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Nina Kulagina: The Almost-Unbelievable Story of a Psychic Housewife

On the outside, she appeared to be a normal Soviet housewife. Looking at her, no one could have suspected the incredible psychic powers she possessed. But, once she was “discovered,” Nina Kulagina has helped ignite what some people have termed a paranormal arms race – between the USA and the Soviet Union! This is her story.

Early Life

The woman we know as Nina Kulagina was born Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1926. Her childhood seems to have been fairly uneventful. Astonishingly, however, at the age of fourteen, she joined a tank regiment in the Soviet Red Army to fight the Nazis and eventually became a tank radio sergeant.

Unfortunately, though, she was injured during World War II which put an end to her military career. She then married and had children, settling down into her life in the role of an average Russian housewife. Fate, however, had other plans for Nina.

Initial Manifestation of Psychic Powers

According to Nina, it was during this time of life that her mysterious psychokinesis powers first began to manifest themselves.

She found that objects would move around her when she became angry – always of their own accord. At first, she suspected poltergeist activity, but she eventually realized the force causing the objects to move seemed to come from a place she never would expect it to come from – it was her!

Nina believed her psychic abilities had been handed down to her by her mother,a psychic who had, after all,  possessed the same types of abilities. Nina began to try to develop her powers further. 

Nina had a many and varied repertoire of psychic powers. While she was most well-known for her psychokinesis, or being able to move things with her mind, she also had the gift of seeing colors with her fingers.

She had healing powers, she could heal someone’s wound merely by touching it. She would sometimes meet strangers and tell them exactly what illness they had – sometimes before they even knew they were sick! On some occasions, she was able to tell people what items they were carrying in their pockets.

She could even generate electromagnetic heat with her body. While doing so, she would sometimes accidentally burn holes in her own clothing! On one occasion, she accidentally burned the arm of a reporter who happened to be present! 

However, it was no simple matter for Nina to do these things. In fact, it could be an extremely draining experience. This was especially true of psychokinesis. She would later tell of how she had to prepare for the process by first carrying out meditation in order to clear her mind and center her energies.

Only then could she perform feats such as moving objects with her mind. Also, she reported some pains that accompanied the onset of her abilities, especially psychokinesis, for example, she would sometimes experience back pain, blurred vision, muscle weakness, and excessive fatigue from the exertions of performing her mental feats. Also, her heart-rate would often speed up to dangerously fast levels after a session of only a few hours.

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Her pulse would also speed up, it was once recorded as beating at over 200 beats per minute after an especially difficult mental session.

Brain activity in her head was recorded as being far higher than what was normal. She even lost weight during sessions. These strenuous mental activities obviously took an enormous toll on her physical body.

Here are some of her feats caught on tape


The World – And Soviet Authorities – Take Notice

Soviet authorities, who generally pretended not to believe in mysticism, were at the same time actually doing experiments in order to study and document Nina’s powers.

In the USA, articles about Nina and her psychic abilities appeared regularly in newspapers and magazines. Even the New York Times took notice of what was happening, mentioning her in an article in 1964 about people in Soviet Russia who possessed psychic abilities.

And authorities in the Soviet Union were especially interested, Why? Remember, this was the 1960’s – the time of the Cold War. Rumors abounded in Western countries that the USSR was working to undermine the West by creating a force of Soviet people with “superpowers,” similar to the “Arms Race” taking place between the two countries, where the two were in a race to build up their nuclear arsenals.

However, no evidence was ever found to prove the former was actually happening. (Up until approximately the 1990s, though, it’s interesting to note the CIA had a similar program which explored and carried out paranormal research.)

Soviet scientists carried out many experiments with Nina, and a good number of them are documented on video and elsewhere. One need only do an internet search to find many of these videos readily available for viewing.

Also, one Soviet scientist wrote Nina’s case up for an international magazine about psychic phenomena! The Chair of Theoretical Physics at Moscow University, Dr. Ya Terletsky, admitted in 1968 that Nina exhibited a new – and so far unknown – form of energy.

Scientists announced in the Moscow Pravada – the official Communist newspaper of the Soviet Union at that time – that Nina had been able to move many items with her mind and under stringent test conditions. Many tried to expose Nina as a fraud, but her mystical powers were never debunked.

In fact, the Soviet scientists who carried out experiments with Nina’s powers often checked to ensure she had no magnets, hidden threads, or any other items which might contribute to trickery concealed on her person, in her clothing, or even under her skin. No evidence of trickery was ever found.

However, In the year 1987, another article in the aforementioned Communist magazine Pravada stated she was a fraud who used trickery to perform her psychic feats. This was based on the opinion of the article writer. Nina sued the magazine and won a partial victory against them.


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Famous Experiments

In early 1970, an experiment was carried out which was likely Nina’s most famous display of her powers. A recently-removed frog’s still-beating heart was placed in solution.

Through the power of her mind, and using intense focus, Nina was able to first speed up, then slow down, then stop the beating of the frog’s heart. In another well-known experiment – this one caught on film – Nina was able to separate the yolk from the white of a raw egg which had been placed in a tank of saline solution some distance away from her.

Then, even more unbelievably, she was able to focus her energies enough to put the two parts of the egg back together! Soviet scientists also filmed Nina Kulagina moving matchsticks off a table and dropping them on the floor through psychokinesis – without touching them at all physically. 


Later Life

Unfortunately, in helping the Soviet Union to carry out this research, Nina may have hastened her own death. She suffered from many health problems which many people believed were due to her stringent mental activities. The frequent research she constantly participated in took an obvious toll on her body.

She suffered a near-fatal heart attack in the late 1970s, leading her to limit the number of experiments she participated in going forward. Some reports said Nina’s enigmatic powers diminished in later life. Whatever the case, Nina Kulagina passed out of this world in 1990, leaving numerous unanswered questions regarding her astonishing psychic abilities. 

Some more of Nina’s abilities on video

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