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Beginners To Advanced Hydrokinesis Guide

Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water with the power of the mind, this ability is not unique to certain people and not for others, it is inside each and every one of us and can be activated, just like a muscle, if you don’t use it you will get weaker, also hydrokinesis can help you and improve you towards learning cryokinesis.

 How can I get started

We have listed in this guide techniques from the easiest to the hardest, you can look at this as your hydrokinesis manual, and if you are having trouble I am a big fan of meditation, it helps clear your mind and get you to a state of mind where practicing hydrokinesis becomes much easier.

Hydrokinesis Techniques


Basic water manipulation

Requirements: Get a bowl of water with any object inside it, like a toothpick or a cork, as long as it will float.

Step 1: Clear your mind and focus on your breathing.

Step 2: Look at the water and visualise it moving in your mind’s eye.

Step 3: Open your eyes and check if it moved, if it didn’t repeat it until it moves

Note* you should be focusing on the water and calming your mind and not on the object inside of the water bowl, that is just a marker so you will know how you progress, it is important to put it there so when you will be able to move the water you will have psychological proof and thus reinforcing your belief in hydrokinesis.

Creating water ripples

This technique is important to master for anyone that wants to go further with his hydrokinesis training.

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Step 1: Meditate for half an hour.

Step 2: Go to a quiet place near a water source outdoors, it could be a quiet lake or an empty beach.

Step 3: Sit in the shallow water with your hands lightly touching the water with your finger tips.

Step 4: Feel the soothing sensation of the water and begin feeling the vibration of the water source.

Step 5: Now project the vibrations back into the water source


For this technique you will also need only a water bowl and a floating object

Step 1: Clear your mind again

Step 2: Visualize with your mind’s eye that you are in the middle of a tornado, feel exactly how it will be, now that tornado has went over the ocean, start to feel how the tornado is spinning the water beneath it in a circular motion, visualize it until you can see it bright as day.

Step 3: Try to see the water in the bowl spinning and will it to spin.

This takes some practice, its a good idea to first master the basic water manipulation.

Moving water inside you with hydrokinesis


Step 1: Meditate for at least an hour

Step 2: Stay in the same meditative position that you have been meditating in

Step 3: Feel your energy inside your dan tien ( in your belly button )

Step 4: Pull all of the energy through your body, from your dan tien, to your right shoulder, then to your left shoulder, and then back to your dan tien.

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If you can feel the water and blood inside of your body moving in the direction you were willing it to go then you were successful, if not try again until you are able to do it.

Thats all we have for you today, good luck in your psychic training






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