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How To Astral Project – The Techniques Used By The Pros

About 33% of our lifetime is spent sleeping, this time is usually dedicated to replenishing our physical and mental energy.

sleep plays a big part in keeping us healthy, but did you know this time could also be dedicated to other things as well? one of those things is called astral projection and in this guide, we will touch on what exactly is astral projection and how to astral project so that you can also experience this otherworldly phenomenon.

What Is Astral Projection

Astral Projection is a phenomenon in which your astral body leaves your physical body and is free to roam as it pleases in this world and in other worlds as well, while performing astral projection you can go anywhere you please whether it’s going outside your house, traveling to other countries or even traveling to other planets, this also applies to planes of existence, you can meet beings that might only be residing in the astral plane and we do not have access to them in our physical plane.

What Is The Difference Between Lucid Dreaming And Astral Projection?

Some tend to believe that lucid dreaming and astral projection are the same but there are big differences, for example, lucid dreaming is an experience that occurs while you’re dreaming. Astral projection involves entering another plane altogether and stepping away from the physical realm. When you dream lucidly, you control everything that happens inside your dream but you are still inside your own dream, the things you see hear and feel in a regular dream are just a manifestation of your subconscious and when you dream lucidly you manifest them using your conscious, During astral projection, You are roaming the physical world with your astral body, Meaning you can go anywhere you would like, any country you always wanted to visit? you can just travel there with astral projection, there are numerous things you can do in the astral plane some of them include:

  • Meeting Deceased loved ones
  • Meeting with other astral travelers
  • Meeting your spirit guides
  • Traveling to other worlds
  • Traveling to other realms
  • Traveling and seeing other countries
  • Visiting people who live far away

Lucid dreaming often involves having some kind of control over what happens in your dreams. When you visit the astral plane, it’s not a dream world. You’re simply visiting another plane of existence.

Astral Projection Techniques

If you want to try to experience astral projection, there are numerous techniques you can try. Each person is different, so the technique that could work for one person might not work for you.

An important tip to keep in mind while trying these techniques: To get to the point where you leave your body you will probably have to go through sleep paralysis, this is a normal stage of the astral projection process and is usually scary to most people, try to understand that nothing can hurt you while you are in sleep paralysis and quiet down this fear as it could be the reason you are not able to astral project.

What Does it Mean Raising Your Vibrations?

Our physical bodies are always on a certain frequency, this frequency is what holds us in the physical realm, well if only we could raise our vibrational state to a higher one, we would be able to tap inside realms that are not foreseeable to anyone inside the physical realms vibrational state.

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What Should I Do Before Trying These Techniques

Before trying these techniques, You should do a relaxation technique to calm your body and prepare it for the astral projection process, so let’s get into the technique.

Step 1: Lay down on your bed belly side up

Step 2: From your legs up to the top of your head start going through each individual muscle group, tightening it up and loosening it until the body feels relaxed.

do this several times if you don’t feel relaxed the first time, also integrating deep breathing into this technique will increase its effectiveness.


The Rope Technique

The rope technique was developed by Robert Bruce, A well known and prominent figure in the astral projection and OOBE space

Robert Bruce is also known for the Rope Technique.

First before using any astral projection technique its very important to relax the body, make sure you did the relaxation technique above.

Step 1: Lay on your back in a comfortable position, this step is important as you will need to minimize movement as much as possible

Step 2: Visualize with your mind’s eye a long rope hanging from the ceiling

Step 3: Now feel how you are detaching from your physical body and becoming one with your astral body

Step 4: With your astral hands grab the rope and pull as hard as you can to pull the astral body out of the physical body

*SIDENOTE: it is normal to feel dizzy and lightheaded at this point but if you feel really bad stop and try again some other time.

Step 5: As you climb the rope you will feel like you are levitating, when you feel like you reached the ceiling and there is no more rope to climb, turn around and look back at your physical body sleeping, not only this is very cool but this will solidify the experience and make it easier to get out of the body the next time.


The Monroe Technique

Robert Monroe is also one of the prominent figures in the astral projection community, he is well known for his books:  Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey (You can get them for free with an audible trial).

but there is no doubt that one of the techniques Robert Monroe authored got him most of his notoriety and that technique was coined the Monroe technique.

So before we get into this technique make sure to relax your body just as we did with the last technique.

Step 1: Lay in a comfortable position in bed and let the physical body drift off into sleep, don’t force it to go to sleep but also don’t try to keep it awake, let your mind wander around, you are ready to move to the next step when you start losing the sense of feeling in your physical body and

Step 2: What we are trying to do is get into the hypnogogic state, where the body is asleep but the mind is awake, once you feel like you have gotten to this stage, your eyes should be closed and you should start seeing different light patterns and geometric shapes, some conflate these images with hallucinations.

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These shapes serve two purposes, one is to distract you from your physical body thus making detachment from it easier, and the second reason is that these shapes are the manifestation of your thoughts and subconscious in action, and being attuned to your subconscious makes it easier to astral project.

Step 3: Step Three of this technique requires no more effort on your part other than to stay awake, with that said it is often hard to get to, at this stage, you will need to get into a state of high vibrations, vibrations appear right before you are about to project, you will know you have reached a state of high vibrations when you start feeling a tingling sensation all over your body.

The vibrational state on its own is a very profound state to be in and can be compared to being in a deep meditational or introspective state where one can explore his own thoughts and create images and patterns that look very real.

Step 4: We will now try to separate a limb from the physical body.

when you are in the vibrational state your conscious is in your astral body, but the astral body is still inside the physical body, try to take your astral hand and moving it up or focusing on one leg and extending it, you can also imagine an object nearby and trying to touch it with your hand, it will feel really strange in the beginning but as you progress and get used to it the feeling becomes more naturally.

Step 5: Once you have succeeded to separate a limb the next goal will be full separation, once you are fully separate from your physical body, that means you have officially astrally projected!

This can be achieved in a number of ways, one method involves rolling over with your astral body back and forth until it detaches from the physical.

Another method requires step 4 after you succeeded to detach a limb from the physical body, use that limb to grab hold of an object nearby and pull the rest of the astral body out of the physical body.

A few sidenotes: don’t get too excited once you manage to astral project as this will shoot you right back into your body, another thing to keep in mind is that in the vibrational state things can get loud, some people have reported that they heard very loud noises like trains and airplanes really close to them, this cannot hurt you so you have no reason to be afraid but just know that this can happen so you can be ready for it.

In Conclusion

I know its a cliche but once you learn how to astral project, its the same as riding a bike, you never forget.

At the same time you have to understand that being able to astral project is a discipline like anything else worthwhile.

You have to treat it like a muscle, the more you train the more it will grow and the more you will be able to do it consistently.

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