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Clairsentience: Signs you have it and how to improve it in you

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is an ability to sense the feelings of other people.

Clairsentience gifts allow you to know when someone is in pain, when they are feeling down, when they are joyful, without talking to them or touching them. You may be able to feel the present emotions, the past emotions, or the future emotions of someone.

Clairsentience is a psychic ability that allows you to connect with others in an intimate way. Most of the people that have this gift are called sensitive, intuitive, or as having a great amount of intuition.

Empaths can be clairsentient but there are many differences as well

If you often know in your gut that someone is up to no good, or that someone is not being totally honest. If your friends and family often want to tell you about things they are facing because they know that you have a way of sensing what is actually happening, or what they need to do in their romantic life, personal life, or professional life, then you may have the gift of clairsentience.

Are you gifted with Clairsentience abilities?

Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Can you feel someone watching you from behind?
  2. When you meet someone do you automatically have a feeling that something about the person does not add up?
  3. Do you sometimes get feelings that someone is in danger? Are these feelings often proven to have been correct?
  4. Do you often get the feeling that someone is going through inner turmoil?
  5. Do you sometimes have the ability to sense when someone is mad, sad, or depressed without that person acting in a way that would cause you to think that they are troubled?
  6. Do people often call you sensitive?
  7. Do people tell you about their relationships and without you meeting someone they are speaking about you simply know the other person is good for a bad for the person you are talking to?
  8. Do you often cry when you see movies; even movies that your friends are not deeply touched by?
  9. Are you uncomfortable when in a large crowd?
  10. Can you often sense the energy in a room when you first enter the room?
  11. Do you ever experience sympathy pains when someone else is in pain?
  12. Does your mood fluctuate quickly?

Most people with clairsentient abilities can answer yes to several of these questions.

Energy Sensing

Clairsentience connects you to the energy of the people around you, and you are often capable of sensing their emotions and feel their emotions. Have you ever walked into a room, and everyone was being polite, but you simply knew that there was some tension between the individuals?

Could you feel the tension without anyone explaining it? When people have been arguing or experiencing a great deal of emotion there is “leftover” energy in place in the room they are in. Most people see only how people are behaving and react to their behavior, but someone who has clairsentience abilities feels the “leftover” energy.

Crowds Bother You

People who are clairsentients feel the energy of the people around them. They are impacted by the feelings and energy of others and when they are in a large gathering of people they often feel like they are drained or tire very easily.

When all of the energy from all of the different people in a crowd is being felt by the clairsentient at the same time they are overcome with empathy, sympathy, emotion. Their psychic abilities do affect them in a physical way and they are quickly drained of their energy.

When in a crowd a clairsentient may have difficulty concentrating or they may experience quick mood changes and feel like they are going to cry one moment and like they are going to laugh the next. They may feel angry and even develop physical symptoms like shortness of breath or headaches.

Are you quick to see through fake people?

Have you experienced a time when a friend or family member introduces you to someone they think is wonderful and when you meet the other person you automatically sense that something is wrong?

Do you meet smiling people who speak in kind words and for some reason you feel like there is something “hinky” about them? Have you ever said I do not know why but the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I am around him/her?

Clairsentients can feel the negative energy in people. When someone is trying to hide their true self, or hide their true intentions a clairsentient will often sense their negative intentions.

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Your sister may think she has met Mr. Right, but you feel in your gut that the guy she adores is a loser, or is going to hurt her in some way.

Do you cry when you watch movies?

Clairsentient people feel emotions stronger than the average person does. When you watch an emotionally charged movie it may move you to tears while everyone around you is touched but do not cry like you.

A lot of times people who are clairsentient will not go see movies in public because they are embarrassed by their own emotional responses in public. They often do not want people judging them and thinking they are looney toons because they become emotionally distraught while watching a love story, or worse while watching a war film.

To the clairsentient individual the war story brings forth the emotions that were felt by the people of that time. They are often so taken back by scenes of the holocaust or fighting scenes that they physically hurt for the images they see.

When the clairsentient experiences these emotional times their energy is drained. They leave the picture feeling sad, and feeling like they could lie down and sleep for days.

You can Sense Spirits and Energies

Do you often get the feeling that you are not all by yourself? Have you ever felt like there was someone in a room with you or in the house with you even though you know you are the only person there at the time?

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you and when you turn around there is no one behind you but the feeling persists? You may even catch yourself looking behind bushes and cars because it feels like there is someone right there watching your every move.

Clairsentients often connect with spirits and can feel the emotions of those spirits at times. At times you might feel like someone is watching you but you do not feel frightened, and at other times you may feel like you are being watched and you do feel afraid, or nervous. The energy of the spirit close to you is causing you to have these feelings.

Do people call you sensitive in an accusatory manner?

Do you hear, “you are too sensitive” a lot of the time/ Do your friends think you wear your feelings on your sleeve or that you get your feelings hurt too easily? Do they accuse you of reading more into what someone said or did than you should have?

These are signs that you do have psychic abilities that let you connect with feelings and emotions easily. When someone makes a remark other people might think nothing of it but you might pick up on the undertone that the person is being rude, judgmental, or mean.

Clairsentients are emotionally driven, emotionally connected, and they are often accused of being too sensitive.

Have you ever had sympathy pains?

Have you ever seen someone fall and you feel the pain they felt? Have you seen someone who was in pain and your body ached like theirs? It is very common for people who have clairsentience to feel the physical pain of another person.

You have probably heard of husbands who felt sympathy pains in their backs or bodies when their wives were in labor. You might of hears about twins who if one of them got hurt the other one knew it and shared the pain with their sibling. Twins and close partners often have emotional connections to their spouses or siblings that are so strong they actually feel what the other person feels.

Clairsentients often feel sympathy pains for total strangers. Their connection to the emotional states of other people is so acute that if they see someone get hurt they experience pain. Other people may laugh at someone they see fall, or when they see someone get kicked in the crotch, but a clairsentient will more than likely feel pain and not laugh.

You are temperature sensitive

Do you often walk through a room and feel a temperature difference like a spot in the room that is colder? Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that the temperature changed when you entered?

Often a room will be charged with energy and a clairsentient will feel temperature changes as a result of that energy. Sometimes when a spirit is present in a room there will be a spot in the room that is colder than the rest of the room. Often these temperature variations will be so minute that most people do not notice them.

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Have you ever reacted emotionally to an object?

Have you ever picked up an object in a thrift store or at a friends’ house and been emotionally affected? Have you felt emotions wash over you like a deep sense of fear or sadness when you were holding an inanimate object?

You are likely connecting to the energy or emotions that a spirit has about the object. You are possibly feeling what the last owner of the object felt at the time of their departure.

Tips for the Clairsentient

You might not know for certain that you have clairsentience abilities, but you may know that you have a lot in common with the people who do know they are clairsentient. The following tips can help you discover more about you and your unique gifts. They may also help you to protect yourself and learn to live happily with this emotionally charged gift.

Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

If you live in a place that is filled with negative energy there is no way that you can relax and enjoy your life because you will be affected by the negative energy around you. If you live in such a place call for a psychic medium to come to help you cleanse your home of the negativity. You can also consider moving.

Decorate inside your home with positive and upbeat items. Use crisp and bright colors to bring out the joy in the surroundings. Never bring a used item that creates a sad feeling in you when you touch it to your home.

Surround yourself with a small group of friends who are positive and who you can be honest with. You do not need anyone judging you or bringing an abundance of negative energy into your life. Your gifts are going to let you experience more negativity that the average person so you need to surround yourself with people who can help lift you up.

Protect yourself physically

Learn to wear gloves or avoid randomly touching people and objects when you are in large groups. Often the clairsentient will be overpowered by emotional energies left in chairs, clothing, or in people’s hands. Learn to cover your hands so you are coming into contact with these emotional charges less often.

Practice your gift

You need to have a friend or two that know about your gift. You need to practice your gifts like trying to discern if the friend has had a good day or a bad day before they tell you. Try to connect with their emotional energy and keep a record to see how often you are correct.

You are emotionally vulnerable which also leaves you physically vulnerable at times. When you are experiencing strong emotions or energies do not go out alone. Do not be caught alone when you are emotionally a wreck because at the moment your judgment is not as good as normal and you might put yourself in a position to be injured or taken advantage of.


Journaling is a method of keeping a detailed record of the gut feelings you have and whether those gut feelings were accurate. Write down when you have a distrusting feeling about someone when you meet them and then record the things the person does that proves that distrusting feeling to have been accurate.

Trust your Gut

Whenever your gut tells you not to trust someone or not to trust a situation then go with your gut. If you have plans and have a bad feeling that something is going to go wrong then change your plans. If someone makes you feel uneasy then be leery and steer clear of that person as much as you can.

Your gut feelings are stronger than most people have. You can sense danger even though you may not know that is what is happening. Live by your gut. If your gut instinct says no then you need to walk away from the situation.

Never let anyone else convince you that your powers are not real. You know what you feel and you know what you should trust.

If at all possible find someone who is clairsentient and talk to them about what you feel and why you think you have these psychic gifts. You are a special and unique individual but someone else who has similar gifts can help you to better understand your uniqueness.

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