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Beginners To Advanced Cryokinesis Guide

Cryokinesis Commonly referred to as “ice powers,” gives the user the ability to create and manipulate ice or very cold temperatures through the manipulation and control of matter. Cryokinesis is something that you can train yourself to do. Training the body to perform the abilities necessary to control matter takes practice and dedication, but practicing the necessary techniques will allow any dedicated practitioner to become advanced in the realm of cryokinesis. Once you have reached an advance level in the practice of cryokinesis, you will be able to do many things such as creating a blizzard, freezing objects with just a touch, and being able to withstand extremely cold weather with no discomfort.

Who has been known to use cryokinesis?

Wim Hof, commonly referred to as “The Iceman,” is a career daredevil and 20 times Guinness World Record holder for withstanding extreme temperatures that is a master of this craft. He has climbed Mount Everest in nothing but shoes and shorts and remained comfortably in ice baths for hours while maintaining the same body temperature and heart rate. He has been able to accomplish this by using a breathing technique, rightfully named “The Wim Hof Method.” His method involves mediation and breathing exercises, coupled with extreme awareness of your body. Wim believes that you can control the body to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, and even fight off diseases. He believes that you can control the body consciously through these breathing techniques. He also says that with the correct exposure to the cold, many health benefits can be produced. Health benefits can include reduced inflammation, fat loss, and balanced hormone levels. Although it has taken him years of practice, Wim Hof has been able to achieve unbelievable accomplishments in extreme weather circumstances. Wim Hof’s practices are the same as used in cryokinesis, and with the right techniques it is possible to withstand extreme circumstances just like wim hof.

Cryokinesis Conditioning

Because cryokinesis involves extreme cold temperatures, the first thing you should do before practicing cryokinesis is to let your body adapt to colder temperatures. There are several ways to do it, among others include.

  • Hold ice is your hand for as long as you can without hurting yourself.
    Continue doing this, attempting to extend the length of time you can do it in
    each try.
  • Take cold showers each day, making the shower a little bit colder every time you go in, do this until you can withstand the coldest temperature.
  • Go outside during cold temperatures for an extended amount of time for as long as you can.
  • Meditate in cold weather, As you will learn in this website, meditation is the key to every hidden power, try to meditate in a cooler place than you usually do.

Cryokinesis Techniques

Belief is the foundation to a success in attaining cryokinetic powers. Without completely believing in yourself and in the existence of these esoteric powers it will be nearly impossible to actually do it. So believe in yourself and in your potential abilities before you get practicing.

Cryokinesis Meditation

Mediation is essential to the practice of cryokinesis because focusing your mind is the main element of mastering this practice. Once you have mastered you mind you can master anything.

Step One:  mediate in a cold place for about ten minutes at a time. Being in a
cold place is important because you are attempting to create something cold. So
surrounding yourself with the element you are creating will allow your body to
easily produce more of that same element.
Step Two: While mediating, visualize ice  crystals forming in your environment. Use your mind’s eye to picture and feel the ice flowing
through your body, as well as completely covering the outside of your body, and
continuing to feel your body cool down at a fast rate.
Step Three: Make sure to imagine every detail of the ice and how it would feel to be
surrounded by it. Visualization is key to this mediation.

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Making Water Cold

This is a great technique for beginners, and often the first technique used when practicing cryokinesis because it is the quickest to show you results and that also gives you a boost in confidence. Once you have made the water cold, it will validate your ability in cryokenisis and give you the confidence to try more advance techniques.

Step One: Get a warm glass of water.

Step Two: Clear your mind, as you would when mediating, visualize in your mind’s eye a thin layer of ice
forming over the glass. Visualize the glass becoming so cold that the water begins
to freeze and crack.

Step Three: Start listening and visalizing how the cracking of the frozen ice water would sound like.

Withstanding Cold Temperatures

Step One: Take a cold shower.

Step Two: While in the shower feel your body absorb the energy of the cold water through your skin.

Step Three: As you absorb the energy, visualize your body getting colder and colder,
making your body temp lower, while becoming one with the cold water,you are not resisting cold water, YOU ARE COLD WATER.

Step Four: Imagine the cold surrounding you like a coat, completely covering your body.
If this is not working you can hold a few ice cubes in your hand, allowing you to
absorb their energy easier as they melt. Holding ice might make it easier to
absorb the energy of the ice because the temperature of the ice will be colder
than that of the water.

Step Five: Eventually it will become easier for you to withstand the cold temperatures
and easier to feel the energy from the cold water and temperatures.

Lowering the Temperature

By far the most concrete evidence you can have of your abilities, practicing this step in a room with a thermometer will show you exactly how strong your abilities are getting. This technique is vital because it will show you the strength of your cryokinesis abilities, and allow you to know when your abilities are strong enough to be used successfully in more advanced practices of cryokinesis.

Step One: Sit in a cold room and get into a comfortable position for mediating.

Step Two: Recognize the temperature in the room and start to feel it engulfing your body like a blanket. This step
works best if the room is already on the cool side.

Step Three: Visualize, in your minds eye, the room getting colder and colder, imagining
ice around you, and all throughout your room.

Step Four Check the thermometer in your room to see if the temperature in your room has
gone down.

Ice Ball

To do this technique it is important that you have become proficient in the mediation technique, since this practice uses the mediation technique a step in the process. So be sure that you have successfully completed the practice before moving on to this one.

Step One: Get in the same position you would when mediating, and again make sure you
are in a cold place.

Step Two: After you have begun meditating place your hands in the same position you
would if you were holding a ball. It is recommended to place your hands in front
of your belly button because that is where your dan tien is but you can place your hands wherever you are most comfortable holding them

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Step Three: Visualize a psi ball between your hands, a psi ball is a ball of psychic energy, to create such a ball you need to use your will power and will the energy from your body into the space between your hands, and within that ball start willing it to be colder and feel how ice is developing between the palms of your hands.

Step Four The next step is to begin compacting the ball, turning the psi ball into an
ice ball. Keep doing this into the ball has psi ball has formed into a hard ice

You can change the size of you ball by moving your hands accordingly, for a smaller ball move you hands closer together, for a larger ball further apart. If your desire is to throw the ball, you must imagine the ball being thrown at a fast speed hitting the target you have focused your mind on.

Sickle Breath

This is an advanced technique that requires a lot of practice. This technique will also deplete you of your psychic energy, so remember that before you begin to practice it. Be sure that you do this once you have become comfortable and successful with the other forms of cryokinesis practice since its an advanced technique and it will take a lot of practice to master, so you don’t want to feel discouraged if you cant complete this step because you aren’t at the level to achieve it yet.

Step One: This technique involves taking your energy, and moving it from all of your body into your mouth until
you feel a vibrating cold energy in your mouth.

Step Two : Open your mouth, directing it at your target, and blow your energy through your mouth onto your target.

Step Three: While blowing your psychic energy, imagine it turning into ice.

Step Four: You should be able to feel your mouth getting cold and the frozen energy heading
towards your target. (Be mindful not to use this to attack on someone unless forced

Ice Shield

To do this, it is recommended that you have a few weeks of training, because this will deplete your  energy, and requires a little bit more experience.

Step One: First you must do the cryrokinesis mediation while standing up.

Step Two: While mediating, imagine an aura of ice surrounding the entire outside of
your body getting denser and bigger as the aura gets stronger as the ice
makes it’s way around your whole body.

Step Three: When imagining the shield forming, imagine it happening over each part of
your body, one part at a time. See each detail of your body being covered in the
ice one inch at a time.

Step Four: With practice you will eventually be able to fully surround yourself in a
shield of ice.


Cryokinesis takes practice, patience, and belief in your abilities. If this is something that interests you, take it step by step in order to have the best chances of being successful. If you decide to take the first step in practicing be sure to use your abilities for fun and never to cause harm unless you are in a position that you are forced to. Most of all have fun in this journey and enjoy each step that you conquer. If you’re having trouble believing that you can accomplish these things try visualizing yourself forming ice or creating a blizzard, and thrive off that feeling. Use that feeling to fuel your practices. Be sure to share your own stories of success with your practice of cryokinesis.

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