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Deepening Meditation and the Realm of the Akashics

An Empathic Life

As we progress through our spiritual journey, all of us begin with, and continue, making questions to be answered. In doing so, our minds’ open more and more to beliefs that have no exact answer; that there are many truths. We become comfortable in finding certain truths to define us, some to guide us, others to enforce us, and even those that are not for ourselves.

An over burdened mind of a seeker will soon realize that the answer is not what is truly sought after. The ultimate question is the greatest quest. Which questions bring us comfort in their answers. Which questions actually give an answer that we accept and we don’t need to further question.

Gaining the Ability to Flow

This debriefing of an empath is the first step in bringing the energy out of the mind and out into the physical world. The constant wanting, questioning, and acceptance that an empath experiences will eventually bring him to certain mental states that will help the empath understand the ability to attune to the flow of nature.

Physical arts like Tai Chi and Qi Gong (and their many sub-styles) are the basis of being able to feel nature’s rhythm. The cultivation and manifestation of energy itself abide to natural rules that are more and more understood by the practitioner after each session using raw energy.

Transcendentalism and Elementalism

Each of us, as human beings have an innate dream state. In this dream state, which takes place during our dreaming time asleep, we have a certain sub-conscious personality that perceives the events that take place in our dreams and gives a general liking to or disgust of every action.

This sub-conscious personality is our actual ego, and also our child self, the part of us that is the most related to our creator. Getting in touch with this part of our self happens on a daily basis, it is the ruler of our decision making when it comes to right and wrong. Another state of mind that we come readily equipped with is the trance state. The trance state happens when we are “staring off into space,” experiencing Deja-Vu, and listening while learning; i.e. a professor teaching a class or hearing an enjoyable song.

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These two states of mind happen in the sub-conscious, and before learning techniques like ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and ‘Divination,’ they are only experienced “by accident.” (We believe that nothing happens to any individual on an accident, but to bring forth a new choice in Life’s path)

To awaken the transcendental mind and reach Elementalist qualities, the self must practice deepening meditations that will bring forth the fight of fear. Every spirit walker, shaman, healer; etc., has faced their fears and will continue to do so during the rest of their lives’ journeys. The deepening meditation that follows will if continued and fallen into, open the path fighting our fear.

This battle within ourselves can happen in many ways. Some individuals’ visions are gratifying, where they end up as a helping hand. Some individuals’ visions are confusing, where they end up more confused than they were before they first began to meditate.

The main thing to remember is: Each meditation is different, there will always be something new found out from past meditations.

The Deepening Meditation

  1.  First, inhale deeply while comfortably seated and hold your breath for about 2 seconds with eyes closed.
  2. Exhale after the slight pause very slowly and be very aware of the breath and how you feel.
  3. Inhale again and begin to breathe gently. (Here is where the meditation can begin to change on its own.)
  4.  See yourself. Where you are currently seated with your eyes closed and what is immediately around you.
  5.  Look to enter inside your body to delve to further recesses of the mind.
  6.  Continue passing through areas of your mind and just skipping past all thought.
  7.  This dive into yourself will feel like a tunnel into your third eye and you will begin to feel it physically throb.
  8.  Continue to dive until you have found a time to stop. In that stage see yourself floating at your destination.
  9.  All around you should be darkened aura, colors like blue, black, or dark shades of other colors.
  10.  This area is where the sub-conscious resides. It is the ultimate part of our self that contains our true emotions.
  11. Once the area is reached, the deepening mediation has been completed. The choice to end the meditation is up to the self entirely. Sometimes just reaching this area is sufficient for the time being, other times our self will require for us to experience a further realization before ending the mediation.
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Reaching the Akashics

This deepening mediation is only the first step into the ancient “libraries of the mind.” Further use of this meditation and practices that are unique to self during the deepening process will bring forth invitations from our spiritual guides to the Akashic Libraries.

This area is unique and when finally brought there from within our minds’, we are most likely in astounded shock. Since it is a sub-conscious shock, the feeling when first entering the libraries is a highly calming experience. Within the libraries themselves, we are able to wonder, ponder, and even ask questions. Answers and ideas, as well as inspiration, is born here.

The journey does not end while the conscious is still processing. God discovering god, Light being born, and Death being alleviated by pain.

New things happen each day, handling emotions grows us and tunes us for better understanding our own realities.



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Ronnie J
Ronnie J is a spiritualist who taught meditation for a number of years and has a lot of knowledge in many spiritual topics. He is also an extreme sports enthusiast, a Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner, a Druid and a shamanistic healer. He also loves hiking, his wife, and his son!

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