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Beginners To Advanced Biokinesis Guide

What is Biokinesis?

Biokinesis is a process of reprogramming the cells and DNA through a person’s mind. This may involve altering, healing and destroying the cancer cells,increasing body mass. Also it allows the person to change physical appearance and even heal the physical body. However, the most common biokinetic technique is changing eye color. It may also be used to alter the structure of the DNA or heal diseases, not just in your own body but together with the others.

Although medical doctors do not admit the truth behind it, some of them refuse to critic due to the fear of being opposed.

However, some sites claim that some muscle building programs integrate principles of this discipline. According to an unspecified research study from the University of Manchester, these programs were believed to have caused around 50% muscle size increase to the people.


Who needs to learn biokinesis?

Anyone possess the capacity to learn biokinesis. However, it is advised that those people who want to learn biokinesis, should be knowledgeable about the theory behind the technique. A person should also be optimistic who will believe in his capabilities. Thus, a person that is going to use it must not be too emotionally invested, and not dependent on other people. He must also be able to develop the ability to concentrate and focus on one priority at a time.


How long will it take me to start demonstrating Biokinetic abilities?

The average number of months for a person to master this discipline is two to six months. It always depends on your body especially your DNA. It also depends on your effort, particularly how passionate you are about your goal, how many times you listen to subliminals in a day, and how sensitive your subconscious mind is to autosuggestion. It may also depend on your focus. Since you may listen to relaxing music, it may distract you to think about other unnecessary things while listening. Lastly, it may also depend on the personal goal. Changing one’s whole body may even take a year or more.

What are risks associated with practicing Biokinesis?

Just like other Disciplines on this website,the techniques here may harm you and if you will not use them correctly. For frequencies, it is better to stop immediately once you feel that you have already listened for long. Studies have shown that excessive listening to loud music will gradually cause hearing loss to a person.

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What should I do to get started?

One of the very first things you must do before embarking on your biokinetic journey is to get familiar with the theory behind it. Understanding how it works is a complex idea to comprehand especially in practicing it. Otherwise, your subconscious mind will not believe what you are doing. Get started by knowing more about subliminal audios or those that contain hidden affirmations. One must also learn more about frequencies and how they influence the brain to alter the body.

It is also best if you can deal with your personal and emotional problems before beginning to concentrate on your biokinetic procedures. Your current emotional concerns may reverse the process. Most specially to have productivity, one must first learn to accept and love himself.

The Benefits of Biokinesis

You can use it for building muscle and your body. You may also use it for changing the color of your eyes or healing acnes, illnesses, and even cancer. Aside from this, there is also a multitude of reasons why people use biokinesis.

So lets start with the training


Rejuvenation of Plants

Beginner biokinetic techniques must not be directed to living human beings at first so should start with plants:


  • Step 1. Look for a sick plant or a dying one. Make sure that this plant is relatively small and not taller than one foot.
  • Step 2. Take the sick plant to your room in a pot. Make sure there is only an average amount of sunlight entering the room.
  • Step 3. Focus on the plant and see in your minds eye
  • Step 4. Visualize the plants health as a small ball of light, gradually getting bigger
  • Step 5. See it getting bigger and the plant becoming greener as a result
  • Step 6. See all the disease in the plant getting pushed out while the ball is getting bigger
  • Step 7 That’s it , do it for a week straight before trying on people


Creating a needle of energy.

This technique will be among the first exercises which you will need to master.

  • Step 1. Meditate for about 30 minutes. This is crucial to the opening spiritual blockages in your body. Once you have reached a state of complete ease and relaxation, let your psi or psychic energy flow through you.
  • Step 2. Visualize a small needle of energy inside your body. See it as a thin and extremely sharp needle. See in your mind that your genes are flowing all throughout your body in tiny tubes. Using your mind, tell the needle what purpose you have for it and how you want it to change your genes. Use it to pierce the needle into the flowing genes until it disappears into the gene pool. Use the psi to cover the hole made by this needle. Once the needle is inside, visualize it turning to psi again and let it dissolve into your genes.
  • Step 3. Wake up from the meditation. Before you go about your usual day, fill your mind with the thought “I am (what you believe you will change to be). Do this all day then you will see or feel some results after a week.
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Bioelectrical Cellular Stimulation.

This is an advanced technique that will bring good and heal headaches, sore joints, and body pain. Make sure that you keep this method to simple healings so that you will not disturb anything chronic.


  • Step 1. Place your hands about two inches away from the area that needs healing. Focus on what particular types of sensation that you feel. If the area is swollen, you may feel the heat.
  • Step 2. Concentrate on psi energy emitting from your palms and direct them towards the area. Use your mind to command the psi and visualize it, healing the inflamed area.
  • Step 3. If it is not on inflammation, ask the person whom you are trying to heal if the pain has added up. Then, you may be emitting too much electrical current. Reduce the intensity of your psi with your mind as well as with your emotions. Stop when the pain ends.

Perhaps, there are a few people out there who have very good psychic abilities , and they practice it to revive and revitalize their dead and dying cells. That is why they may never grow old. However, they may just be afraid to come out and show the world their abilities. To master any psychic ability you must master your mind first, you need to practice constantly. With consistency, anything can be mastered.

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