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3 Telekinesis Books To Unleash Your Psychic Powers

We dream of having super powers ever since we were young, right? Admit it—boys and girls alike— we all have been once under the notion of possessing unimaginable psychic and supernatural abilities like those we often see in movies and in live magic shows. And in that very long list, telekinesis is one of the many abilities a person yearns to hold and keep.

Influencing a particular physical object without physical interaction also known as telekinesis is no longer foreign to us. We marvel over X-Men, Class 5 Jean Gray’s powerful yet quite destructive telekinesis talent as well as quiver in amazement as Stephen King’s character Carrie White— a teenage outcast who was ill taunted by her own mother and students, massacres her classmates in an entire town in Chamberlain through telekinesis.

As children and young-at-hearts, our immense love for supernatural abilities is not at all exclusively portrayed on films and in many media like the ones previously mentioned. For some of us, our unfathomable amazement and the constant desire of having telekinesis abilities are also well-grounded on whimsical and child cartoons.

“Think happy thoughts,” as Peter Pan once quoted.

While this may be considered cliché, Peter Pan is definitely right for it is but our thoughts that have the ability or power to control something beyond physical interaction.

Telekinesis is not something that can only be seen on movies; it happens and is real. Although extremely difficult to develop, nurture, and master, telekinesis is possible.

You just need to have both the unwavering belief in yourself, what you are capable of doing, and most importantly the resources to get things started. (and meditation* DON’T FORGET MEDITATION)

In this article, we shall introduce three fantastic telekinesis books. These books offer us the extensive knowledge we need to further understand telekinesis itself and the implications of this unique ability.

Each telekinesis book has something unique to offer and reading them would definitely make your supernatural journey an absolute worthwhile!

What is Telekinesis? A How to Telekinesis Guide for Beginners

Confused or doubtful with the existence of metaphysical and supernatural powers? Or you just do know who or what to believe? Well, brace yourselves because it is time to ban every single shred of uncertainty and disbelief traversing in the labyrinths that lay hidden in your mind—and we just have the perfect resource for this.

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Written by Nicholas Holder, What is Telekinesis? A How to Telekinesis Guide for Beginners gives us a cover to cover explanation on telekinesis i.e. detailed definition, its history and the scientific studies conducted, the mystery behind telekinesis and ESP, and a whole lot more! This piece also familiarizes us with the theories on telekinesis, visualization and the power of the mind, and the four methods to develop your own telekinesis ability. Reading this book leaves no room for doubt and confusion as the principles we can find are documented from real cases.


In a nutshell, this telekinesis book does not focus on “how” to develop and perform telekinesis but imparts us the knowledge as to “what” telekinesis really is about as well. This also serves as a motivation guide to explore and develop what is more that our unexplored, individual minds can offer. Given the detailed segments of the book, it is perfect for those who are on their baby steps in learning and are familiarizing telekinesis.

Telekinesis: A Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Telekinesis (Psychokinesis)

Many of us believe, especially in our society of today, that metaphysical or supernatural forces are impossible to occur specifically if confronted with hardcore science. But our minds still has untapped potential, one that probably holds the key to unlocking the hidden supernatural ability we inherently possess. Indeed, the human ability is tirelessly endless as long as we can observe it so.

While the first telekinesis book provides us with the essential knowledge we need to know about telekinesis, the second telekinesis book finally bestows us the instruction as to how to really do it. For sure, a large sum of telekinesis beginner’s guide books was already published, and each has its unique way of explaining telekinesis to the readers. But what really makes this second telekinesis book special from the rest?

Tricia Boyd, the author of Telekinesis: A Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Telekinesis (Psychokinesis) did an exemplary job demonstrating a step-by-step process to hone one’s yet unexplored telekinesis potential. Before getting to the point, however, Boyd writes about the possibility of controlling your mind to do tricks and the primal reason why individuals never let them do it—because they have not seen anyone do it. It also tackles the science behind telekinesis powers.

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Broken down into three phases, this book is a must have for those who wish to learn telekinesis in a very fun and interactive way. It has everything you need to get things started!

Book 3: E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Pam Grout’s E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Realityy is one of the few mind-blowing written pieces that acquired many positive reviews online.

This book is far different from the two aforementioned books since it does not tackle telekinesis. Instead, it focuses on creating your reality; the combination of belief, the ability of your mind, and the power of the universe. Indeed, Grout came up with a fantastic way to display how powerful the human mind can be and what we can do to hone it further.

Just like a lab manual, this book contains simple experiments for you to perform. These tests and trials are crafted with ease and facility to prove, once and for all, that we shape our lives with our very minds. Unlike any other books, this one gives us detailed 48-hour experiments which require no money and very little of your time. These experiments shall allow you to learn directly hands on because you are required to do it on your own.

E-squared is a fierce combination of grounded spirituality and the energy of the universe, linked with the control of your intention.

The book’s description on an online website states that E-squared proves many things including the existence of invisible energy force, our universe is limitless, and that we, too, are fields of energy, etc. Performing the experiments decides your faith—it is either you believe in it or not, as simple as that.

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