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Beginners To Advanced Aerokinesis Guide

Now we have come to one of my favorite types of psychokinesis, and its called aerokinesis, so lets get right down into it

What Is Aerokinesis?

Aerokinesis as some of you have already guessed is the ability to manipulate air particles with the power of the mind, now some of you must be saying to yourselves “why would I want to do that!”

Well…..Aerokinesis is one of the easiest skills to learn, because air is all around us and we can feel and connect to it very easily

Is Aerokinesis For You?

If you have just started using your mind to do amazing things and you want to see results quickly, I would say go with aerokinesis, most people see the most improvement in this field, although controlling shadows can be a bit cooler than that,

What Can Aerokinesis Be Used For?

Aerokinesis can have many uses once you get quite good at it, from blowing leaves off of your lawn without leaving your couch all the way to generating a nice breeze while you sit and relax at the park, when you get better you can even generate gusts of wind while you are inside the house.

so….without any further introductions, lets get right into it.


Increasing Wind Speed

This is a great technique to build your mental muscle if you are just starting out and need to see some quick proof, but always remember that your belief system and meditation habits will eventually decide how far you will go.

Step One: go outside and find a nice and quiet spot to meditate in, if you need to focus you can put on headphones but it is recommended that you will just go to a place where there aren’t many people so you can connect to your surroundings better.

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Step Two: now start feeling the wind as it hits your body, start asking yourself  “at what speed is it coming?”, “is it strong or weak?” ,”from what direction is it coming?”.

Step Three: once you found the wind and feel connected to it, try willing it to move faster, see the particles in the air picking up the pace.


Hand Of Anemoi

If you don’t know anemoi is the greek god of air, and this technique is dedicated to him

Step One: go outside and repeat step one from the previous exercise.

Step Two: after meditating start to visualize with your minds eye that there are golden strings coming out from your hand to a nearby body of air.

Step Three: now all you need to do after firmly seeing the strings is pulling them slowly in your direction, as you get better you will be able to bring stronger winds.


Changing Direction

This technique is a bit more advanced since it is inside the house with no external wind to guide you, when you are first starting out it is best to get to a good level with the previous techniques.

Step One: meditate indoors for about an hour.

Step Two: keep your hands six inches apart from each other.

Step Three: now blow air on only one of your hands and try to will the air to go to the other hand, when you can feel the air on your other hand from the direction of the hand that was blown on you managed to do it, and that is as pure as air manipulation gets.

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Air Balls

This is a fun skill to have that you can use whenever you want to have a little fun.

Step One: make a psi ball (a kinetic ball of energy) and make it as strong as possible.

 Step Two: take the psi ball and insert air into the psi ball through your hands, visualize air as a fluid coming out of your hands and filling the psi ball, feel the air energy between your hands and fill the psi ball full, you should start feeling cold or warm breezes of air on your hands.

Step Three: aim the ball at an object or a person (this should be harmless but use at your own risk) and throw it as hard as you can, the person or object should feel the air on them and perhaps move.

In conclusion this is a great skill to have and it is easy to get started with, good luck with it!

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