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Introduction to Chakra: Info and Meditation

All About Chakra

In here is detailed information on each of the seven main chakra. Most of this is general detail as to how each chakra is relevant to moods we feel and personalities we portray. What they affect and what they are effected by. An alignment and balancing of the seven to each other is the ultimate goal in having a healthy flow of energy. What we do on a daily basis will influence our energy to change. Chakra open, close, and in general, grow. Once open, it does not mean that the energy will not shrink or even close. Neglect towards an area of our life and spirituality can lead to unbalance and even shutting off of a point entirely. It is also a good point to say that too much focus on one point will leave neglect and an unbalance with the others. Each compliments the others. Everything and everyday is a learning experience, so go slow and find your comfort.

I did not list, gemstones, elements, and organs, associated with each. I did not list the other energy points. For knowledge on those you can read my other article: Chakra Awakening. This is for awareness and growth. At the end is an opening and maintenance meditation.


This point is located at the base of the spine. When balanced it will make us feel connected to the earth and others that inhabit it. A healthy root will overall bring out our care for our self and others. When it is not fulfilled or over fulfilled, we will experience anger and resentment towards our self and others. Keeping this chakra healthy has to do with activities and things that keep us grounded. Our hobbies, friends, interests, art, music, reading, etc. Whatever it is that we enjoy. Staying away from the things and people we care about will lead to a general feeling of being left out; having the need to be a bully to get the things we want. We may start feeling pain in our lower body when this chakra is out of balance.

Self-motivation, self-love, and self-acceptance are the biggest virtues involved with this energy point.


This point is located right in the middle of our stomach, just below the belly button. The sacral chakra is involved with our love life and how we feel with interactions between ourselves and others as well as our sexuality. When not fulfilled it brings us to being very deceitful, manipulative, or wanting to be away from people. When this chakra is in balance, we do not feel overly sexual and instead content, our trust in others is at a high.  Keeping this in balance takes work with holding and understanding our relationships with everyone.

Practicing healthy sexual activities. Learning sympathy and respect towards others by listening will further better our relationships with them and finely tune this energy point.

Solar Plexus-Yellow

Located at the solar plexus, just above the belly button, this energy point is known as the source of our spirits’ will. A healthy solar plexus results in feelings of being in control of our lives, as well as respecting others’ will. It leads us to not have a want for control or manipulation and instead brings us to creativity and motivation. A big pro to this is a lack of being persuaded by any type of influence without having an actual resonance with it. When it is underwhelmed or overwhelmed, the will can make us very shadowed or forceful. It can blind us with beliefs along the lines of “always not getting what we deserve” or “needing more.”

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This point being at its most fulfillment will show what having free will is truly. The best ways to work on this chakra and its balancing with the rest are meditating and taking care of personal needs. These things seem simple, and they are.


This is the fourth chakra point of the main seven and holds our empathy. An unfulfilled or over-active heart chakra shows itself by feelings of not being loved or cared about, as well as not thinking about our own actions and being obstructive. This one shows our personality in a very bright light to others. People notice what kind of person someone is from feelings of compassion and others’ empathy. Those with an unbalanced heart chakra will try to do too much for others or be emotionally violent. Some of our greatest fears reside in this energy point being unbalanced.

On the other hand, when in tune with the other chakra, one will be able to see love in nature and people. They’ll be able to accept it from others as well as give it freely and comfortably. Practicing our bonds between people, and creatures, and learning how to accept things for how they are, leads to a balancing here.


The throat chakra is the center of our communication and charisma. It is also known as the area in which many telekinetic and telepathic abilities stem from. Caring about what we say to others and being aware of our effect by using our voice is important here. This chakra in balance will show our ability to understand what others are thinking and be able to react to them with helpful information. Other things we will experience is being able to speak up for ourselves and be influential. When this energy is out of balance it will effect our creativeness and mainly our ego. The loss of people understanding us will disrupt our own integrity and can make a person depressed or angry.

Good ways to keeping this chakra in balance are eating and drinking things we enjoy, conversating about things we like and with people we enjoy company with. Listening to music or reading about topics we like is also a high influence on balancing this energy.

Third Eye-Indigo

This point is the holder of our intuitive and instinctual thinking. It is the known connection with the psychic and astral realm. Other things come from this energy in our daily lives like how well we cope with situations and events, our ability to decide on right and wrong, and mainly, our focus. When this chakra is out of balance we can be seen as unguided and mistrustful, mainly because we are not understanding our own mind. Keeping this point in balance will help with worrying and anxieties. Most of our creativity stem from here as we pick up inspiration from all around us.

Thinking and not reacting will train this chakra. More decisive and well thought out actions get us used to thinking much more clearly. Keeping an awareness on how we affect everything around us brings up our intuition by becoming a friend to our surroundings and letting it “speak” to us.


We are brought to chakra number seven, the final point of the main system. It is seen as the color violet or sometimes even rainbow as we start to see its connection with the higher realm. The main ways of keeping this chakra in balance have to do with all the rest of the energies. When it is out of balance a misunderstanding about our own spirituality will take effect, a very large ego will take over, addictions or mental illness may arise too. When it is in balance we will see it to be very easy to accept things for how they are, a comfort in meditation and prayer, and a true sense of love will come over us.

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It is not stressed enough, ever, that each of these is just as important as the rest.

Meditating on the Chakra

The best way to keep these in balance is to meditate on them. There are many ways to visualize these energy points, as a ball, flower, wheel (which is what chakra directly translates to), or the color itself. Seeing all of them in the body at the same time and focusing on the individual ones is how we find the imbalances. Bringing awareness to an energy will bring importance to it, visualizing it will show to you how it would look healthy and how it would look when it is not in balance. Keeping a focus on the energy will bring more answers to your life and how to be healthy. The longer the focus is brought to these individual energies, the more we learn about them, and about ourselves. ** To say that one chakra is more important than the rest wouldn’t make any sense as it would lead to losing focus on another aspect of ourselves. **

Chakra Meadow

This is a beginners’ chakra meditation and a good one to return to and see how chakra open and close over time. It holds an active self awareness with how our energy changes. During this meditation we will walk through the chakra in order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, then violet. A healthy chakra cycle is a slow clockwise turn.

  1. Start by sitting comfortably and reaching a comfortable breath
  2. Close your eyes and begin your visualization by walking through the gates of a garden. Look at the sky, the clouds and the entrance of this garden.
  3. Once through the gate see red flowers all around you and notice that further ahead are orange flowers, then yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet at the end of the garden.
  4. Feel the flowers and watch how they move in the breeze of this garden, smell them in the air, notice how everything sets in to your meadow just perfectly
  5. Go to one of the flowers in particular and see how open it is, it will move gently on its’ own and you will see if it can open further
  6. If it is fully open, and slightly glowing, leave it and continue to the next set of flowers
  7. If it is closed in any way, or not fully open, begin to see your energy churn the flower in a clockwise direction, be very light and gentle
  8. If the opening of the flower seems forced, don’t continue and leave it for another time and move to the next area of flowers in the meadow that calls you, you can always go back
  9. When opening a flower watch how the petals expand and the bud on the inside comes out into fruition. Feel the opening where the chakra lies physically

*******In each portion of the garden will be flowers of different shapes, pick whichever flower beckons you, this is a very flowing meditation. Don’t get worried about a chakra not opening further or at all. Opening and keeping chakra healthy is a daily routine and this meditation can help with putting importance on it in your daily life*******



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