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How To Open Your Psionic Wings And Reach Complete Chakra Awareness

What are energy centers and why we should care about them.

In our bodies, and in our auric fields, we have many energy centers that are the database and control of our everyday functions.

These functions include emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Knowing and being aware of these energy centers help process our chi, or energy, in very healthy ways. Further self-awareness will integrate our abilities to use these energies and heal them in ourselves and other people.

First, we must know the energy centers.

The Root Chakra

The root chakra also known as red chakra, is your main connection to this plane and should be focused on for grounding energies. It is located in the base of your spine.  

The Sacral Chakra

The second channel is the sacral chakra also known as orange chakra which harnesses your emotional and love frequencies. It is located above your genital region. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar plexus chakra also known as yellow chakra, is located right below the center of your chest at the solar plexus, this chakra carries with it your will power.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra also known as green chakra, holds your emotional and spiritual integrity. It is located in the direct center of your chest.

The Throat Chakra

Located in the middle of the throat, the throat chakra also known as blue chakra holds many telepathic and psychic sensors. This is the energy center where sending and receiving are the most fluent.

The Third Eye Chakra

This energy center is located behind the pineal gland in your forehead. It manages your attention in the physical relating to the astral and spiritual planes. Third eye chakra is also known as indigo chakra.

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra which is also known as violet chakra is the direct link to your higher self and connections to other spiritual planes. It is located at the uppermost top of your head. 

The 3 Centers of Action

Sacral Heart

The sacral heart is located directly next to the heart chakra, on the right side of our body looking down. It contains our innermost securities and passions. This specific energy center is one of the main influences on our behavior as well as the reason for why and how we do certain things. This is also the location of our etheric body.

Mind’s Eye

The mind’s eye is a center of energy directly next to the third eye chakra and is located inside the pineal gland. It conducts our physical and spiritual perception. Meditating here will lead to astral and shamanistic traveling in the physical plane.

Dan Tien

Directly next to the solar plexus chakra in the absolute center of our physical bodies, this governs control and will. This is the source of our unique chi as individuals. This is the closest area to our soul and using spirit of will with our chi can harness magnificent ability.

The Link to Our Higher Selves and the 26 Divine Channels

Above our crown chakra’s energetic center there are  25 other energy centers inside our auric field that directly link to what is known as the Godhead and the physical “top-part” of our aura. Our Godhead links us to higher frequencies and is our ultimate divinity.

The Link to Earth and the Physical Plane

As there are 26 energy centers above our crown, there are also 13 energy centers linking below to our Earth Star chakra. The Earth Star is the “bottom-most” part of our auric field. The energy centers here gain us our empathy towards where and who is around us.

Proper Energy Churning Meditation

This is a scanning/healing meditation. Before any meditation, be calm, hydrated, and mentally stable as to focus on the truth and not be distracted by emotional or outside influence.

Use the colors Red for Root, Orange for Sacral, Yellow for Solar Plexus, Green for Heart, Blue for Throat, Indigo for Third Eye, and Violet for Crown when focusing on them.

Each individual point has many elements and attributes that take time to familiarize with and understand.

Start from Root working up ending with Crown during this meditation. (There are many Chakra informative websites and free books to get more in-depth with each, this is for quick knowledge and basic information to activate a kundalini rising and an opening of wings.)

  • A healthy energy center should be spinning or turning in a clockwise fashion. Chakra itself means “wheel.”
  • Begin to sense and visualize each energy point in starting from the Root going to the Crown while lightly motioning them clock-wise to get them rotating slightly.
  • The individual points will look in close like a portal or vortex of spinning energy. Having the correct directional spin has a great effect on your emotional and physical.
  • Be careful to not force a direction. We are not focused on the opening of these chakras, just churning and maintaining a healthy cycle. They will open and close in their own way based on self-awareness and outside influence.


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The Opening of Wings Meditation

This is an advanced meditation that is not to be taken lightly,
results of this meditation can include great empowerment to oneself.

After having the initial 7 main chakra points in proper rotation it will be time to begin focusing on the 3 action points listed before, Mind’s Eye, Sacral Heart, and Dan Tien.
Lets Work down beginning with the Mind’s Eye and Ending with the Dan Tien.

  • First, surround the point of focus with a light silver coating.
  • Strengthen it slowly making it thicker until it turns white.
  • Once fully coated with the white energy, complete the cover with a gold plating and strengthen the same way until fully enclosed in the gold.
  • The 3 when completed should look purple and gold for Mind’s Eye, green and gold for Sacral Heart, then white blue and gold for Dan Tien.
  • After the 3 and 7 energy centers are in full unison begin to focus on the Dan Tien and push energy out of your back. This will awaken your soul and spirit self to complete the opening of the wings.

If done correctly and patiently, you will feel immense energy and should be able to see your affirmative aura around yourself. This is very calming and intense. Take time to be aware of your breathing and physical sensations on and around your body.

Practicing emotional and physical control during this state greatly improves awareness of chi and other energies while increasing empathy.

This will improve kinetic and psionic abilities.

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