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Claircognizance: What Is It? Signs You Have It And How To Improve

What Is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance gives you the ability to have knowledge concerning events without having any evidence or information validating these events.

Claircognizance also may give you the ability to see the intentions of someone without truly knowing that person, and sometimes without even meeting that individual in person.

In a lot of cases of claircognizance the person with the ability also has other psychic abilities like clairaudience, clairsentience, or clairvoyance. There are even people with such high levels of psychic ability that they have all four of the so-called “Clair” abilities.

Signs Of Claircognizance

You have the ability to tell when someone is lying

If you possess the claircognizance abilities you more than likely can tell when someone is lying and when they are being sincere. Somehow you always seem to get a feeling, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, or you simply feel uncomfortable when someone is lying to you.

The person telling the lie may be very convincing with real-time emotions, and they may only be lying to keep from hurting your feelings, but you sense the lie, and it is hard for you to trust what they are saying. You may find yourself saying things like, “I am not sure what it is about Kim, but there is something I do not trust”, or “Be careful around Scott, I get the funniest feeling that he is not all that he appears to be.” These feelings of uncertainty about someone’s motives, or about their true character are signs that you have claircognizant.

If you find that the majority of the times that you have felt that someone was being dishonest; your feelings were right, then you can pretty much take it to the bank that you have some level of claircognizance.

Trust your instincts, they are not mere hunches.

Your “Gut Instincts” are usually spot on

If you have gut instincts that warn you about dangers, or possibly problematic circumstances, and your instincts are correct more than they are false, then you are very likely to be claircognizant. Gut instincts are a key sign of this ability.


If you plan to go somewhere and suddenly your gut tells you not to go, and you here of a horrific accident later, then your gut instinct to avoid going was correct. If this happens to you once or twice you might have been led by a spirit guide for protection. If you have gut instincts like this frequently, and they are right more than wrong, then you more than likely have some level of claircognizance.


If you seem to “know” that the neighbor down the street is someone to avoid, or you get feelings that you should avoid certain people at work, your claircognizant abilities are picking up on the intentions, or the possibility of bad occurrences and warning you.


You may get these feelings when your friend introduces you to their new love connection. If you meet the person and something immediately tells you that you should be wary of that person, or that the person is going to bring havoc to your friend’s life, then your claircognizance is kicking in to help you out.


It can be difficult to share the feelings and premonitions you have with others. Often people simply do not want to know the truth about the people they are letting into their lives. People will make fun of you or ridicule you, but after your friends realize that you are right about your character judgments, or your feelings that you should avoid certain places at certain times, then they are likely to start having faith in your abilities and coming to you for help.


You are able to predict events and outcomes

You may not always be able to predict the outcome of every given scenario, but people who have claircognizance abilities are often capable of seeing how something is going to turn out.


The ability to predict the outcomes of events will be present even when you have very little factual information to make a presumption or assumption on. You might simply know that someone is sick, but they are going to make a full recovery. You might even sense that someone is sick even though they have not told you that they are sick. These abilities to know things that you have no reason to know are sure-fire evidence that you have some form of claircognizance.

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You may simply be able to know the test results from your exam without seeing the graded paper. You might know that a life event in someone’s life is about to occur, or that it will be devastating when it does occur. You might feel a compulsion to visit a certain friend or relative, and then shortly after your visit they may pass.


The ability to predict events like this are a huge part of claircognizance. This does not mean that you are going to know every winner of the super bowl, or be able to predict which horse will win each race, but it does mean that you will often be able to avoid bad circumstances, warn friends of dangerous situations, or help someone who is about to face some trouble.


You might even be able to assure a friend that the love of their life is being true, sincere and honest. Not all of the claircognizance event outcomes foretell of bad things. You will often see good outcomes.

Solutions may come to you out of nowhere

If you have ever gone to bed with a problem on your mind and been awakened sharply with the answer to that problem on your mind then you may be showing signs of claircognizance.

Sometimes you may get sudden ideas that make you want to check your door locks or call a friend you have not spoken to in a long time. These are solutions to problems as well. If you had not checked the lock you may have been leaving yourself vulnerable to an intruder. If you had not called your friend you would not have discovered that they needed your assistance, or you may have been in danger of never being able to contact them again.

Your claircognizance will, and can, help you to protect yourselves and others if you learn to listen to your inner voice and follow the directions of that voice.

Most people who are claircognizant are often sought out by their friends, families, and coworkers whenever a problem needs solving. These individuals with this uncanny ability often have the solutions to work-related problems, or they seem to know what needs to be done to make a fundraiser more profitable, or how to help a teen in trouble.

Some people say they wake from sleep, suddenly, and the answer to a problem is clear in their minds. If this happens to you then you are more than likely experiencing claircognizance.

A lot of people who do have claircognizant abilities have always assumed they had a “sixth sense.” People tend to believe that they simply know things and that there is nothing else to it.

The truth is that people who have this ability can build on their strengths and increase their abilities with some practice, and some training.

Developing Claircognizant Abilities

If you believe that you might be claircognizant, then try the following techniques to see if they increase your abilities.

Automatic Writing Exercises

Automatic writing is a definite means to increasing your claircognizance.

  • First, get your writing materials out. You need a pen and paper or pencil and paper to write on.
  • Get comfortable at a table where you can write. You need to do this when you do not have other distractions. Put your phone on vibrate or mute so a call or text does not interrupt you. Turn off the television and the radio. Go into a room where you can be alone.
  • Ask a question through meditation. Clear your mind and concentrate on just the question you have to ask. Do deep breathing exercises and uses your ability to control your breathing, and concentrate to help you keep a mental image of the question you have. If you get distracted or your mind wanders then start your meditation exercise again, and start focusing on the question again.
  • Put the pen to the paper and write every thought that comes into your head
  • When you are finished you may have a hard time at first making sense of your automatic writings. Do not be discouraged, this is a power-building exercise, and like all exercise, it takes time for the muscles to develop.
  • Do your automatic writing exercises at least 3 times a week and ask the same question until you know the answer. Each time you do this skill-building exercise you will find it easier to concentrate, and you will find that your ability to focus and shut down the noises in your mind will increase in power.
  • Watch your writings closely for similarities, or things that seem to repeat themselves over and over. These similarities or repeated writings are more than likely a clue to answering the question you are asking before you start writing.
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Play radio games

You can enhance your abilities by simply using them more often.

  • Turn the radio on when you are not distracted by other things.
  • Try to guess which song will play next.
  • Repeat this activity as often as possible.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal will allow you to review your claircognizance abilities over a period of time. You need to journal every time you have a gut instinct or a feeling about someone or something.

When the outcome to your gut instinct is made clear write it down in your journal. Make notes of whether you knew the exact outcome or if you simply knew part of the outcome. You will not be right 100% of the time, no one is.

Periodically bring out your journal and review your entries. See the results of your inner knowledge, and see how over time your abilities gain in strength and your percentages of rightly knowing something get higher.

Enlist the help of your spirit guide

You should enlist the help of your spirit guide whenever any question of psychic ability arises. Your spirit guide knows things on a level that you are not completely connected to.

  • Start by using meditation as a means of contacting your spirit guide.
  • You must be comfortable in order to relax enough to allow your spirit guide to talk to you or show you the fascinating things they want to reveal to you
  • Always remember to address your thoughts to your spirit guide in a respectful manner. Spirit guides can be put off by what they perceive to be distrust or rudeness. Address your guide as if they are to be revered, and always be polite, and thankful for any information they share with you.
  • Concentrate on what particular thing you need to spirit guide to help you with. If you want to know whether or not you have claircognizance mentally ask that question. If you want to know how to further develop your abilities then focus your thoughts on that question.
  • Use meditation and connections with your spirit guide on a daily basis. Even if you can only devote 20 or 30 minutes a day, you want to build a strong relationship with your spirit guide. Strong connections with your spirit guide can only be created by regular contact, and by you acting on the knowledge your guide shares. If you do not use the information your guide gives you then your guide may stop sharing information with you.

Having claircognizance will not mean that you are never surprised by anything. It does not mean that you will always be prepared and ready for every possible outcome. It does mean that you need to learn to act on your gut instincts.

When you feel like something is wrong then assume that you know something. This ability may come to you often when you are trying to make a decision. If something seems like a bad decision, like letting your child go to a slumber party, or buying a certain car, or house, then act on the feeling you have about the situation.

Your gut instincts are your inner knowing telling you how to stay safe or protect someone you love. If you have an inkling that something is wrong with someone that you care about then do not stop pestering them to see a doctor, or to seek more information about what you suspect. You may not be able to tell the other person why you are so insistent, but many people who have claircognizance have learned to tell others that they have a “gut” feeling about something. Most people will accept that as a response.

If you are not certain whether or not claircognizance is playing a part in your life, and you are reading this, or you are curious about the ability, then you really do know deep down inside, that you have inner knowledge. You are not fooling yourself by denying your abilities. Start today and try to increase your abilities, and start today relying on your inner thoughts to guide you through life.

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