decipher what you see, hear, smell and touch. It may also be a way that you can use to help other people access their records. Each time you make a journal entry you have written a little more about your history.


Everything that is the Akashic records is not pleasant. In past lives, people have been hurt. People have suffered atrocities at the hands of others. People have lived through great trials and been severely depressed.

When you visit the records there is always the chance that you are going to find that you were a victim in a past life. You might find that you were tortured, murdered, enslaved, or otherwise mistreated. You may discover that you were once a person who tortured or mistreated others. The records cannot just tell you the good points of your past lives.

The good and the bad in our lives are entwined. The good and bad things we have experienced have woven together to make us the people that we are today. These events have shaped our fears, our strengths, and our personalities.

If you find out something bad that happened in a past life be sure that you write that in your journal, but also be sure that you do not just dwell on the bad thing that happened.

You must realize that the bad thing that happened to you, or the bad thing that you did, is not the only definition of who you are and what you will become. Look at these occurrences as simply a part of your existence, and not as your entire existence.

What to do if You are Nervous or Frightened

It is perfectly natural to be apprehensive about new experiences. You are unsure about exactly what will happen and how the experience is going to affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you are nervous or frightened, you will have a difficult time relaxing enough to reach the records or the spirits that can help you.

If you are feeling jittery try saying a prayer and pray for a hedge of protection. Many of you will pray to God to protect you, but you can also pray to angels, or to the universe. Ask for guidance and protection during your search. Ask that the powers that be stay with you so that you have a peaceful and calm experience.

You can also do some breathing exercises to help calm your nerves.

Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus on your breath coming in and out of your body. Inhale deeply through your nose and count to four while you are breathing in. Hold your breath while you count to four, and then exhale slowly while you count to four again. Repeat this breathing exercise for five minutes or more. There is no set amount of time to becoming perfectly relaxed. Take as long as you need to reach a place of total relaxation.

You can place your hands on your stomach and focus on the motion of breathing. Think about nothing more than your breath going into your lungs then exiting your lungs. Let everything else leave your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exploring the Akashic Records

Q: What do people mean when they say you must be grounded to seek the Akashic records?

A: Grounding is the practice of making sure your physical being is grounded on its earthly plane before you try to perform astral projection and let your mind go exploring. You do have to be grounded, but grounding can be as simple as planting your feet on the floor and mentally imagining those feet as being glued in place where they cannot be moved.

Q: Is there an age limit for accessing the records?

A: There is not an age limit on clairvoyance or visiting another plane. In the past, there have been many children who have developed the ability to visit other realms outside of the limitations of time and space. Often parents assume the child is making up fantastic stories about friends they visit or things they did in other lives. You also do not grow to an age when you will no longer be able to use the mental abilities you have developed. This is not like being one of the Lost Boys and able to see Peter Pan until you reach a grown-up age when magic is lost. Anyone can do this at any time in their life.

Q: Is it possible to lose your life or your mind accessing these records?

A: It is totally impossible for the information that you get while accessing the Akashic records to be detrimental to your health in any capacity.

With that being said, it is possible for you to discover disturbing things while accessing the records. It is also possible for people to focus on these disturbing details to the point that they start to lose sleep, lose their appetites, or lose their zest for life.

The process of accessing the information did not harm these people, they are harmed by their own inability to stop focusing on the negative.

The other beings that you meet while accessing your records cannot harm you. They are not mean and they do not mean you any harm.

Q: Are the Akashic records connected to witchcraft or the occult?

A. There are people who believe in witchcraft and the occult that do access their Akashic records. The Akashic records are not directly related to these things.

Q: If I don’t see anything does this mean that I can’t access my records?

A: The most important thing you need in order to access your Akashic records I patience. You might get a vision the very first time you try, but this is usually not the case. You are more than likely going to have to attempt to access the records multiple times before you see any results.

You also might only see a flash or glimpse of something that is only obvious for a split second and then it is gone. You must be patient, keep trying, and try to figure out if anything you are doing is stopping your success from happening.

If you have any doubts whatsoever then you probably will not be able to reach the records or get anything from them. If you have not reached a total state of relaxation you will not be able to access the records.

You may be setting time limits on your expectations of what will happen and when it will happen. You have to remember that on other planes our earthly time limitations mean nothing. An hour in our time may be a split second on another plane. Do not expect things to happen in a set time frame.

Q: Can the Akashic records reveal why I am sick?

A: To a certain degree, the Akashic records can tell you why you suffer from some ailments. The things that have happened in past lives often play a real part in what is happening to our physical bodies today.

Q: Can I change my Akashic Record?

A: You cannot change what is on your records but you can add layers that are like explanations, or as examples of how you have changed or improved. Your record is permanent and every deed will be reflected, but if we have done something bad, and we have made amends or tried to correct our actions then this will also be reflected on the record.

Q: With time can I access everything that is recorded in my Akashic Record?

A: No. There are simply things that you do not ever need to know, and that you could not handle if you did know. The powers that be will not allow you to access portions of your records that are going to cause nothing but strife and disaster in your life. The things that you have no control of, and cannot change are best left as secrets that only certain beings in the universe have access to.

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