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Beginner Meditation Exercises

A Brief Intro

We all need to start somewhere. Sometimes, we need to go back and re-train ourselves as well. There are four basic practices for beginners listed in this article. When each of these exercises are continued, they will increase personal meditation ability. As with most of my articles, I have made the exercises below in the order of “easy to hard.”

The first exercise is a must-know for all those who want to increase focus. The second is a familiarizing meditation that many who meditate use very frequently. The third is a breathing meditation that increases calmness. The fourth is an extra added bonus; a specific mediation that will increase mental awareness and skill within the astral and spiritual plane.

Focus Training

  1. Begin by sitting or standing comfortably.
  2. Choose something to begin focus on.
  3. Look at that one object and become very familiar with its appearance.
  4. Close eyes and continue to keep seeing only that object.
  5. See it from all sides.
  6. Remember to breathe deeply once in a while to help remained focused.

This entire exercise should take about 5-10 minutes. It’s easy to keep practicing because if you ever lose focus you can open your eyes and see the object again so you can try once more.

It seems very basic, to a point that will deter people from doing it, but this is one of the most important skills in learning how to meditate, visualize, and keep focused for longer periods of time.

Comfort Zone “Happy Place”

This exercise, when practiced, will become a go-to for charging, grounding, and all-around comfort. This is more serious than a simple landscape that makes you feel comfortable. You will envelope yourself within all that makes you feel the most “at home.”

  1. Sit or lay comfortably with eyes closed.
  2. Breathe lightly.
  3. Take a deeper inhale through your nose.
  4. As you exhale out your nose and inhale again ask yourself “where is my heart?” with the intent of a location being the answer.
  5. Use questions like “where do I begin?” and “where do I need to be?” to further create this private space.
  6. Find a place and away each of the four basic elements of earth, wind, fire, and water can be included here.
  7. The final thing to do is to ask yourself “How is the light?”
  8. This will instigate the intention of your area being comforting. This is the most important piece for this area to have a resonating vibration.’
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Chi Breathing

  1. Begin with your eyes closed.
  2. Place your tongue at the roof against the part of your mouth where your gum meets your teeth.
  3. Start to inhale through your nose and out your mouth slowly.
  4. When you inhale watch blue energy go into your nose and all the way to your belly.
  5. As you exhale bring grey (spent) energy from your belly up and out your mouth.
  6. Continue this slowly so you can be familiar with the feeling of good energy entering and bad energy leaving.

Putting your tongue at the roof touching your teeth is a very old technique that has been used to better the flow energy within ourselves

Personal Dragon

This is also called The Dragon Meditation. It is a Wiccan meditation that has been handed down for a long time. It is used to increase the relationship with ourselves, better experiencing our visualizations, and ready us for astral travel. It is better to lay down instead of sitting for this exercise. Follow it the same way every time.

  1. Get comfortable with breathing.
  2. See yourself in front of a castle, it is daytime.
  3. Walk to its front door and it opens for you. This your castle.
  4. Inside you see a red carpet that leads straight to stairs. Around the room are candle lights and statues.
  5. You walk towards the stairs and take your first step.
  6. Begin to walk up the stairs, counting each step.
  7. Feel your self going higher and higher up the flight of stairs.
  8. The top is some 15 or 20 steps up. (The number is different for every one)
  9. Once the top is reached you turn right.
  10. Begin walking down this hall, it has the red carpet continuing from the stairs.
  11. Take notice of the different artifacts/paintings/statues/candles etc. but continuing walking
  12. At the end of the hallway is a wooden door. Put your hand on the knob and open it.
  13. Inside is a dragon. It is your dragon. See it for what it is, the colors of its scales the way it breathes.
  14. If it is sleeping, leave it alone.
  15. If it is awake go up to it and ask to fly on its back.
  16. If it beckons you, hop on and take flight. Breathe deeply.
  17. You may ask the dragon to visit dreams (it will only work if the person is in a deep sleep and the current moment and you will only be able to survey, not interfere)
  18. You can also fly with the dragon and feel the sky and clouds within this realm.
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The number to reach the top will always be the same for you, but everyone has a different number for themselves and sometimes people have places in between that they reach before getting to the top. ** Nothing happens if you turn left, you will be forced right. * Forcing the dragon to wake does not do anything but exit the meditation for yourself, as you are the dragon. ** Dreams visited during the meditation will not harm anyone, you can only visit a dream of someone that finds comfort with you, allowing them to experience you

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