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How To Use Energy Shielding Techniques

A Short Intro Into Chakra, Chi/Ki, and Psionic Based Defense

There are many things to be aware of in our plane of existence. Being that Earth is our home, we inhabit it with many different physical and metaphysical/different dimensional type beings.

This being a constant will leave us with much individual energy to deal with throughout daily activity. Each of the three shielding techniques that are listed here will help with many psychic to physical, and even emotional harm.

that is why spiritual shield protection is so important.


What these meditative abilities will do for you:

  • Diminish psychic vampirism
  • Decrease psychic attacks
  • Prevent psychic attacks
  • Clear harmful energies: rooting, curses, hexes, unwanted frequencies/vibrations
  • Rid self of bad habits and behaviors
  • Increase value of synchronicity in everyday life
  • Gain additional self-calm and physical body awareness


Chakra Auric Shield (Physical/Emotional)

There is so much information that has been known, and more widely spread out, for us to learn about this amazing energy that our soul manifests into the physical plane. This shield is generated by each of the 50 key chakras that are located within and around us. The best thing to remember are that the 7 main chakras that run from Root to Crown in the order of Red to Violet (running the 7 individual colors of the rainbow that our soul projects.) The 14 below and 26 higher chakra can easily be linked with knowledge from grounding and emotion as well as rising and psyche.

The Auric Shield Meditation goes as follows:

  • Breathe, slow, close eyes
  • Bring the 7 chakra into visual
  • See each as a round plate and inhale
  • They should begin to expand and turn into one plate
  • Continue lightly breathing then take a deep breath as the plate circumferences your body
  • Bring the expansion of the field into the main outlier of your aura (surrounding golden thread)
  • Once the energy is grounded completely in the physical aura (the golden thread should glow) open eyes briefly to check surroundings (should notice a rising feeling within and around self)
  • Breathe lightly and close eyes slowly upon an inhale thereafter
  • Find the specific colors of the rainbow Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet and begin individually programming each separately to either maintain or further block certain energies
  • Each programmed shield can be used to prevent stress, penetration, invasion, and even positive attributes like raise awareness, or be jovial can be added

Trust yourself and when finished with programming of shields let out a “Ha!” or stronger exhale to help with controlling these light energies in the physical. Remember relaxation and love is needed for this white light protection. Be happy and always know that ease and patience are keys to fulfillment.


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Psionic Ether Shield (Astral)

The psionic connection linking us to our emotional (etheric selves) can be best guarded within the astral realm. This type of shielding technique is good for travel, journeying, and even in the physical for warding off anything unwanted.

What is important to have knowing of before beginning this meditation is our Mind’s Eye (Also Third Eye or Ajna Chakra) and the Sacred Heart (Also the Throat and Heart Chakra.) Having proper visualizations and comfort in these areas will help with bettering this specific shield. The Etheric Spirit Shield Meditation goes as follows:

  • Inhale deeply through nose
  • Hold breath slightly (letting air out slowly is okay during this)
  • Visualize the Mind’s Eye within and awaken
  • Bring a blue field around the Eye and a green skinnier field around the blue one
  • Find the etheric self around you (looks like a flaming spirit) and engulf yourself within it
  • Put now a golden thread around the etheric self then the Mind’s Eye after
  • Push out from your center all energy into the ethers (should look like a black hole forming)
  • Seeing your Mind’s Eye and Etheric self after that clearing means it has been done correctly. If only seeing the blackness, you are okay, just begin from the beginning with more patience.


Chi/Ki Energy Field (Advanced Skill)

A bit of history about this ancient technique before we begin.

The roots of this technique are shrouded within many Asian Buddhist and Taoist religions therein. Samurai and ninja alike have also used this technique.

Vikings all the way to shaman and other spirit walker spiritualists have each there own versions which derive from this main concept.

The absolute known origin of this technique is during the time of Zorastrians and Magi alike. The only thing before them was known in stories and mythologies as the gods and titans walking the earth in their truest forms.

This skill is a very empowering, and sometimes even overburdening, technique. To be sure that we have complete understanding of this before it is started…

a good example of this technique from movies and TV shows:

“Super Saiyan” in “Dragonball Z” is a 3rd level version of this specific technique.

“Avatar State” in American Anime “Avatar” is the 8th level of this technique.

If not familiar, please do search for a video of both of these before deciding on beginning.

As in most martial arts there are belts, there are 9 full levels of this skill and 3 added degrees.

I would hope that warnings should not be listed on here for spiritual purposes, but this one piece of information is very important.

Do not continue to empower if physical, self or surrounding, feels out of place or even painful. Catch awareness and slow to a complete stop, then ground and take a good, long (week or so) break from continuing on this ability.


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The Energy Fielding Meditation/Technique goes as follows:

  • Begin with eyes open or closed, better to start with immediate closed eyes if planning to have them opened
  • Breathe in deeply and quickly and raise arms above head in speed with inhale
  • Bring arms down during the end of the inhale making a letter “M” by the end of the move or a “(\/)” to be more exact, starting from the center
  • Exhale and push arms forward bring chi from your dan tien (solar plexus region) outwards
  • Inhale again while moving one foot back, and another forward (closing eyes is good here)
  • This time before exhaling and push arms forward/out again bring outward even more chi then the first time
  • Stand regularly after the second drawing
  • Open and close eyes when you inhale through your nose then exhale slower out your nose for the last time


Proper training and meditation for each of these techniques is greatly required before beginning any of these and continuing further with them, we highly encourage using a measure of safety when practicing theses techniques, and good luck to anyone trying it.


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Ronnie J
Ronnie J is a spiritualist who taught meditation for a number of years and has a lot of knowledge in many spiritual topics. He is also an extreme sports enthusiast, a Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner, a Druid and a shamanistic healer. He also loves hiking, his wife, and his son!

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