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Clairvoyance: Signs you might be clairvoyant

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things that you cannot perceive using your normal sensory perceptions. Clairvoyance is a psychic ability that allows people to sense dangers, or knows things about the future that helps them to avoid problems or helps them to live a happier and more productive life.

Anyone can be clairvoyant, there are different levels of clairvoyance. People who have some clairvoyant abilities often have an incredible sense of direction. These individuals do not need a GPS system to help them navigate they can follow their intuition to go back the way they came, Now you might not know you have these abilities but here are some signs that can help you understand if you hold the potential for higher clairvoyant abilities

Do You Have Vivid Dreams?

Many people who have the gift of clairvoyance have extremely vivid dreams.

Sometimes when they awaken from a dream it takes them some time to separate reality from the dream. They may wake up crying or physically shaken because of something that happened in the dream.

Or you the kind of person that often dreams about something and in a short period of time the dream will happen in real life, or at least enough of the dream happens that you are aware that life is mimicking your dreams.

Psychic people are always tuned into the things around them and they have the ability to see things that are going to, or could occur in the near future.

Your dreams are your subconscious showing you the things that you know but have not yet been totally aware of.

If you have really vivid dreams, or you have dreams that come true from time to time start keeping a dream journal. As soon as you awaken write down as many details of your dream as possible, and later if anything from that dream happens to you or someone you dreamt of writing that down beside the dream entry.

Over a short period of time, you will start to see your dreams or visions, and see the number of times those dreams or visions manifested into realities.

Do You See Things with Your Peripheral Vision?

Have you seen things out of the corner of your eye that you could not visually see when you turned to look? Maybe you see a shadow dart by or a flash of light. Most people who have this occur on a frequent basis are clairvoyant and seeing spirits.

The next time this happens do not be afraid, and if at all possible acknowledge the spirit or presence by speaking to it. Be polite and let the spirit know that you are aware of its presence and you are pleased that it is visiting you.

The Remaining Energy in a Room can be felt

Have you ever walked into a room and were immediately made to feel uneasy? Maybe the hair on the back of your neck stood up, or you felt like it was difficult yo get a breath. You might feel oppressed or like the air in the room was heavy, you might feel hot or cold or you may even be slightly frightened.

If you do this you likely are sensing the energy that has been left in the room.

The energy of a spirit or entity can leave behind energy and the energy of someone who has an ulterior motive or a deep secret can penetrate the room and people who are clairvoyant can sense that energy.

You might want to keep an energy journal. Write down every time that you go somewhere and the place simply sets you on edge without anyone doing or saying anything.

Write down the times you walk into a room and feel negative energy like someone has been fighting.

Later if you discern any of the reasons for your feelings write the reason besides the feeling entry. Over time your journal will reveal that you knew when a malevolent spirit had been present or had visited the area.

You can see just how powerful your perception of energies is and you can learn to use that perception to keep you and friends safe.

Do People Ever Say You Have Eyes in the Back of Your Head?

Do you have times when you sense someone is behind you or you sense that something is happening behind you and you turn around to find someone there or find someone doing something they should not be doing?

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Have you ever been walking alone and simply known that someone was watching you or following you without you really seeing the person?

Have you ever been watching children and sensed that they were doing something they should not be doing so you call them to stop doing that thing, and you never saw them doing it; you just knew that they were?

People who are clairvoyant can often sense things behind them. It can be difficult to surprise a clairvoyant or scare them from behind. They often sense your energy before you get anywhere near them.

Do you understand animals very well?

Do you seem to have the ability to know what an animal is feeling? Can you sense when they are scared, sad, lonely, and even depressed?

Do you look into the eyes of animals and feel empathy for their pain or seem to know that the animal is trying to tell you something?

Many clairvoyant people connect well with animals because they can feel what the animal feels and they do have a unique connection to animals.

Most people do not even realize that it is possible to feel the emotions and feelings of animals. Psychic abilities that connect you to other souls do not discern human and animal spirits.

A clairvoyant person is just as likely to feel the pain or joy of an animal spirit as they do from a human spirit.

Strengthen your clairvoyance

If you are clairvoyant, or if you suspect you are clairvoyant, it is possible to do some things that will increase the strength of your abilities. One of the many things you need to do is repeat an affirmation every day.

There is a good chance that your abilities have not strengthened to the point you want them to because you are personally blocking the abilities.

You may have a subconscious fear that is stopping your abilities from growing to a more powerful strength.

In order to remove your block, or to make your subconscious aware that you are ready for your psychic abilities to be more than they are you can tell yourself “I am ready to let go of any fear or trepidation I have that is stopping me from experiencing my full psychic potential” or “I’m setting aside fear and prejudice so my psychic potential can grow and flourish”.

Repeat affirmations like this to you throughout the day. You can also state these affirmations out loud a couple of times before you meditate, or before you go to sleep.

You need to prevent your subconscious from stopping your powers.

Visualize you Third eye

A person with clairvoyant abilities is said to have a third eye that allows them to see things that other people are not capable of seeing. This is a third eye chakra that is defined as being positioned above your eyebrows and between your natural eyes.

You need to meditate and make yourself see your third eye as clearly as you see your right and left eye. Focus on the shape of the eye, and the eyelids. Mentally envision the eye as opening and closing, and see the minute details of it.

You may have trouble at first visualizing the third eye, but do not give up. Your persistence and determination will allow you to connect with this all-seeing eye.

Ask yourself Specific Questions

One thing that you can do to increase or improve your clairvoyance is to ask questions and keep a written journal of the questions and the answers you receive.

It is important that when you write the question in your journal you write down the date that you asked the question. It is also important for you to repeat the question several times, in several different meditation sessions until you receive an answer.

The main thing you have to remember when asking questions is to be specific. A question like “am I going to be happy?” or “does my future look promising?” is too broad and you will never receive an answer to a broad question like that.

You need to be very specific and ask things like “will I be happy in my professional life in 5 years” or “will I become a psychic reader in the next 2 years.”

Always ask questions that have a timeline like a specific number of years, and always ask questions that are detailed.

Meditation is Crucial

If you want to learn whether you have psychic abilities or you want to strengthen the psychic abilities you have then you need to be meditating.

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You need to be meditating on a regular basis and you need to be working on improving your ability to meditate successfully.

  • You need to establish a comfortable place for you to meditate.
  • You need to meditate in a place that does not have a lot of distractions.
  • You need to turn off your phone and all televisions and radios that can be distracting
  • You need to focus on your breathing and learn to make your body inhale deeply and exhale completely
  • You need to keep your journal close so you can record any revelations, visions, or intuitions you experience during meditation


I know that we have mentioned journaling several times in this article, but I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to keep a written record of your experiences, your attempts at communication, and the results of your attempts.

Your journals will show you what methods you have tried and how each of those methods turned out for you.

Get a psychic friend

If it is possible to try to join a psychic chat room or visit a local psychic. You are striving to establish a connection with another gifted clairvoyant so you two can share secrets, learn from each other experiences, and keep each other on emotionally successful planes.

It is easy to become discouraged, and it is easy to start doubting your abilities when you have no support group to encourage you and affirm your abilities to you.

You need to reach out to the psychic community and create a support group of other psychic individuals so you can have greater success.

The key to psychic abilities

There are a lot of different psychic abilities. Some people see the future, some people hear and connect with spirits, some people can astral project outside of their bodies and even outside of the space and time they physically reside in. All of these abilities can be addressed and improved through meditation, contemplation, and exploration.

The key to psychic abilities does not lie in whether or not you have the ability it lies in whether or not you are willing to accept your abilities and explore your abilities properly.

Exploration requires you to practice using the abilities you have. You have always been told that practice makes perfect, well the statement is true when it comes to psychic gifts and abilities.

The first clairvoyant visions that you have maybe fuzzy and in reality they may not even make sense. This is why you keep a journal and write down what you saw so you can later look at the journal and piece together the messages

You have to focus on the fuzzy image and allow them to become clearer and sharper in your mind. This clearing of the image may take several attempts.

You might have to purposely meditate and think about the image and try to visualize that image being clear and easy to read.

Each time you speak to a spirit guide you will increase your ability to understand the guide better. Remember that your spirit guide does not live on the same time schedule that you live on.

You might think one day is a long time but your guide may see one day as a mere blink of an eye.

You have to learn to hear your guide and learn to accept that your guide may tell you things out of sequence, or over a course of several sessions.

Once again, the journal you keep will allow you to make better sense of a message that is spread out over several sessions, or that is told to you out of sequence.

Over time you will understand your guide more because you have been in contact with them several times and you will learn their unique ways of communicating with you.

Take time to relax and enjoy your surroundings each day. There is a greater chance of you connecting to psychic abilities, spirits, or entities if you are more in touch with your surroundings, nature, and your own inner-self.

You need to practice breathing exercises so you can control your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. This will allow you to reach a calmer state of physical and mental being.

The key to the psychic abilities lies in your ability to be calm, be rational, and accept things as they are without trying to rush them, change them, or define them.


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