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Beginners To Advanced Umbrakinesis Guide

What is umbrakinesis?

Umbrakinesis is the art of using your mind to control shadows and darkness. It should not be confused with photokinesis, which is the the art of using your mind to control light. In fact, the two powers often work in opposition, and mastering one by no means indicates that you will be able to master the other.

Science or art?

Umbrakinesis requires the mastery of certain techniques which will be outlined in this article. However, each practitioner will find that they can vary their techniques slightly based on their personality and their unique relationship with darkness. Simply because a tactic works for others does not guarantee that it will work for you. As you continue to master umbrakinetic techniques, you will start to develop a sort of “sixth sense” for darkness and will be able to do using instinct things that once required intense concentration.

Who should learn umbrakinesis?

Theoretically, anyone is able to learn umbrakinesis. However, there are certain people who may find that it comes easily, while others will struggle. If you are the kind of person who is naturally comfortable with darkness and night, some things may come very easily to you. You should also be able to concentrate and meditate for long periods of time for certain techniques to work correctly.

How long will it take me to develop umbrakinetic powers?

Many people start to learn umbrakinesis and quickly give up when they realize they won’t be able to instantly perform advanced techniques. Truly becoming a master of the field will take a long time, and you shouldn’t feel discouraged if your progress is slow initially.

What are risks associated with practicing umbrakinesis?

As with all kinetic arts, umbrakinesis can be dangerous if not practiced correctly. For example, just like with pyrokinesis if you begin to manipulate darkness and shadow while your mind if full of anger or hate, you may unleash destructive forces. To minimize the risks to yourself and others, try to begin practicing while you are feeling happy or neutral. On the other hand, if you are facing an opponent and intending to cause harm, anger, hatred, and fear can be assets to your practice.

How can I get started with my umbrakinetic journey?

While it would be great if you could simply start moving shadows with your mind right away, there are a few fundamental skills that will help you improve dramatially if you develop them. Although it may be surprising, mastering the art of meditation will help you improve dramatically. Practicing yoga or other forms of mindfulness can be a good first step towards learning how to meditate if you have never done it before.

Having a good visual imagination will also help you become a more skilled practitioner of umbrakinesis. To use many umbrakinetic techniques, you’ll have to be able to work on envisioning what you what to happen in the world. To hone your visual imagination, try to practice sketching scenes from your imagination. Although it may seem very disconnected from the practice of umbrakinesis, it will be a great asset to you as you continue on your journey.

What can umbrakinesis be used for?

Umbrakinesis can be used for a multitude of things. Here you will find a variety of things that practitioners of umbrakinesis will be able to do with their powers, given sufficient practice. They are listed with the easiest techniques first and the most difficult techniques last. Please note that as you move down this list, you will encounter techniques and tactics that can potentially cause harm to yourself and others.

Create a dimming affect

This is the first step on your umbrakinetic journey. Do not worry about ridding a room of all light; to be successful at this first step, you are only seeking to dim the light in the room.

Step One: Sitting in a brightly lit room; close your eyes. Try to visualize light as either a particle or wave. Concentrate intently on light in this essential form until you can both see and feel the light with your physical body.

Step Two: Concentrating on the visual and physical sensation of the light, try to find gaps between waves or particles. Using your internal energetic force, push between these gaps to make them wider or broader.

Step Three: Continue pushing until the light is physically forced from the room. You may not notice it at first, but as you continue pushing, the room should slowly become dimmer. As a beginner, you will likely not be able to make the room entirely dark.

Creating a darkness aura

This is very similar to creating a dimming effect, except you will try to concentrate the center of darkness around your own body. An aura of darkness around your body can be used to help you hide from enemies and protect yourself in dangerous situations.

Step One: When you are beginning to create a darkness aura, you will want to close your eyes. As you advance, you will be able to attempt this technique with open eyes. Concentrate on the sensation of light as a physical substance on your skin. Open your chakras, or energy portals. They are located at power points on your body, including your hands, torso, forehead, and ankles.

Step Two: Allow energy to flow from your energy portals to completely envelop your body. Slow your breathing and still all movement. The energy will slowly push the light away from your body.

Create a shadow orb

This is the first step towards creating physical objects made of darkness. Mastering this technique will help you on your path to creating weapons or even beings made entirely of darkness.

Step One: Sit in a comfortable position to meditate with our hand open, palm up, about a foot in front of your body.

Step Two: Slowly open and close your hand. Make a fist and unmake a fist repeatedly, with your eyes concentrated on your fist. Picture yourself pulling darkness from the surrounding area into the palm of your hand.

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Step Three: As you continue to open and close your fist, you should notice that a ball of darkness is forming in your hand. It may be extremely difficult to notice at first, but with practice, you will be able to touch and manipulate the ball.

Create concentrated shadows

After you have mastered orb-creation, you are ready to create concentrated shadow forms which are disconnected from your body.

Step One: Sit or stand in a meditative position. Focus on an area about ten feet from your eyes. This is where you will create your shadow. It is helpful if, as a beginning, you choose to grow or add to an already existing shadow, but you are working to the goal of being able to create shadows from nothing.

Step Two: To succeed at this technique, you should already be able to manipulate light using your energy force. Focus all of your energy on the spot in which you want to create a shadow. Visualize physically pushing the photons away.

Step Three: Focus on the boundary between light and dark. Your energy should function as a knife cutting a clear line between dark and light. It is this boundary that will give power to your shadow.

Shadow Swimming

This technique will allow you to move through areas unseen. Essentially, you will create a path of rapidly moving shadows through which you will swim.

Step One: Create a shadow aura around yourself. You will need to have mastered this technique to successfully shadow swim.

Step Two: Create a shadow several feet ahead of your body. You do not need to be able to maintain this shadow. Simply move to it; as soon as you have done that, create another shadow ahead of you in your path, and quickly move to that. Because you can let the shadows dissolve as you finish using them, this path requires less energy than other shadow movement techniques.

Night Vision

Those who have mastered umbrakinesis are able to see easily in environments where others will struggle. However, developing this skill is a long process and you should not expect to succeed on your first try.

Step One: Turn off all the lights in a room and close your eyes. You want to be in an environment that is as dark as possible; ideally, there should not even be light coming in from cracks under the door. Keep your eyes closed until your eyes have physically adjusted to the darkness.

Step Two: Open your eyes, but do not attempt to see at first. Simply let them adjust to the dark. If you are in tune with the power of darkness, things should slowly become clear to you.

Step Three: Using the energy centered in your torso, create an aura of darkness around yourself. The stronger the aura, the more effective your night vision will be.

Step Four: Feel the places where your aura has to physically bend or shift to accommodate physical objects. Your eyes will eventually connect to the aura, and you will be able to interpret the physical barriers against your aura as visual sights.

Cosmic Umbrakinesis

Light is one of the ultimate forces of the universe, and darkness is one of the only things that can defeat it. Using cosmic umbrakinesis, you will be able to connect with sources of light far from the Earth and create a shadow that connects you with the cosmos.

Step One: Go outside, preferably at nighttime. Lay on your back on the ground. You need to be connected to the physical earth; do not attempt this while lying on pavement.

Step Two: Concentrate on a source of light far from the Earth. A good source for your first try is the moon. Note: Do not try this with the sun; you will risk damaging your eyes.

Step Three: Try to feel the physical path created by moonlight as it cuts its way through space towards the Earth. Then concentrate on the boundaries of darkness surrounding the path of light.

Step Four: The darkness around the path will act as your shadow road. Meditate until your spirit feels ready to leave your body. Travel in your spirit along the road to the light source. Once there, you may pick another source of light and travel to it as well.

Step Five: Remember, light is the single fastest thing that exists in the universe. Be careful not to get lost as you travel with it. Have a friend with you to help wake you up in case you travel too far.

Physical manifestation of dark objects

Once you are able to create shadow orbs and other shadows, you should be ready to start creating objects of pure darkness. Be careful when you begin to do this, as these objects can be extremely dangerous. This technique should only be undertaken by advanced practitioners of umbrakinesis.

Step One: Create a shadow far from your body as you usually would. If you are practicing this technique for the first time, it helps to envision energy traveling from your torso and cohering at a fixed point about fifteen feet away from you.

Step Two: Slowly walk towards the shadow you’ve created, continuing to focus your energy. Walk very slowly, one step at a time; pause for about ten seconds between steps. This slow walk will cause the wavelength of your energy to shorten and become more concentrated.

Step Three: As you approach the shadow that you have created, use your hands to physically shape the shadow. You should be able to touch it with your hands. Push the energy from your body together into as compact a shape as possible. This is a very hard technique to maintain; many practitioners find that their umbrakinetic objects fade away rapidly or that they become exhausted trying to keep them in place.

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Shadow Portals

Once your powers of shadow creation are sufficiently strong, you will be able to use your power to move quickly from place to place. Do not attempt this before you are extremely adept at creating shadows, or you may find yourself lost in the shadow realm.

Step One: Create a shadow where you currently are. Simultaneously, create a shadow aura for yourself. Blend your aura with the shadow you have created and step into the shadow. You will find yourself stepping into the shadow world. Please note that breathing is very important during this; breathing slowly will help keep your energy centered and prevent you from getting lost.

Step Two: Visualize a shadow at the place you want to be. If you are able to hold two shadows in your mind simultaneously, you can also do this before you step into the initial shadow. Walk through the shadow realm, holding the exit shadow in your mind. Eventually, you should be able to step out of the shadow realm into this exit shadow without crossing physical space.

Umbrakinetic impulse manipulation

Just as with any other physical object, our minds contain elements of light and darkness. Once you are able to confidently manipulate shadows you will be able to use them to influence the minds of others. It is rumored that exceptionally advanced users of umbrakinesis can use this tactic to control the minds of others; however, that is beyond the scope of this article.

Step One: Create an energy connection between yourself and another person. This is easiest if the other person is cooperative, so choose a friend when you are starting to learn this technique. Ideally, this person should also be a practitioner of umbrakinesis.

Step Two: Create an empty, dark connection between your minds. This is a literal, not a metaphorical path. You should see the shadow forming between your heads.

Step Three: Extend the shadow path so that it enters into the other person’s mind. At that point, the energy of the shadow path will begin to transmit emotions that will impact the other person. They should begin to feel some of the emotions that you are feeling and vice versa. Please note that this technique should not be practiced too frequently, because there is a danger that two minds can become permanently connected.

Diabolical Darkness

Once you’ve advanced far enough on your journey, you may be able to access the source of all darkness: the pits of hell. Hell is the ultimate source of power for umbrakinetics, and tapping into diabolic power can help strengthen everything you do using umbrakinesis.

Step One: Go to a dark place and begin to meditate. Eventually you should slow your breathing until you are breathing approximately 15 times a minute.

Step Two: Begin to focus on the darkness in front of you. Try to create a shadow on top of the darkness that already exists. This ultra-layered, extra-concentrated darkness is closer to the original darkness of hell than simply the absence of light.

Step Three: Once you feel certain that you have created a patch of ultra-concentrated darkness, feel free to return to the light. The darkness should endure even when you are not concentrating it. If you have done it correctly, it will exist under its own power and you will not need to maintain it. However, you will also not be able to control it.

Become a creature of shadow

Once you have mastered all of the techniques above, you are ready to join the shadow realm. However, please note that it will take most people an entire lifetime to master the techniques listed here. Transforming your consciousness into shadow is something that should only be undertaken by the most advanced of practitioners.

Step One: Go into the darkest physical environment that is accessible to you. Ideally, no single photon of light should be touching any part of your body. If you’ve mastered night vision, you should not use it as it disrupts the purity of the darkness.

Step Two: Slow your breathing and relax your muscles. Concentrate on muscle groups one at a time and relax them one by one: for example, you might try relaxing from your feet up. Relax your toes, then your soles, then your heels, then your calves, and so on, all the way up your body.

Step Three: Once your body is as little of a physical presence as possible, concentrate on blurring the boundaries between your body and the rest of the world. Open yourself to receiving energy from the world and allow your body’s energy to be projected outwards.

Step Four: As the boundaries of your body become blurred with the boundaries of the world, allow darkness to enter the places where your body used to be. At this stage, as your body becomes replaced with darkness, you should begin to physically move again to ensure that your consciousness is bound with the physical presence of the darkness.

Step Five: It will take a while–possible up to several days–before your entire body has been replaced by darkness. However, at this stage, you should be able to move freely throughout the world as darkness, leaving your physical form behind. You will have all of the powers of darkness as discussed above.

Welcome to your journey

Hopefully, you now understand the amazing powers that umbrakinesis can make available to you. Although many start on this journey, few give umbrakinesis the time and energy that it requires to become a true master of the field. To become a true master, you must be ready to dedicate time, energy, and your soul to learning new techniques and mastering the laws of darkness.


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