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Best Chakra Books To Read In 2019


Hey guys today I will be sharing with you the best books on chakra and going in depth on each one explaining why it is the best.

Why should I read books about chakra?

Well if you don’t already know, your chakras are your energetic centers in your body, they do everything from balancing your emotions, energy level and keep order in your life, if they are out of balance even by a little bit, it can have a tremendous impact on your life.

Another reason to learn more about the chakras is that in them lies the key to unlocking powers outside of this realm of consciousness, you can harness this incredible power and use it as you please, now that you know why you should learn more about these powerful energy centers, let’s begin.


Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra Systemย 



This book has been recommended to me numerous times and is definitely amazing. you can see just from the reviews, here are just some examples:

Stephanie – “I cannot Rave enough about this book. This is coming from a person who hasn’t actually enjoyed a book since middle school.

I seriously have not picked up a book and read it from cover to cover since middle school which was over 13 years ago. I used to be the type of person that would fall asleep reading. Prime example I never made it past the first chapter of the first Harry Potter book even after trying three separate times to read it because I would always fall asleep. This book however has kept my interest the entire time to where any free moment I had and I ended up reading it.

The way the author writes and goes about telling me information is amazing. In the last few years I began to become more spiritual and in tune with myself. I wanted to learn more about chakras and their meanings and their purpose.
This book was so powerful for me that in points while reading I would actually get very emotional and cry, in a good way.

I almost felt like the reader was in my head and I finally had someone who understood. While most of the book I kind of gathered in my own thoughts in recent years it was reassuring and amazing to read it in written words that I felt I never could truly explain.

Then there was a few bits of information that I hadn’t ever considered or truly thought about and it was eye, and spirit, opening to say the least. If you’re considering this book just buy it you will not be disappointed!!

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Nirali M. Patel – “This book is amazing. I’ve always studied chakra systems but she really brings all of the information together in a tight form that is easy to understand and interesting.
I especially love the opening meditations that introduce the energy of each chakra. Chakra 5’s opening meditation just melted my heart and I felt so much awe over the sound of OM. :).
I highly recommend this book. Mine is highlighted all over, written in, post-it marked as well because I use it that much. :)”
we tend to agree with them.

Chakra Clearing By Doreen Virtue

This book has been a long standing pillar in learning about the chakras. with over 1000 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 start this is one of the best books to read about the chakras.

some reviews:

Ibis – “This is a MUST for EVERYONE! There is a morning meditation and an even mediation and each are about 25 minutes long.

I make an effort to the morning mediation/chakra clearing every morning because I work with a lot of different people and I want to clear and empower myself and “step back and let Spirit lead the way”. Whew – what a blessing it’s been to clear and activate and know that going through my day – the Divine is working through me – it’s reduced my stress level! And, the evening mediation/charkra clearing is one that I try to do as often as possible – especially if there have been difficult circumstances throughout the day – for this mediation clears and removes the negative aspects of the day and creates a peaceful night’s sleep. Highly recommend it! Thank you, Doreen!


Tanya Jo – “I loved this book! I felt like she was speaking right to me. This is the first Doreen Virtue book I have read as I was always on the fence on whether she was legit or not. After reading the book, I believe she is very legit.


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another anonymous review says – “This book is so helpful and informative. Not to long do you can read the info fast, and jump ahead of need be. It’s a blessing to better understand your purpose once you know your ” Soul Group/Tribe”. You can stop wasting time trying to figure that out and get to work on what we signed up to do! Spoken like a true Wise One/ Star Person ๐Ÿ™‚


The Ultimate Guide to Chakras: The Beginner’s Guide to Balancing, Healing, and Unblocking Your Chakras for Health and Positive Energy

An amazing book filled with a lot of valuable information, this is a really important book for anyone who wants to understand and master the chakras.

here are just some of the reviews about this book:

Norma Buha – “I have read many books on chakras. Some have been informative but dry, others have been more fluff than info. Dr. Perrakis combines both spiritual and historical information.
Seeped deep with information, the book is reader friendly without losing even the most educated reader’s interest.
Beautifully written and illustrated, this book is a must have for all those who would like to have more balance in their
Each chakra is exquisitely explained and information on which crystals, oils, planets, runes, tarot & even recipes correspond with each chakra. A perfect gift for all who wish to know more or who are already working on aligning their chakras. I look forward to reading more books by Dr. Perrakis.”

Cynthia D – “Full Disclosure: I have been a member of Dr. Perrakis’ metaphysical classes for almost two years. Absolutely worth every minute and every penny!

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