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Begginers To Advanced Sonokinesis Guide

What Is Sonokinesis?

Sonokinesis, also known as echokinesis and audiokinesis, is the art of using your mind to manipulate sound waves.

How Does Sonokinesis Work?

By employing the methods and techniques of sonokinesis outlined in this article, you will learn to create, warp, and manipulate sound. Sounds are merely vibrations that create disturbances in the atmosphere in the form of pressure waves. These pressure waves are perceived by our ears as sound. Sonokinesis will enable you to alter these pressure waves in order to mimic, strengthen, quiet, speed up, or slow down sound. Caution should be used when performing some of the following techniques, as ultralow frequencies can cause internal damage to living beings.

Turn up the volume

In this beginner’s exercise, you will be manipulating sound waves to make them louder.

Step one: Enter a state of meditation for at least 10 minutes in order to calm and prepare your mind. Meditate until you feel clearheaded and focused.

Step two: Turn on any type of music that you like at any level of volume. You may want to start off by using a stereo so that the sound waves fill up the room.

Step three: As you listen to the music, imagine the sound waves manifesting in a linear pattern, such as a line or bar. You can also imagine them to be any color of your choosing. Although, since you’re going to be raising the volume of the music, it helps to envision the sound waves in a bright color.

Step four: Focus on the sound waves and use your mental energy to begin raising the line or bar. As the line or bar begins to rise, so should the volume of the music.

You can practice this technique in the reverse as well. You can imagine the bar moving lower to bring the music to a quieter level. In this case, you may want to picture the sound waves as having a soft or muted color.

The sonic blast

Depending on how loud you want your sonic blast to be, choose an environment with an appropriate level of noise. It’s helpful to start out in a quieter environment and progress to a louder one as your technique improves. Exercise caution when using this technique that you don’t aim the blast at anything made of glass. This sonokinesis technique, once mastered, has the same effect as a high-pitched sound and will shatter certain types of glass.

Step one: Meditate for at least 10 minutes. The more centered and grounded you are, the better.

Step two: Enter a state of mental alertness and invoke a feeling of empowerment. Formulate a clear objective and envision your desired result. By doing so, you will be creating an expectation of success.

Step three: Visualize air molecules, which carry sound waves, all around you. A method that works well for some sonokinesis practitioners is to imagine the molecules as television static.

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Step four: Begin to not only see the static around you, but also feel it. Hold out your dominant hand, palm up, and visualize the sound-loaded air molecules gathering into a ball in your hand.

Step five: Focus on your desired target and release the ball of sound waves. It may help you to have a mantra word to repeat in your head or out loud, such as “move,” “strike,” or “destroy.” Depending on how quickly or slowly you get the air molecules to vibrate, you may hear a high- or low-pitched sound when they strike your target.

The Sonokinetic Aura

In this sonokinesis technique, you will be utilizing sound waves to create an aura, or shield, around your body. This aura is useful when you know you’re going to be in an extremely noisy environment and want to mute some of the sound.

Step one: After meditating and clearing your mind for a sufficient amount of time, stand up and hold both arms out in front of you with your palms turned upward.

Step two: Visualize the sound waves vibrating around you and imagine the waves gathering into two sonic balls, one in each hand.

Step three: Once you have the sonic balls the size you would like them to be, move your arms in toward each other until your palms are touching.

Step four: Raise your arms, palms still pressed together, above your head.

Step five: Begin to separate your palms and move your arms in a downward arc until they reach your feet. As you do this, imagine the sound waves stretching between your hands and forming an oval-shaped shield around your entire body.

Optional step*: If you also wish to project a certain presence or personal quality with your aura, you can envision your aura in a particular color.

Red: energy, strength, and passion.
Orange: ambition, courage, and self-control.
Yellow: optimism, happiness, and friendliness.
Green: peacefulness, compassion, and healthiness.
Blue: spirituality, creativity, and kindness.
Indigo: intuition, curiosity, and benevolence.
Violet: wisdom, intuition, and magnificence.

In addition to muting some of the sound around you, this aura works well to combat and keep out any negative energies you may encounter throughout your day. It does take a consistent level of concentration to maintain the shield, so you may find yourself having to refocus and re-assemble your shield periodically until you master the technique completely.

Sonokinetic Mimicry

Sonokinesis can enable you to mimic other sounds, such as noises or other people’s voices. This is considered to be an intermediate technique as you will need the level of concentration and control required to visualize two different sound wave patterns at the same time. For the purpose of describing this technique, let’s assume you want to mimic another person’s voice.

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Step one: After meditating for a sufficient amount of time, play a recording of the person’s voice you want to mimic. Because this exercise takes some time to accomplish, it’s best to have the recording on a loop if possible.

Step two: As you listen to the voice, visualize its sound wave pattern as an undulating wave. If it’s a deeper voice, the waves will move slower than those of a higher-pitched voice.

Step three: Begin speaking along with the voice, repeating the same words he or she is saying. Visualize your voice with its own unique sound wave pattern.

Step four: As you continue to monitor both wave patterns, use your voice and your mind to will your wave pattern to match the other person’s. Take note if you need to slow your wave to match a deeper voice or speed it up to match a higher one. Pay attention not only to the tone and pitch of the voice, but also the speech pattern and inflections. With regular practice, you will be able to impersonate anyone’s voice you choose.

Using Sonokinesis for Healing

Because this technique involves directing sound waves at another person, it is considered to be highly advanced. Before attempting sonokinetic healing, you should be at the point where you have completely mastered the other sonokinesis techniques and feel confident that you will not accidentally harm the other person.

Step one: Meditate for as long as it takes you to become completely grounded and focused.

Step two: As with the sonic blast technique, imagine gathering a ball of sonic energy in the palm of your dominant hand. For added effect, envision the sonic ball as having a healing color, such as blue or white.

Step three: Imagine the ball drifting gently from the palm of your hand and into the affected area of the person you are healing. It can be helpful to use a mantra word, such as “mend” or “heal” as you are performing this technique.

Step four: Visualize the healing sonic energy seeping into their very being and neutralizing the illness. Depending on how the person feels, or how serious their illness, you may have to conduct more than one healing session.

It should be noted that sonokinetic healing is in no way intended to take the place of traditional medical treatment.

Your Sonokinesis Journey

As with any new skill, it takes practice and dedication to master the sonokinesis techniques outlined in this article. If you don’t see results immediately, keep at it. Before you know it, you will have mastered all of these techniques, and you may even develop some of your own that work best for you.

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