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How To Create A Psi Ball

What is a psi ball?

A psi ball is the ability to create and program spiritual power into a ball that you can hold between your hands, whether its chi, mana or any other type of energy, it can be inserted into a ball inside your hands.


What will we learn in this psi ball tutorial?

In this tutorial I will teach how to make a basic psi ball but keep in mind that a lot of advanced techniques are based on this one so it is imperative to learn if you want to get advanced in many other spiritual, also a psi ball itself has levels and can become a journey of its own to master.

An important thing to understand is that when you create the psi ball it can be difficult to identify it correctly and there are many sensations felt differently by different people, some people feel cold between their hands when they are creating a psi ball, others feel warm sensations and some feel a magnetic pull pulling their hands closer or further apart.

Can a psi ball become visible?

This can be done but it is not easy, you need to master the psi ball and get to a very advanced level before attempting to insert pigmentation into the psi ball.

Basic psi ball technique

This is the most basic technique for creating psi ball, after you master this you can take it to the extreme and combine it with other abilities and guides listed on this site.

Step One: After meditating for 15 minutes sit and relax in your room or where you are most comfortable.

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Step Two: Put both of your hands in front of you as if you were holding a ball.

Step Three: Now visualize your dan tien getting filled with energy, now slowly start moving this energy all through your chest, into your arms, and finally into your hands.

Step Four: Move the energy from your hands into the psi ball by using your will power, that means willing the energy by telling it where you want it to go as strongly as you can, not by force but by sheer will.

Psi wheel technique

this is a fun technique using psi or mana energy and your red chakra, as you progress with this technique you can rely solely on your red chakra.

Step One: After meditation put your hand out in front of you spread open palm facing up.

Step Two: Will energy as we learned in the previous psi ball technique into your open hand.

Step Three: When the energy is inside the hand, get it to spin around in a circular motion and start to push it out from the hand, it should look in your minds eye like a spinning plate or a big shuriken.

Step Four: Now you can throw this energetic object where ever you want to, try throwing it at the wall, or at plants and see what happens.

Advanced psi ball technique

Step One: Meditate for at least one hour

Step Two: Sit in your room on the floor and summon up all the energy you can into your solar plexus, if done right this should take at least three to five minutes to accomplish.

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Step Three: Like in the basic psi ball technique take all of that energy and move it into your hands.

Step Four: When all of that energy is in your hands, filter the energy through your red chakra and only then insert into the ball.

the effect of this will be that the ball will be much more dense and durable.


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