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Clairaudience: A Quick And Effective How-To Guide

What Is Clairaudience?

The dictionary defines clairaudience as the ability to hear (audible) sounds that are beyond the normal scope of the human ear.

Dogs and other animals can hear on a different frequency than humans, but clairaudience is describing the ability to hear things from different realms, or planes of existence.

People with clairaudience abilities can hear entities from other worlds.

Some people have the ability to hear spirits and entities from other planes but do not know that is what they are hearing. The following list should help you decide if you have the ability to hear the spirits.

How to tell if you have the gift of clairaudience:

1. You audibly hear voices that answer specific questions you have. Generally when someone from the spirit world speaks they do not waste time making idle chit chat. They focus on a specific item they wish for you to know and they tell you straightforward with as few words as possible.Spirit voices can sound like familiar voices to you. There is a good chance that the same spirits have been contacting you for many years, so their voices are familiar to you. Think of these spirits as old friends, and listen to them carefully.

2. You often have instances when you hear buzzing or static sounds like you are tuning in an old dial radio. When this happens the distracting sounds only last for a few brief seconds then they are gone. When someone from the spirit world is trying to get your attention they often create a distracting clatter or noise that only you hear.

3. You hear footsteps when no one is around. Many people assume that when they hear footsteps and there is no one around to have made the steps that a ghost or spirit is haunting them. When you have clairaudience abilities you will hear footsteps or the sounds of entities moving. These are not spirits who are haunting you. these are the sounds of spirits who are in close proximity to you.

4. You hear voices when no one has spoken. Often when you have clairaudience you will pick up the sounds of spirits speaking but you might only hear a few syllables or just one word. You might frequently ask other people, “What did you say”. And the people around you tell you they have said nothing. You might even hear the sounds of animals like the whining of a dog, or a cat meowing. These sounds from spirit animals may clue you in that your hearing is reaching other planes of existence, and you have a gift that allows you to channel what spirits from that other plane have to say.

5. You are able to learn more quickly if you hear the information rather than if you visually see the information.
Many people can learn from listening to a book better than they can if they read the book. Enhance this ability and skill by practicing it whenever you can. When you have to remember something, try saying the information out loud repeatedly. This will allow you to absorb the details you need to remember.

6. You prefer to listen to the radio than to actually watch the television. You can often sit and listen to the
television and you will know what happened on the program as well as a person who watched it.

7. Clairaudience is the ability to hear things that other people simply cannot hear. Part of the reason why you may have clairaudience abilities is that your auditory receptors are closer in tune with your mind than your visual receptors.

8. When you hear things they make more sense to you than they do to others. You can close your eyes and listen to a story and your mind will create the visual effects for you.

9. Your experiences inspired ideas. You might have inspired ideas that help you accomplish something, or your ideas may be beneficial to someone else who is trying to do something.
If you often have ideas that are the solution to problems you heard someone speak of, or you often have inspired ideas that tell you how to make something, or how to cook something, you might have a spirit who is telling you how to do those things. Do not resist these ideas. When you have them write them down so you remember them.

10. You have sensitive reactions to musical compositions. You are the kind of person that can be moved to tears or laughter simply by hearing a song. You feel the music and you tune your sense in and react to the music.

11. You are a natural comforter for others. You have a great deal of empathy and try your best to comfort others. You often think of the comfort of others more than you think of your own comfort, This is also a common trait in empaths. Most people who are sensitive to the needs and conditions of others will find that they can hear the voices of spirits. Your nurturing nature makes you more receptive to the spirit’s communications.

12. You talk to yourself often. Most people with clairaudience capabilities talk to themselves. Many people had imaginary friends when they were children, or they have imaginary confidants as adults. These imaginary confidants are actually you contacting other spirits and having conversations with them.

Strengthen your Clairaudient Abilities

1. Most people have inklings that they have clairaudient capabilities long before their abilities are strong enough to pick up entire conversations. When people hear sounds and snippets of conversation they assume that they do not have a powerful enough gift to hear a complete conversation.

2. This is not always the case. You have to practice listening so you can develop your abilities. As you practice you will start to see your ability to hear from the other side growing stronger.

3. To strengthen your clairaudience you must first learn to listen. Sit in a quiet place where you have no distractions from television, radio, telephones, other people or animals. Make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable. Prop yourself up on pillows or sit in a position where you are completely comfortable.

4. Take deep breaths and count to five as you inhale. Hold the breath for a count of five, and then exhale while counting to five. Repeat this several times until you begin to feel calm and relaxed

5. Once you have reached a relaxed state try to clear the clutter from your mind by concentrating on your breathing. Do not let outside thoughts enter at this time. If your mind drifts you should start again with the breathing exercise. This allows you to learn to clear your mind and prepare yourself to listen intently. You cannot hear if your mind is very active. Your thoughts will drown out the voices of the spirit.

6. Write down any small random thoughts you might have while you are relaxing like this. The spirits do not always come to us with complete sentences as we speak to each other. You may hear random words or sounds that let you know the spirit is close by. Each time you have practiced a listening session write down anything that you heard while you were in your quiet place.

7. Write down a list of specific questions you want answers to. When you go to your quiet place think of one of those questions. Hear yourself asking the question in your mind. You can audibly speak the question out loud. For several minutes repeat the question.

8. Keep your notebook of questions close by when you go to your quiet place. When you are ready to get up take the time and write down any answers you receive. Even if you only got one word, or a few words that were not strung together you want to write this down and later you can look at the words you have been hearing. You might see that the words go together to create a message. The spirits may not speak just like you and I speak when we answer a question, so you might have to play detective to discern the meanings of what they tell you.

9. If someone does not answer your question ask the same question the next time you go to quiet place. Try rephrasing the questions or being more specific with the details that you need to know. It may take several attempts before you reach the spirit that can answer your question.

Things you need to know about Clairaudience

People have a lot of questions about clairaudience. This is a gift that not everyone has, and you seldom hear it mentioned, so it is natural for you not to understand it completely. The following facts are meant to help you better understand this gift so you can take advantage of your unique abilities.

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1. You have nothing to fear. It can be scary when you hear voices, footsteps, and sounds that other people do not hear. Sometimes you will think that you must be losing your mind. Do not panic or be frightened. When you hear noises or voices try to relax, take deep breaths and let the voices come naturally to you. You cannot be hurt by these voices and you are not crazy, you are perceptive.

2. Spirits from other planes will never tell you to do anything that could harm you or anyone else. The spirits will guide you, they will try to tell you useful things that can save you from trouble, but they will never tell you anything that would cause you to harm yourself.

3. The spirits will not give you the lottery numbers so can get rich quickly. The spirits have no use for money or financial gain, so they do not see the relevance you would place on winning the lottery, or creating a fortune.

4. Spirits may be able to guide you in matters concerning other people, but, for the most part the information they will give you will pertain to you. The spirits do not know if the people you are around are romantically interested in you, and they are more concerned with whether they sense danger from someone that you are closely associated with.

5. If you are trying to talk to the spirits on the behalf of someone else you need to explain your intentions, and tell the spirits that you have the permission of the other person involved. When the spirit knows your intention they may relax and let you hear some of the details they normally would have only told the individual.

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6. Do not try to trick the spirits with lies or misleading statements. You could find the spirits completely refusing to speak to you if you are not completely honest with them.

7. You cannot force a conversation with a spirit. Even if a spirit is talking to you; you cannot force them to tell you what you want. The spirit is going to give you the information they feel like you need. You can ask questions, but you have to simply be patient and see if the spirit is inclined to answer that question.

8. When you hear a message that is loud, or you hear a warning message repeatedly, pay attention. The spirits may be trying to warn you about something. If they come to you repeatedly to tell you something then whatever they are saying is of great importance to them.

9. Not everyone will understand your gift. Some people are going to mock you when you tell them of the abilities you have. Remember that not everyone understands and their lack of understanding should not dampen your enthusiasm for what you can do. Clairaudience is a gift. It is a super-power, and something that not everyone can do. Embrace your gift and do not let other people make you question your ability.

So In Conclusion What Are The Key Takeaways On Clairaudience?

Clairaudience abilities may take a long time to develop completely. Remember that in the spirit world time is not exactly like it is for us. Our lives are dictated by clocks. When we get up, when we eat, when we work, and everything about our lives is controlled by the hour of the day or the day of the year. Sprits on other planes have escaped those time restrictions and they do not apply time to their answers.

If you meditate on a regular basis you will have more success at developing your clairaudience. Meditation is a method of relaxation that strengthens your ability to actually listen to the spirits when they are communicating with you.

People who meditate are capable of erasing all other thoughts from their minds.

Do not practice your clairaudience when you are sleep deprived, under the influence of alcohol, or under the influence of drugs.

Medications like drugs and alcohol will interfere with your abilities and cause you to hear and see things that are not truly from spirits of another plane.

When you are extremely sleep deprived your mind cannot focus close enough to listen to what the spirits have to say.

Always approach this ability when you have the time to devote to relaxing and listening. Treat this ability with reverence, and you will find that the spirits will be more in tune to you.

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