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Telekinesis Guide

Telekinesis Guide What is Telekinesis? Telekinesis is Psychokinesis which is basically defined as the ability to move an object without touching the object. Telekinesis powers allow you to use your mind to move material objects. People who have telekinesis may be able to move small objects by simply concentrating on …

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The Best Books on Mindfulness


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is defined as a mental state where the individual focuses on the present moment and is in complete acceptance of their feelings, contemplations, emotions, and other sensations. Mindfulness is very handy in life because it can help you get over any stress you are living with. …

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Clairvoyance: Signs you might be clairvoyant


What is clairvoyance? Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things that you cannot perceive using your normal sensory perceptions. Clairvoyance is a psychic ability that allows people to sense dangers, or knows things about the future that helps them to avoid problems or helps them to live a happier and …

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Best Meditation Chairs

best meditation chairs

Meditation requires you to get into a comfortable position that you can withstand for extended periods of time. Many people sit cross-legged while they meditate. Normal chairs are not designed to accommodate people who are sitting cross-legged. Most people wind up doing their meditation poses while sitting on a cushion …

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Must Read Meditation Books To Have More Inner Peace

best meditation books

Meditation is a method of focusing the mind so that you can reach a calm and emotionally stable state. Meditating allows you to set aside the perplexing confusion of your daily life and go into a mindset where calmness and clear thinking are predominant. There are many different methods that …

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Clairsentience: Signs you have it and how to improve it in you


What is Clairsentience? Clairsentience is an ability to sense the feelings of other people. Clairsentience gifts allow you to know when someone is in pain, when they are feeling down, when they are joyful, without talking to them or touching them. You may be able to feel the present emotions, …

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Oranum Review 2020 | Read This Before You Try

oranum review

Oranum is an online website that connects you with psychics. They haven’t been operating for a very long time, but in the time they have been operating they have proven to be a group of extremely talented and gifted psychics who desire to share their talents with everyone. At Oranum …

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How To Become A Medium

how to become a medium

So you want to learn how to become a medium? Is it possible to train yourself to have the psychic skills required of a medium? Yes! You can practice the skills you need to be a successful medium, and you can train yourself to become a medium and as you …

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Claircognizance: What Is It? Signs You Have It And How To Improve


What Is Claircognizance? Claircognizance gives you the ability to have knowledge concerning events without having any evidence or information validating these events. Claircognizance also may give you the ability to see the intentions of someone without truly knowing that person, and sometimes without even meeting that individual in person. In …

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Clairaudience: A Quick And Effective How-To Guide


What Is Clairaudience? The dictionary defines clairaudience as the ability to hear (audible) sounds that are beyond the normal scope of the human ear. Dogs and other animals can hear on a different frequency than humans, but clairaudience is describing the ability to hear things from different realms, or planes …

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