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The Best Books on Mindfulness


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is defined as a mental state where the individual focuses on the present moment and is in complete acceptance of their feelings, contemplations, emotions, and other sensations. Mindfulness is very handy in life because it can help you get over any stress you are living with. …

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Best Meditation Chairs

best meditation chairs

Meditation requires you to get into a comfortable position that you can withstand for extended periods of time. Many people sit cross-legged while they meditate. Normal chairs are not designed to accommodate people who are sitting cross-legged. Most people wind up doing their meditation poses while sitting on a cushion …

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Must Read Meditation Books To Have More Inner Peace

best meditation books

Meditation is a method of focusing the mind so that you can reach a calm and emotionally stable state. Meditating allows you to set aside the perplexing confusion of your daily life and go into a mindset where calmness and clear thinking are predominant. There are many different methods that …

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Oranum Review 2020 | Read This Before You Try

oranum review

Oranum is an online website that connects you with psychics. They haven’t been operating for a very long time, but in the time they have been operating they have proven to be a group of extremely talented and gifted psychics who desire to share their talents with everyone. At Oranum …

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The Best Astral Projection Books

best astral projection books

Astral Projection is the ability to leave the constraints and limitations of your physical body. It is also called by some mind travel, or out of body experiences. People use different methods to project their minds into different realms, worlds, and dimensions. Many people are interested in astral projection because …

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5 Powerful Meditation Apps To Quiet Your Soul

I talk a lot about meditation on this site and for a good reason, as many of you know (because I state it multiple times in every article) if you need or want to boost your psychic power you are going to need to meditate a lot so you might …

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Best Chakra Books To Read In 2019

  Hey guys today I will be sharing with you the best books on chakra and going in depth on each one explaining why it is the best. Why should I read books about chakra? Well if you don’t already know, your chakras are your energetic centers in your body, …

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3 Telekinesis Books To Unleash Your Psychic Powers

We dream of having super powers ever since we were young, right? Admit it—boys and girls alike— we all have been once under the notion of possessing unimaginable psychic and supernatural abilities like those we often see in movies and in live magic shows. And in that very long list, …

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