How To Form A Chi Ball And Charge Your Aura

Here listed are several techniques in creating energy balls and manifesting sustainable and healthy energy patterns. The useage of chi drives on our spirit selves and we take with us the karma that goes along with it. To have a positive effect on our lives we must recharge and safely …

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Beginners To Advanced Pyrokinesis Guide

pyrokinesis training

A lot of you have been asking for this guide for the past year and I feel like I can’t keep you waiting any longer, I want to preface this article with a little disclaimer, this power can be destructive if it is in the wrong hands, an unpure mind …

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10 Powerful Signs Almost All Empaths Have

empath psychology

I was sitting around with my friends the other night just hanging around when suddenly I felt that one of my friends got really upset, the thing is….he looked exactly the same from the outside, his demeanor did not change at all, later when we walked home together I turned …

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Beginners To Advanced Geokinesis Guide


What is geokinesis? Geokinesis or terrakinesis is a psychic ability that involves controlling the earth, minerals and sand with the power of the mind. By learning how to develop geokinesis, he will be able to connect with the element of the earth. You will be able to get her to …

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Best Chakra Books To Read In 2019

  Hey guys today I will be sharing with you the best books on chakra and going in depth on each one explaining why it is the best. Why should I read books about chakra? Well if you don’t already know, your chakras are your energetic centers in your body, …

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How To Create A Psi Ball

What is a psi ball? A psi ball is the ability to create and program spiritual power into a ball that you can hold between your hands, whether its chi, mana or any other type of energy, it can be inserted into a ball inside your hands.   What will …

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Beginners To Advanced Photokinesis Guide

What is Photokinesis? Photokinesis is the psychic ability of using your mind to control light and luminous objects. it can also be seen as the exact opposite of umbrakinesis, which is the dark art of controlling shadows and darkness. Why should I learn photokinesis? This is one of the easier …

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How To Use Energy Shielding Techniques

A Short Intro Into Chakra, Chi/Ki, and Psionic Based Defense There are many things to be aware of in our plane of existence. Being that Earth is our home, we inhabit it with many different physical and metaphysical/different dimensional type beings. This being a constant will leave us with much …

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