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How To Form A Chi Ball And Charge Your Aura

Here listed are several techniques in creating energy balls and manifesting sustainable and healthy energy patterns. The useage of chi drives on our spirit selves and we take with us the karma that goes along with it. To have a positive effect on our lives we must recharge and safely exert our energy.


The golden ball.

Please sit comfortably and relaxed for this. Have your hands over your belly not touching at the start of this meditation. **Closing your eyes is key to mastering this**

Step One

  • Visualize your dan tien, see its current aura.
  • A blue orb inside your belly breathing with your spirit.

Step Two

  • Put a ball of free form chi around the glowing blue ball residing in your solar plexus.
  • Attach the five elements of Thunder, Lightning, Fire, Ether, and Etheric Wind to the chi ball around your dan tien.
  • The ball should then immediately expand around you.

Step Three

  • Once it is set around you, have your awareness on the five different elements.
  • Use each one at the same time to charge your aura. [This is as simple as knowing that they are yours to charge you.]

Step Four

  • Go to the Fire element attached and use it first as start to charge with each one individually.
  • Combine the elements like Thunder and Ether or Etheric Wind, Fire, and Lightning to charge your aura.

Step Five

  • You will feel immense recharge from this.
  • Keep practicing the first steps to make sure the elements are attached to the original ball around the dan tien.
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Chi Ball Creation and Programming

This is a very fun skill and technique to learn as well as using it for many different things. Innovation and inspiration are the keys to aquiring a natural healing ability and defensive skill. Love, and the understanding of it, are the prime necessities to acheiving this skill.

Step One

  • Begin with comfortable sitting posture and hands on knees or together.
  • Breathe naturally and see blue, white, green, and yellow come in and out of your lungs. [Other colours and emotions are not optional in doing this for the first time.]

Step Two

  • You should see a full inhale into your body of blue energy entering your nose, passing your brain, and going into your arms and chest.
  • Each inhale should follow this, have the tip or your toungue pressing against the top of your mouth where your front top teeth meet the gums.
  • As the blue energy flows in this pattern [nose, brain] down into your arms and chest, it will end and store in your dan tien and both wrists.

Step Three

  • The two energy centers at your wrists are located similiarly where [Spiderman’s] webs are.
  • Store energy into the three centers, dan tien and the wrists.

Step Four

  • Once you feel that enough blue energy has been stored in these main points bring your hands in front of you without opening your eyes in the shape of holding a small ball.
  • Now take a final inhale and push the energy from your dan tien directly into your wrists and push that energy to your fingertips.
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Step Five

  • Visualize the energy moving from your hands, finger tips and palms, out to form a small [ the smaller the better] ball between your hands.
  • Keep eyes closed and breath as you gather the energy into this ball of yours.
  • Connect all the energy particles you can to form this ball [again the smaller, the better]
  • Once the ball is there, slowly move your hands around to let it breath

Step Six

  • This your energy so its expansions and contractions actually go along with your breathing.
  • Keep your eyes closed, you should be able to make it bigger and visualize more deeply and precisely each time you do this.

After practicing this you may open your eyes. You may or may not see it the first time, you will feel it. The energy moves in small particles so starting very small and slowly making it bigger is necessary to even see and feel it.

*To program the chi ball just add an intent/element/or idea.

The Smaller You See your Ball, The More Energy you may integrate into it. Remember, Quantum is the key to Mechanics.

** You must remember that love is key, anything programmed or done out of fear and hate with programming and usage of your chi balls, or somebody else’s, will have great tolls on your immediate life’s karmatic identity.


Many blessings and peace!

About Ronnie J

Ronnie J
Ronnie J is a spiritualist who taught meditation for a number of years and has a lot of knowledge in many spiritual topics. He is also an extreme sports enthusiast, a Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner, a Druid and a shamanistic healer. He also loves hiking, his wife, and his son!

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  1. Avatar

    But HOW do you “connect the elements”
    HOW do you “Put a ball of free form chi”
    Please explain.

  2. Avatar

    Is this the only way to do this? I think I’ve discovered another way, but I’m not sure if my way is the same thing.

  3. Ronnie J

    Being able to feel the energy is a life-long practice as we live in an ever-changing world.

    With the right amount of patience and empathy, we can feel and see all the energy around us. We practice with our eyes open and closed.

    Gathering is gentle and slight, the chi is like a wind of life that you have to catch

  4. Avatar

    Two questions:
    1. Could you do something on meditation? (Currently I can’t hold my focus long enough)
    2. Would learning two types of psychic abilities be good or bad? Could it make it hard to focus on both of them, like learning two languages at one, or could they help each other out if they are related? Thanks!

    • Flow Admin

      Hey as soon as I can I am going to do a big guide on meditation covering everything, its exactly as you said! if you learn a latin language it can help you understand other languages better but learning two at the same time would be very hard.