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Introduction to Chakra: Info and Meditation

All About Chakra In here is detailed information on each of the seven main chakra. Most of this is general detail as to how each chakra is relevant to moods we feel and personalities we portray. What they affect and what they are effected by. An alignment and balancing of …

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Telekinesis Guide

Telekinesis Guide What is Telekinesis? Telekinesis is Psychokinesis which is basically defined as the ability to move an object without touching the object. Telekinesis powers allow you to use your mind to move material objects. People who have telekinesis may be able to move small objects by simply concentrating on …

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How To Become A Medium

how to become a medium

So you want to learn how to become a medium? Is it possible to train yourself to have the psychic skills required of a medium? Yes! You can practice the skills you need to be a successful medium, and you can train yourself to become a medium and as you …

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Beginner Meditation Exercises

beginner meditation

A Brief Intro We all need to start somewhere. Sometimes, we need to go back and re-train ourselves as well. There are four basic practices for beginners listed in this article. When each of these exercises are continued, they will increase personal meditation ability. As with most of my articles, …

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Deepening Meditation and the Realm of the Akashics

An Empathic Life As we progress through our spiritual journey, all of us begin with, and continue, making questions to be answered. In doing so, our minds’ open more and more to beliefs that have no exact answer; that there are many truths. We become comfortable in finding certain truths …

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Nina Kulagina: The Almost-Unbelievable Story of a Psychic Housewife

nina kulagina

On the outside, she appeared to be a normal Soviet housewife. Looking at her, no one could have suspected the incredible psychic powers she possessed. But, once she was “discovered,” Nina Kulagina has helped ignite what some people have termed a paranormal arms race – between the USA and the …

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How To Form A Chi Ball And Charge Your Aura

Here listed are several techniques in creating energy balls and manifesting sustainable and healthy energy patterns. The useage of chi drives on our spirit selves and we take with us the karma that goes along with it. To have a positive effect on our lives we must recharge and safely …

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10 Powerful Signs Almost All Empaths Have

empath psychology

I was sitting around with my friends the other night just hanging around when suddenly I felt that one of my friends got really upset, the thing is….he looked exactly the same from the outside, his demeanor did not change at all, later when we walked home together I turned …

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How To Create A Psi Ball

What is a psi ball? A psi ball is the ability to create and program spiritual power into a ball that you can hold between your hands, whether its chi, mana or any other type of energy, it can be inserted into a ball inside your hands.   What will …

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