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Beginners To Advanced Geokinesis Guide

What is geokinesis?

Geokinesis or terrakinesis is a psychic ability that involves controlling the earth, minerals and sand with the power of the mind. By learning how to develop geokinesis, he will be able to connect with the element of the earth. You will be able to get her to do your bidding. Thanks to terrakinesis, you will create a bond between yourself and its elements such as stones, minerals, soil, sand, etc.

Geokinesis is also one of the most difficult psychokinesis to master. So do not expect spectacular results the first time. Although it depends on how large scale you are going to start. One with a low level will move the pebbles and another will cause an earthquake. After properly mastering the techniques you will have the power to create small earthquakes.

The element of the earth is controlled by the Grail dragon and the gnomes. Dragons of sand and sand creatures are also under the element of the earth.

Using prayers for the incantation of rituals, talismans and other types of use of psychic power, you can convince ghosts or other beings to cooperate in order to strengthen energy or use it in a different way at the end of this section there are several magic techniques of talisman rituals and information about entities that you may be helpful. We are part of the earth and she is a part of us. After this short introduction, it’s time for a few techniques that will help you master the element of the earth.

Earth Energy Charging Method I

To invoke an element of the earth, he will enter the middle trance and visualize himself in the middle of a sphere made of sand, clay stones and earth. Now breathe in this energy. Feel how energy fills your body. With each inhale, it fills you with energy more and more. With an inhale, the energy comes in with the exhalation, the breath comes in, the energy comes out of the exhalation seven times.

Earth Energy Charging Method II

Thanks to this exercise, you will understand better the energy of the earth. To start, you should sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes see the energies of the earth floating around you and glowing below the surface below you. Imagine yourself as a tree and send your roots deep into the earth to its nucleus to the circle of orange energy inside the earth. Visualize how through the roots the energy of the earth flows into you and connects with your energy by loading …Purification

In fact, it is not geokinesis but it has to do with the earth. Actually, it acts as a purifier of impure forces. All you have to do is visualize. You visualize all the bad energies in the form of a column of black smoke. He comes out of you and sinks into the ground.

Energy Ball

Focus on the energy of the earth. Visualize how it flows into your hands. See how an orange sphere of energy forms between your hands. Mastering this exercise will help you in subsequent techniques such as the Spear of the Earth, Stone Missile, Earth’s Explosion and Earth’s Radius

Wave of Rocks

This is one of the umbrakinesis techniques. appropriately converted. It is a simple impulse of the energy of the earth. It can be used to knock down an opponent to move something or otherwise used. You will do this technique by collecting the earth in your hand and forcing it into a strong, dense impulse. Turn your hand on the target and visualize how a wave made of stones and a bar strikes it. This technique will take about one to two days to learn.

The strength of the earth

The earth’s power is to use earth energy to accelerate speed and strength, very simple and easy to use, it will simply spread the energy of rocks all over your body and tie it to your muscles. You need about one day of learning to master this technique. It is another of the umbrakinetic techniques adapted to geokinesis.

Stone Pillar

Simply tech, in which you focus the energy of the earth in the shape of a pillar. It may have several uses and may contain intentions. Collect power in your hand and slide it forward. Visualize how the energy of earth creates a pillar of orange energy. At the beginning, start with a thin beam. Try first to a small height, gradually increasing the width and height of the pillar. The paper can be used to support other energy constructions or to press it or to come up with intentions to visualize how it appears on the pillar and meets

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The blow of the earth

Warning: It can be dangerous. It is like a flame blow by Ki. Connect with the energy of the earth as usual. Connect it with your own energy. Now, move it, transfer all the energy into your hand, clenching it into a fist. Visualize how the energy of the earth surrounds your hand. Visualize that your fist is made of stone or huge rocks revolve around it. Make a big step forward and deal a blow that will smash the opponent into dust and dust.

Kicking the earth

Connect with the energy of the earth. Cover your feet with the fists and kick them. In my opinion, the technique can be better than the punch because one leg will always be on the ground
Dragon Earth claws
Swirl your hands with the orange energies of the earth. Implicitly visualize how from the ankles slowly emerge made of sharp flint covered with oranges covered with long claws like those of a wolverine.

Earth shield

Recall the energies of the earth and visualize how it revolves around you. Visualize how this whirling energy creates a stone wall around you. This energy defends and protects you.

The edge of the earth

Clench your fist and tap the ground cubes. Then place the energies of the earth. 1 inch above the knuckles. Slowly raise your hand up by visualizing an orange blade coming out of the ground. A heart full of energy of the earth.

The spear of the earth

Make a dog’s ball with the energy of the earth. Visualize how the sphere changes its shape as it lengthens to form a rod with a sharp end. Visualize how the end of the rod overlaps with sharp flint. How does this flint create a weapon’s tip. Then, spear your spear in the enemy or hold it in your hands.

Earth’s explosion

Create a psi ball with energy. Visualize how the sphere of energy is covered by stones and combine rocks together into a coherent whole. When the energy ball completely covers the stone, throw it at the opponent, visualizing how it explodes with enormous force at your goal.

A stone bullet

Create energy balls. It will gather as much energy in it as you can. Reduce the bullets to the size of the pistol cartridge. Visualize how the ball changes into a cartridge. Put the gun back on. Visualize the missile between your fingers. Track the target to fire. Visualize how the cartridge hits the target you were aiming at at high speed. The technique can be used to work with any type of energy except fire.

Earth Energy Radius

We create energy balls between our hands. Slowly increase it to the moment until it reaches the size of the cannonball. Then we visualize how the ray of orange energy is flying out of this sphere, hitting directly at our opponent.

A small earthquake

Clench your fist and cover it with the energy of the earth. Visualize how it becomes a huge stone fist. When you feel that there is enough energy to hit the ground with your fist. If you have done this technique correctly, you should feel a disturbance of the earth around you.

The Dragon of the Earth

It will gather the energies of the earth in the lungs. Reproach her in her throat. Then aim and roar, visualizing how a ray of orange energy hits the target.

Stone dragon

At the beginning, create a pillar of earth and place a dog-shaped ball in the shape of a stone egg on it. Visualize how the egg breaks and absorbs the pillar creating a powerful body of stone and rocks. How orange energy creates a land dragon that will listen to you and perform your orders visualize a rope of orange energy connects you with your dragon

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Movement by Rock

The first step is to choose a stone. This step is very important indeed. It’s best to collect a few stones about half an inch in size, maybe a little smaller. Then close your eyes and concentrate on each stone of the generation. Pour some energy in each of them. One of them should “feel” a little in the “right.” It’s difficult to explain, but you know when you have the right stone. When you have your rock go to the next step. Put your stone in front of you. Close your eyes and Imagine that deep into the earth grow the roots that are grasping the enormous ball of orange energy, then slowly draw some energy in. Remember to breathe in deeply through your nose to exhale through your mouth Focus on how energy from the earth flows through your hands into the stone. Imagine that the stone is part of you Feel the energies of the rock If you think you are ready, try moving the stone a few centimeters left or right (usually best towards the dominant hand). This is done in many ways. with your hands, but sometimes it helps. If you think you’ve been successful, open your eyes and see how it went. You will not notice the effect First time. Work hard and you will succeed.

Levitation of the Rock

When you have mastered moving the rock, you can try to raise it up. This can be achieved by the same actions as in the point above. The only difference is that you have to overcome the force of gravity, so it can be a bit more difficult. Many beginners have problems with keeping a stone when it hangs in the air. Sometimes it rises to reach a point and suddenly falls. This is normal, but it is a sign that training should be continued until the moment when the rock stops and will not fall without our will. This fall is caused by an unbalanced energy flow. It’s important to master it on small stones because you do not want it to happen when you try to make larger boulders that can cause damage. It is significant from small stones. When you can raise them without shaking and unforeseen movements, you can increase the size of the boulder mass. Slowly increase the size of the rock until you get to such a skill that you can pick up a ten-pound stone easily.

Stone formation

The next step is to learn how to shape a stone. Once you’ve mastered this step, you’ll be able to change even the shape of the diamond.


The easiest way to start a workout is to take a bit of clay and put it in front of you. Then he must breathe ground energy into clay and try to change its shape. This is done slowly. Move the clay to the desired shape. If you can do this, you can go to soft minerals such as graphite. Then increase the hardness, minerals until you can not change the shape of the stone. Then try to merge the stone. By transforming them until they connect with each other. Gradually do it with more and more rocks. To continue training, increase the hardness and size of the stones. After some time, you can harden a stone weighing 10 pounds to level 5 on the Mohs scale (obsidian or apatite)
These few techniques are not limited to the energy of the earth. You can use them just as well using the power of the fire water of the air or the ether. Below I present some information about the elements of the element of the earth and their strengths strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with the dragons of the earth. We will slowly get to the sigilla runes and other signs that may be useful in geokinesis. At the beginning, therefore, a few owls about dragons connected with the element of the earth


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