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Beginners To Advanced Electrokinesis Guide

Hey Guys! I’m back after taking a very long break, thanks for everyone who requested this guide.

I appreciate the input you guys are giving me.

this is the reason I keep on writing. so without any further introductions let’s begin.

So what is electrokinesis?

Electrokinesis is defined as the ability to manipulate electricity and electrical objects with one’s mind.

it is one of the most powerful abilities of the mind and some people even consider it to be the pinnacle of all of the psychic abilities, especially in modern times where we are constantly surrounded by electronic objects.

If you think about it, there are endless applications for this potent skill.

Some examples of electrokinesis applications

  • Charging Various electronic products. (phones, laptops, tablets)
  • Making a psi ball that is charged with electricity and feel the sparks.
  • Electrocute other living beings. (Not Recommended!… But possible, I would save this only for a case of self-defense)
  • Create lightning during thunderstorms. (the practitioner needs to be well versed in both electrokinesis and aerokinesis)
  • Scare people with a zap of electricity.


How long will it take me to develop electrokinesis?

There is no definitive answer how long it will take you to develop electrokinesis, but the more you practice, the faster you will develop your potency, one of the best ways to hack the learning curve is meditation, underrated by many, meditation will help you focus and achieve greater results much faster.


Listening to electricity

This technique will be the prerequisite for all the other techniques in the guide.

  • Step 1. Lay in your bed on your back and breath in and out very deeply until you achieve a calm state of mind. (best done before sleep)
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  • Step 2. Visualize electricity all around you in the air, see with your mind’s eye the blue electric lightning strings jumping from wall to wall, see it as clear as you can, this is important as the clearer you will see it the better.


  • Step 3. Start visualizing the distinct crackle and pop electricity usually makes, listen to until you can actually hear electricity all around you very loudly if you can manage to hear it, congratulations! you are one step closer to mastering electrokinesis

Making an electric psi ball

I haven’t covered how to make a psi ball yet but be sure that when I do I will link to it here.

  • Step 1. Meditate for half an hour.


  • Step 2. Make a psi ball and make it as dense as possible, this is important as to keep the structural integrity of the psi ball while we are performing manipulations on it


  • Step 3. Visualize in your mind’s eye how electricity flows from your hand into the psi ball filling it with a light blue hue, feel the electricity sparkles on your fingers, stinging you slightly. (if you did everything right don’t be startled when you feel it! you may lose psi ball, just stay calm and keep breathing)


  • Step 4. This is optional, now after you achieved this feat, you can do whatever you want with the ball, you can just drop it or you can throw it a light bulb and see what happens, given the more you practice the better the result will be.


Shoot a quick bolt


  • Step 1. Meditate for half an hour.
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  • Step 2. Visualize in your mind’s eye electricity moving all through your body, from your toes to your root chakra, moving up to your dan tien (above your navel), up to your solar plexus (chest area).


  • Step 3. Now with all this energy in your solar plexus, move it all to one of your arms and into your hand. you should feel a concentrated force in your hand.


  • Step 4. the last step is to try to point and shoot the energy at something, we suggest the tv or your laptop and see what happens. (again please don’t try this on humans or any other living being)


Absorption of electricity

this technique should be only used after months of extensive electrokinetic training and should not be taken lightly, also not to be used with exposed sources of electricity like cut-off wires and open sockets.

  • Step 1. Meditate for at least an hour.


  • Step 2.  grab an electrically charged device, could be a phone a laptop or a battery.


  • Step 3. hold it in your hand and focus on it, feel how your hand absorbs the power of the device you are holding, be aware of the tingling sensation in your hand, and move it to the rest of your body. if you did it right you should be electrically charged, be careful when interacting with humans after using this technique, you should take notice what happens when you interact with devices after using this method.


I hope you enjoyed the guide! if you have any questions you can freely ask in our private facebook group.

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