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Beginners To Advanced Photokinesis Guide

What is Photokinesis?

Photokinesis is the psychic ability of using your mind to control light and luminous objects. it can also be seen as the exact opposite of umbrakinesis, which is the dark art of controlling shadows and darkness.

Why should I learn photokinesis?

This is one of the easier disciplines to start with and see results but one of the harder ones to control…a lot of the initial result you will see with this technique will come from your subconscious and I will explain, at the start you will focus heavily on the techniques and might or might not succeed but weird things will start to happen like lights dimming by just a bit when you are in the room and other light related stuff happening around you just with lights, my suggestion to really harness this discipline is to read some books on the topic, using this link you can get the best free books on this topic with a free trial to audible or kindle

So how long until I can see results with this?

Honestly? It depends on the individual, how connected you are with your spiritual self and of course how many hours you put towards it, like anything worth going after, you need deliberate practice to achieve results, but like a muscle….it will grow, and with it your powers as well.

Light orb meditation

This meditation is the basis of all photokinesis techniques, use it when you need to recharge your psionic powers, plus this is one of my favorite techniques

Step One: Sit down in a place you will not be disturbed and close your eyes

Step Two: Close your eyes and start meditating with your favorite meditation method if you need help there are many meditation books out there to choose from

Step Three: Visualize a giant light orb coming down from the highest spot in the universe towards you in light speed crossing galaxies and planets in a matter of milliseconds.

Step Four: As the orb gets closer to you it becomes smaller and smaller until it is the size of a mere grain of sand.

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Step Five: The ball stops right at your crown chakra and starts to fill it with light. and after it has been filled with light slowly from top to bottom fills your entire body with luminous energy filling you with bliss and happines


Practice photokinesis with a Light bulb

this is essential for anyone who wants to get good, remember practice is everything. this is a hybrid technique that you can also use to practice electrokinesis.

Step One: After meditation get a light bulb and hold it.

Step Two: Close your eyes and see in your mind’s eye light coming from your hand into the light bulb in its purest form. it should look like a white glowing light.

Step Three: Try to use your will power to make the light bulb turn on, focus on it intensely until it turns on!

Practice light work within your house

many people think this technique does not work when in actuality it just does not work as they think. most of the results you will get with this technique will be at random times as your power grows stronger.

Step One: After a good meditation session go to your room and sit with the lights on somewhere comfortable.

Step Two: Relax and visualize with your mind’s eye the lights in your room getting dimmer and dimmer until full darkness surrounds you.

Step Three: Now at once! all of the lights turn on in blinding force and white light surrounds you getting brighter and brighter.

Optional: Starting with a dark room and doing the opposite, although it should be noted that this is harder to achieve.

the result of this technique is that you will start to see lights flickering around your house.

Create a light ball with photokinesis

If you can create a psi ball this will be easy for you, if not I suggest you looking into mastering the psi ball first before attempting this photokinesis technique

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Step One: for this technique to work well this will require at least an hour of light orb meditation so start after at least one hour of charging.

Step Two: Create a regular psi ball and make it super dense, the denser the better for this technique.

Step Three: Visualize light energy coming out from your hands into the psi ball filling it with this energy.

Step Four: Try to throw the ball at different objects and see what happens, try to throw it at street lights or lights in your house.

Summon your light body

Advanced technique that should be attempted by the those with a good control of the previous techniques

Step One: After a good amount of meditation stand in the middle of the room with your hands to the side and arms at your waits

Step Two: Visualize your body standing in front of you in the same position you are standing in.

Step Three: This body is becoming more and more luminous to the point where it is a little blinding to you to look at.

Step Four: in a rapid pace, this light body flings itself inside your solar plexus and becomes one with you filling your auric field with bright white light and you almost feel like you are levitating off the ground, honestly at this stage you  should be filling a massive amount of acceptance towards the entire universe if done right.


If the topic of photokinesis interests you I might share more knowledge on the topic, I would love to hear from you guys what topic you would like me to write about next as I have a big list of topics and I would really like to please my audience as much as I can.

Hope you enjoyed this new guide on photokinesis, tell me which technique you liked best and share with your friends if you found it helpful!

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    Is it ok to learn both Umbrakinesis and Photonkinesis

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    Very interesting, would it be possible to have umbrakinesis and luminokinesis with perfect balance? You could also do cosmokinesis and atmokinesis workouts.

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    😇😍 I did not know that there was a power that allowed you to manipulate and control photokinesis, and I read them by accident in an article about the ability of Umbrakinesis, dealing with shadows and darkness, but it is real and thank you for exercises and and how to master it 😇👍🏻👍🏻