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Beginners To Advanced Pyrokinesis Guide

A lot of you have been asking for this guide for the past year and I feel like I can’t keep you waiting any longer, I want to preface this article with a little disclaimer, this power can be destructive if it is in the wrong hands, an unpure mind can be overcome with this power and do harmful things when you are in a state of rage, it is very important that you know how to control your emotions before you start this journey.

If you know you can control your emotions and have previously had success with other psychic abilities than this may very well be the right discipline for you.

You probably think this is a cool trick to do for your friends and at parties, well…it could be, but achieving something worthwhile like lighting a fire with your mind won’t happen in a day, its a long and arduous effort to get to that point, and like any other discipline such as running a marathon or playing tennis, this takes massive amounts of practice, but like a muscle, it will grow with time.

there is a great mini-documentary on a person who had this pyrokinetic ability and when he felt like his powers were overtaking him and taking malicious form, he disappeared from the film crew never to return to them as to not cause any more harm, this is the type of person that should hold these powers, aware and responsible.

What Is Pyrokinesis?

pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire with one’s mind, it can be used to light fires, put out fires, heat things to higher temperatures, and any other application you can think of that includes fire and heat, to harness this ability it is best to start with other abilities first since this is one of the hardest ones to master, it will be easier to start with it, also empaths are usually the best at controlling fire because they have mastered controlling their emotions.

How Can You Use Pyrokinesis In Every Day Situations

Here are some everyday applications that you can realistically use pyrokinesis for.

  • light a cigarette
  • light a fire
  • shoot fire bolts short distances (distance depends on how good you are)
  • light up a grill
  • light candles
  • light fireworks
  • use it as a light source if the power is out

Is Doing Pyrokinesis Safe

Pyrokinesis is safe but only if you have mastered your emotions, trust me you would not want to upset a pyrokinesis practitioner that did not fully comprehend his power and was in a state of rage, this step is not to be underestimated, learn to control your emotions first and you will not have any problems with pyrokinesis.

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Dimming A Flame

This is a great technique to learn since it is very beginner friendly, once you master this beginner training technique the rest will come much more naturally.

Step 1: Meditate for fifteen minutes in a quiet room with no interruptions.

Step 2: Get a box of matches and sit with them where you can focus and there will be no wind.

Step 3: Now light 10 matches while keeping each match on its side horizontal to the floor and let it burn out when it naturally burns out if it reaches your finger blow it out before, this step is important to get a baseline to see where the matches usually stop burning.

Step 4: Take the rest of the matchbox and light each match one after the other, focus intensely with your mind’s eye on the flame until the rest of the room is pitch dark and all you can see is the flame.

Step 5: Now with all of your power, will the flame to become smaller and smaller until it eventually puts itself out.

If you succeeded you will see that the first matches sustained themselves much longer than the matches you tried this technique on.

Moving The Needle

Step 1: Meditate for half an hour in a dark room with no interruptions.

Step 2: Sit on the floor and get a candle.

Step 3: Place it in front of you and light it.

Step 4: Place your hands around the flame and create a psi ball around it so that the flame is inside the ball.

Step 5: Now I want you to try to take your psi ball and move it to the left and to the right, watch the flame drag longer and longer after the psi ball as you get better at it.

Bonus: Try moving it up and down or in a circular motion and see how the flame reacts.

Igniting A Candle

Step 1: Meditate for at least forty five minutes, this is a very important step as this charges you with energy to perform this technique.

Step 2: Get a candle and put it in front of you in a quiet room, now I want you to light up the candle and focus on it intensely until everything around you turns to black just like in the previous technique, remember how the flame looks and now turn it off.

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Step 3: While the smoke from the candle is still in the air, look at the red wick, remember how the flame looked engulfing it, visualize it until you can see it clearly as if it was actually burning.

Step 4: Now look at the wick and feel the molecules in the air getting warmer, they are all going towards the wick, slowly at first and then speeding, each one making the wick warmer until finally, it turns back.

Pyro-Psi Ball

This is a fusion technique that fuses between a psi ball and fire from pyrokinesis, both disciplines need to be developed enough to be able to do it, it is also very advanced so try it at your own volition.

Step 1:  Create a psi ball and make it as dense as possible, keep pushing in more energy until it as dense as you can make it.

Step 2: With the power of pyrokinesis first raise the temperature of the psi ball until you can feel its warmth on your hands

Step 3: Try to now ignite the psi ball on fire, see the flames shooting out of it everywhere and visualize it as hard as you can, its really important to use will power when practicing pyrokinesis.


What Emotion Should You Be In When Performing Pyrokinesis?

The emotions you should be in when performing pyrokinesis are usually rage and anger, this comes with a warning though, these emotions are evil and if you do not know how to control them they will end up controlling you and it will manifest in many ways, the most common ways uncontrolled abilities manifest themselves is through the subconscious, you will start to see things in your environment acting not as they should be, maybe kitchen flames being higher than they should be, I don’t know what will happen but that is why it comes with this warning.

The best thing to counter it is doing meditation, I am a big proponent of meditation and I believe this is the key to controlling one’s psyche, for pyrokinesis meditation is very important and I would go on a limb and say its the most important discipline to practice meditation for, so please do not skip this step, tell me what you thought in the comments and which technique you liked the most, also hit the bell to receive notifications and subscribe to the email list for special updates.


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