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How To Become A Medium

So you want to learn how to become a medium? Is it possible to train yourself to have the psychic skills required of a medium? Yes! You can practice the skills you need to be a successful medium, and you can train yourself to become a medium and as you keep practicing your skills will grow stronger.

If you have a true desire to become a psychic medium there is a very good chance that you have some psychic abilities and simply need to learn to strengthen and harness those abilities. You must realize that in order to develop the skills you will need you are going to have to be determined and persistent. You also are going to have to believe in yourself.

A psychic medium directly communicates with spirits and entities that the majority of people cannot connect with. Psychic mediums can work with or without tools. The tools they use the most often are angel cards, tarot cards, and things like that.

A medium may also be able to read your palm or gaze into a crystal ball and see something or someone that you want to connect to.

What to do to become a Psychic Medium

The first thing that you should do is pay attention to your own feelings, you know those gut feelings and intuitions you have? There is a good chance that you have some psychic ability that you have not been paying a lot of attention to. You want to keep a journal and write any odd coincidences where you just knew something was going to happen, and it did. You may want to note if you hear things that other people do not hear.

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Learn to Meditate

In order for you to connect with spirits or entities, you are going to have to learn to clear your mind of all of the clutter. You have to learn to relax and let your mind be still and open. This is not something you will learn overnight. You are going to have to work at this.

Our minds are so filled with everything we need to do, need to remember, want to do, odd thoughts we have, concerns for work, family and friends that we very rarely settle down into a truly relaxed state. To meditate properly and reach a state where you can be open to communication with spirits you need to practice.

You need a meditation ritual. You need to set aside a certain amount of time each day that is for you to use to meditate, relax, and reflect. During this time you need to have no distractions. That means the cell phone has to be shut down for a bit, the television and radio needs to be turned off, and you do not need to try and learn to meditate when you have someone else in the room.

You may not realize that the other person is a distraction, but you will be aware of their presence. You will not totally relax because a part of you will be listening for that other person to speak, move, or do something. When you first start meditating you should do so when you are alone. Once you become adept at meditation then someone can be in the room.

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Keep a Meditation Journal

One way to chart the progress you are making in your meditation is to keep a journal. In your journal write down the time you begin your meditation and the time you stop. Write down how you feel, make notes of what soothing thoughts you had to make your mind let go of the chaos and accept the quiet peace.

If you have a distraction while you are meditating, like a random thought coming into your head, take a deep breath and try to push that thought out of your mind. Write down what distractions came to you during meditation and how long it took for you to regain control.

This journal will be an important tool as you practice being a medium. Keep a journal and make an entry every day for 27 days and you will develop a habit of journaling that will stay with you.

Keep your mind open

You need to learn to pay attention to everything you hear, everything you feel, and your thoughts. Sometimes spirits or trying to connect with you and they will put thought into your head. If something keeps nagging at you then likely it is something you need to pay more attention to and see where the thought is coming from.

You also need to remember that as often as possible you need to simply be quiet. That means; stop talking, and stop thinking, on everything you need to do. Just sit quietly and listen to the sounds of nature, hear your own heartbeat. Pay close attention to your breath as it fills your lungs and then as it leaves your lungs. During these quiet times you will have the opportunity to focus on other things and your mind will be open to a connection or a message from a spirit or another realm.

Connecting with Spirits

You need to think of a couple of questions that you would want someone from the spirit world to answer. Write those questions down in your meditation journal.

When you start to meditate think of one of those questions and repeat it over and over in your mind. Once you ask the question wait for a few minutes and see if an answer seems to pop into your head. If you do not get an answer to keep repeating the question.

If you do not get the answer to your question one day, then ask it again the next day. Spirits do not exist or do things on the same time schedule that we do. It may take several attempts before you get a response.

The response you get maybe a sound, a feeling or you might simply know the answer to your questions. The spirit can talk to you in a conversation method, but most of the time you are going to find that when a spirit speaks all of the nuances of language that we use like proper sentence structure, will not necessarily be used by the spirit.

Learning Other Methods

You can learn a lot by watching other mediums at work. You can watch programs about these talented people and learn how they reach out to and connect with the spirits.

You can go see a psychic medium and ask them questions about their abilities and how they developed them. The majority of psychic mediums are very friendly people and they will not mind talking to you and helping you understand what they do and how they do it.

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Do not just speak to one psychic try and speak to as many as you can. Try to learn how they developed their skills, how they got started, and everything you can so you can understand them better. Try and find one medium that you really relate to and ask them if they would mentor you or guide you as you try to develop your abilities.

Try different methods!

Maybe you cannot reach another spirit through meditation. Your medium skills might work better if you used angel cards or tarot cards and let the spirits speak to you through those tools. The main thing you have to remember is never give up!

Read every book on the subject of psychic mediums that you can find. There may only be one or two small items in a book that you connect with, but each time you connect with a suggestion or idea you will be further into the process of becoming a psychic medium.

Prepare a Space for Your Connections

When you are ready to start trying to connect with the spirits you should prepare a space for this activity. You want your space to be:

  • Safe and somewhere that you can call for help if you need it. There are spirits that can frighten you and even some that can cause you harm. Do not isolate yourself to the point that you cannot call out for help if you meet a mean spirit.
  • Make yourself comfortable so that it is easier for you to relax
  • Light a candle to help with the ambiance and set the scene
  • Have a pencil and paper handy so you can write down anything you hear as soon as you are finished. Often when we connect with spirits we have a tendency to forget some of the things we heard, or some of the instructions. You also may get only a word or two each time you try to connect. If you look back over the words you get and the order in which you receive them you may see a connection or a message emerging.
  • Have the room at a comfortable temperature so you can completely relax
  • Dress for the experience by wearing clothing that is not overly tight or restrictive
  • Be prepared to accept any message and always be kind to the spirits you are trying to reach. Call to them and question them in a polite tone, and with reverence for who and what they are.

Do not let anyone else steal your thunder

Do not let people who do not believe, or people who are critical of your efforts cause you to doubt your skills, or cause you to doubt the progress you have made. There are always going to be people who do not believe you, or people who want to make you not believe in yourself because it makes them feel better to tear someone else down.

You are capable, you are experiencing things, and you know what is real, and what happens in your life. Do not let anyone else convi9nce you that you are not capable of connecting with spirits, or knowing things that have not happened yet.

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