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Telekinesis Guide

Telekinesis Guide

What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is Psychokinesis which is basically defined as the ability to move an object without touching the object. Telekinesis powers allow you to use your mind to move material objects.

People who have telekinesis may be able to move small objects by simply concentrating on the object and on the move they wish the object to make. They may also be able to move large options that are so physically heavy that it would be impossible for them to move them with just their body strength.

Some telekinetic powers allow people to change an object, like bending a dinner spoon, or shaping pieces of metal into other shapes. The powers and strength of your telekinesis will vary, and many people do not realize that in order to strengthen their powers they have to use their powers on a regular basis.

The telekinetic abilities of a person can become weak if they are not used. Just like the muscles in your arms and legs can become weakened if you do not use them, your powers need regular exercise to grow strong and stay reliable.

There are people that believe that telekinetic powers are the evolution of the human mind. This train of thought supposes that anyone with telekinetic powers has simply evolved to use more of their mind than the average person uses.

There is a common perception that the average person only uses ten percent of their mind. If a person were to evolve, or train themselves to use a larger percentage of their brain then they would likely have powers and abilities that other people thought were strange or unbelievable.

Strengthening your grey matter and expanding the use of your mind will cause you to have abilities that you only dreamed of before.

Signs that you have the gift of Telekinesis

A large number of the psychics that have proven to have telekinetic powers say that they have always had dreams where they could fly. Do you dream of being weightless and capable of flying through the air but not of astral projection? This could be your subconscious alerting you to the fact that you have an ability that you are not using to your full advantage.

Have you ever concentrated on a cup or something on a table and made the object move? Even if you made the object move just the slightest bit you were using the power of telekinesis.

Do you have vivid dreams that seem so real that you have a hard time separating the facts of the dream from the reality that you know? Often psychic powers are exposed to us through our dream sequences. Most people who have telekinetic tendencies also have other psychic powers like Clair essence, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

If you have any other psychic powers and you have the desire to be telekinetic or have inkling that you might be telekinetic then there is a great possibility that you do possess the powers of telekinesis. You simply have to explore the possibility and not underestimate the powers you may have.

How to Strengthen Telekinesis Abilities

There are a lot of activities that can help you to build on the telekinetic powers that you have. One of the basic things that you need to master in order to increase your powers is meditation.

Believe it to Receive It

You may think that the old statements about if you can see it you can be it, or you have to see the spoon bending before the spoon can bend. It is total true that if you can imagine something, if you can believe that something is real, and if you can envision yourself doing something, then you can do anything.

Your mind is a powerful tool that can prevent you from doing just about anything. Yes that sentence did say prevent, because your mind can block your abilities and stop you from achieving things.

If a person is convinced that they cannot do something then their subconscious will also be convinced that the person cannot do whatever it is. The subconscious will nag at the person and send negative thoughts and vibrations whenever they try and their conscious mind will pick up on the negative vibrations and will not allow the person to succeed.

Take a woman who has had a stroke and her left side is affected so that she cannot be steady when standing and cannot walk. The doctors may tell her that she is doomed for the wheelchair, and that she will never walk again. They tell her she should be happy to be alive and she should accept her fate. The woman is stubborn.

The woman puts a dog leash around her foot so she can lift the foot. She stands by using a walker to pull herself into a standing position, and then she lifts her left foot with the dog leash. She starts to be able to get around inside her home after a few weeks of doing this so she goes outside to her steps and she begins to try and climb her steps.

She stands at the bottom of the step. She has the dog leash wrapped around her wrist and she uses her right leg to step onto the step, and she lifts her left leg with the leash. She repeats this method until she reaches the top. She congratulates herself for doing so well and she repeats this process every day.

Each day she gets stronger and each day she tells herself that one day she will walk without the help of the leash. She believes that she will walk. She believes this with everything that she has, and a year from the time she had the stroke she is walking. She has to hold on to the handrail and she cannot walk across a store without a cart to lean on but she walks. Her wheelchair is stored, and her walker and cane are stored, and she is ambulatory.

There is no medical reason for her to be able to do what she can do. She is an older woman, she is overweight, she has a host of health problems, and yet she can walk. She can walk because she believed she would be able to do it, and she made up her mind to do it. Once she believed that she was able to walk then she could see herself walking and eventually she walked.

The same thing is true of your telekinetic powers. If you do not believe that you can move things or that you can reshape things then you are never going to be able to do so. Your mind is a powerful and wondrous tool that you have to convince to support you. Tell yourself that you have the power, tell yourself every day that you have the power, do not ever entertain a thought that you do not have the power.

You must envision yourself performing the telekinetic powers that you KNOW that you have. Do not say I might be able to move that book, say I CAN move that book with my mind. You may not have moved the book with your mind yet, but that does not mean that you will not move the book the very next time that you try. Tell yourself that you can, you know the chant I think I can, I think I can, well you are going to chant I know I can, I know I can.

I know this works, I was the woman in the wheel chair so I know that the power of your mind, and the way you see yourself affects everything you can do. Believe in you.


Meditation is done by learning to control your mind, emotions, and thoughts. To be efficient at meditation you have to learn to control your breathing, relax your mind and let go of all of the stress and anxiety that is a part of life.

The meditation experts have discovered that by practicing meditation they have been able to lower their blood pressures, reduce physical ailments like headaches, and life a more peaceful life. The people with psychic powers will tell you that practicing meditation on a regular basis will strengthen your abilities, increase your abilities, and provide you with better control over your mind.

Moving an object through the power of your mind connecting with the energy of the object is a simple mind over matter exercise. Meditation is something that allows you to exercise your mind so that you have more control and you can apply your mind in ways that will astound you.

Proper meditation requires you to set up a space that is comfortable and relaxing for you. That means finding a comfortable way to sit, turning the lights down and using subtle light like candle light, and finding a temperature that you feel the most relaxed at.

You should meditate at approximately the same time every day. When you first begin to meditate, try different times of the day to find the perfect time for you. At different times in the day you are going to find your attention and ability to focus is better, and at some times of the day you simply will not have the ability to turn the distractions of your thoughts and the world around you off.

Find your perfect meditation time, eliminate external distractions, and practice meditating every day. EVERY DAY! The length of time may vary from 20 minutes a day to hours at a time. It is recommended that when you first begin to meditate you set aside at least 20 minutes each day. Once you do this for a period of 28 consecutive days you will find that you develop a habit for meditation.

Once you develop the habit then you can adjust the amount of time you meditate. You can meditate longer on some days and shorter periods on others. It is important to not skip more than two days in a row or you will need to restart your habit by doing another 28 consecutive days.

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Part of meditation is relaxation, but you need to also learn to relax when you are not meditating. When you are in a relaxed state you are in better control of your psychic abilities. You must learn to not let outside influences cause you to become upset, flustered, or to lose your calm demeanor.

Practice deep breathing methods that you can use when you notice that you are beginning to become upset or anxious. You can concentrate on your breathing and start to slow rapid breathing by focusing on the air coming into your lungs and then focusing on the air leaving your lungs.

You can start by closing your eyes and taking a slow deep breath to fill your lungs. Count to 15 while your lungs are full and then slowly begin to release the air. Repeat this step several times, or until you feel the anxiety and stress begin to ebb out of your body with the air you exhale.

You may have to lengthen the amount of time that the air is held in the lungs, or learn to do this with your eyes open so you will not draw attention to your actions, and so you can do this while driving a car.

When you master the art of relaxation you will find that your psychic powers are greater, your spiritual connections are deeper and happen more frequently, you feel better, and you have a better outlook on life.


In order to manipulate objects with your mind you will need to develop a strong power of visualization. To have this visualizing ability you will need to practice.

When you are visualizing the item you must be able to see it in your mind. You must think about the item and think about every detail of the item. See the shape size and color in your mind.

Try to imagine the feel of the item and the weight it would have if you were to hold it in your hand. Is the object soft to the touch or hard? Is it warm or cool? Is it smooth or rough to the touch? All of these things should become so apparent to you that you can physically feel the object as if you were actually holding it.

You have to be able to clear your mind of every other thought so that the object you are visualizing is the key thing on your mind. That is direct focus.

Once you have established direct focus of the object you can then start feeling for the energy it has. In order to move an item you have to connect to the energy with your own energy. Your energy will assert itself onto the energy field of your focus so that you can move, lift, or manipulate your focus item.

To build a greater focus control you should start your visualization with a small object. When you can visualize that object and focus on it entirely try visualizing the area around the object. If it sits on a table try to see the table that is holding it, and then expand to seeing the room the table is in.

Each of these visualizations is going to help you to grow stronger and be in more control of your mind, your energy, and your surroundings.

Controlling your own energy

Before you can control the energy of an object you need to develop control over your own energy. This control relies on your feeling and being in touch with your own energy field. Learning to do this may take time and patience. The art of developing psychic abilities does not happen quickly, it happens over time with concentration and effort.

You can begin to connect with your energy by sitting in a comfortable position. You want to be in an area that has as few external distractions as possible.

Flex the muscles in one of your arms. You want to feel every muscle in the arm, from the shoulder to the wrist, flex. It may take fifteen seconds or longer to do this. When you have flexed the muscles down the length of your arm release them and allow that arm to be completely relaxed.

As you do this you will see how it feels to build and control energy. It is important for you to know this feeling and establish this control.

Continue your muscle control practice on the other arm. Take your time and let the energy build slowly, feel the energy, and feel the release of the energy.

Practice on your legs, your neck muscles, and your entire body. You want to learn to control the energy force you have so you can concentrate and project your energy force onto the objects you wish to manipulate or move.

Telekinetic Exercises

Flame Control

Controlling a flame is one of the great exercises that can develop your powers to a greater level.

Step 1:

Light a Candle

Step 2:

Clear everything from your mind and focus on the flame of the candle.

Step 3:

Use your energy to make the flame grow and shrink in size. Concentrate on the flame and see it get taller and then see it recede.

Imaging the flame flickering, and dancing, from side to side, uses your mind to control the movements, and to control the speed of the movements.

Make the flame grow in intensity so that it is as bright as possible and then dim the flame until it is almost extinguished.

Another good exercise involves a psi wheel. You are going to spin the psi wheel with your mind.

First you have to build a psi wheel. You need to fold a piece of paper into the shape of a pyramid. Once the paper is folded you need to position it on top of a toothpick that is connected to a piece of aluminum foil.

The object of this exercise is to spin the wheel without knocking the paper off of the toothpick axis. You need to concentrate on the paper and on moving the paper.

You can place a glass over the wheel so that you know for a fact that you are moving it with your mind and that no external forces like wind is making the paper move.

Another exercise is using psi balls.

A psi ball is energy that you can tangibly feel. You can take your hands and place them on your stomach so that the energy from the core of your body can be felt in your hands. Cup your hands around your stomach like you would cup them around a ball. When you feel the energy slowly lift your hands away from your stomach and keep your focus on feeling the energy you are holding in your hands. If you lose concentration you will need to start over.

In your mind you should visualize the energy ball that you are holding. See the color of the energy and whether or not the energy is glowing. You are in control of the energy ball and you can use your mind to make the ball larger or smaller.

Use your visualization techniques to help you see the ball and change the size and shape of the ball.

You can visualize the ball of energy making contact with an item like a book, vase, or pencil. Let the energy ball strike the object with enough force to move the object. The psi ball holds as much force as a tangible ball of the same size would. Direct the ball and mentally project it into objects.

Repeat an exercise or participate in an exercise for about 20 minutes. After that time, be sure that you rest and allow your mental energy to build back up. If you press the time and do the exercises for longer periods you are likely to become weaker and frustrated by the lack of results.

Do not repeat the same exercise every day. Choose one of the exercises and perform it for a couple of days and then change to a different exercise. If you do the same exercise over and over you will become complacent and you will not have the same focus and control as when you switch exercises.

This is just like working different muscles in your body. Each exercise targets a specific psychic muscle and you want to make sure that you develop and train all of your psychic muscles equally so you have optimum control.


I know that the last thing that you want to hear about is journaling. You want to hear about magic exercises that will help you to bend spoons, move books across tables, and levitate objects. The truth is that in order to properly do all of those things you need a record of your attempts, your successes and your failures.

A journal logs all of the things you have done and you have tried and show you what things helped you and what things did not help you. A journal is your personal record and story of your telekinetic powers and experiences.

Looking over your journal in a few months will give you a timeline of events, successes and failures. You may see a pattern emerging and you may suddenly see what you need to do to improve your abilities.

Keeping a journal also helps you to learn to control your emotional highs and lows. When our emotions are going from high highs to low lows our energy field is also being affected. To move something with your mind you have to be able to connect your energy field to the energy of the object and if your energy field is compromised there is no way that you are going to be able to connect to something else in a positive and lasting manner.

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Journaling will also allow you to understand who you are and what your psychic powers are meant to be used for. You have been given a gift and there is a purpose for that gift. You need to learn the purpose, and how to use your gift in the manner it was meant to be used.

When you are journaling you have to make a series of checks and balances. You do not want to focus on just the good things or just the bad things. You need a balanced journal that shows the negative and positive of each day, and each attempt.

If you focused on moving a book and did not accomplish moving the book with your mind you can write in your journal that the outcome of your attempt was not what you wanted, but that you experienced a great amount of focus, or you were able to concentrate without being distracted by random thoughts for a longer amount of time.

There is something positive that we can learn from everything that we do. It is up to you to look for and find the positive points of each event. When you start to look for the positive you will find that the good points of a situation will start to be easier to recognize.

Your positive outlook on life is going to be a rewarding asset for you to use in your psychic explorations and in every aspect of your life.

Develop a Connection with other Psychics

One of the things that you can do to develop your abilities to their fullest potential is to develop relationships with other psychics. Some people say that we gain power when we are surrounded by like energy forces. If you are close to other psychics their energy forces can help to increase the strength of your own abilities.

Other psychics can also encourage and support you while you are attempting to perfect your use of your psychic abilities. Other psychics will not be negative or discouraging so they will not take energy and confidence away from you.

Having a group of supporters that build you up and encourage your attempts will increase your confidence and allow you to believe in yourself. The ability to believe in yourself and to have others who believe in you will make your efforts more successful.

If you raise a child and tell them all of their life that they are dumb, and that they cannot do things, then they grow up believing that they are dumb and they cannot do things. If you raise a child telling them that they are smart and they are capable of doing whatever they want to do then the child will grow up to believe in their own abilities and they will accomplish more.

The subject of nature or nurture has proven that nurturing a child, and building their self-confidence creates an adult that is confident, reliable, and more accepting of them. Yes we all have limitations but do not count your limitations count your abilities. You are able to do anything you want to do and you will go farther if you surround yourself with people who believe in you and encourage you to never give up.

Even if your psychic friends are online friends they can be supportive, encouraging, and uplifting. Find a group of people with psychic abilities and ask one of them to mentor you. An older psychic that has developed their powers will be able to guide you and help you through the tough times, the doubtful times, and the struggles you are going to face.

They have already struggled through the battles that you will face and climbed the mountains that stand in your path. Your mentor can help you to develop the skill sets that you need and they can help you to develop the strength of character that you will need.

You know that prejudice exists against different religious affiliations, different colors of skin, different social and economic backgrounds, and more. Everything that sets you apart from others is something that someone will use to try and ridicule you or make you feel like you are not as good as they are.

We all know that bullies strike out at people who look or act differently because they do not understand the other person and they are afraid of the things they do not understand. You need a group of friends with psychic abilities because you need a group when you come under attack. When you are being made fun of, bullied, ridiculed, or otherwise taunted you need a group of people who can help you rise above all of that and be the bigger person.

Develop some great psychic relationships and find a mentor or two that can help you be the best that you can be.

Important Facts about Telekinesis

A telekinetic person can control or manipulate magnetism so that magnetic items do not adhere to magnets. The psychic ability to stop a magnetic item from being controlled by a magnet is often thought to be the reason that someone can make an object move. This is why people with telekinetic powers prove them by moving things like books and crystal bowls. They move items that could not be magnetically controlled.

A person with telekinetic powers can manipulate photos.

Telekinesis is also used as a psychic healing power by some psychics. The ability to control the energy field around a wound can often help the wound to heal faster and help tissue to knit back together.

Telekinetic energies can be used to bend metal objects like spoons and it can also be used to melt the metal an object is crafted from.

Skeptics say that telekinesis is not true because they have never seen a scientific study that proved telekinesis to be true. You can also say that scientists have never done a study that proved that telekinesis cannot be true. Do not let skeptics dictate what you can and cannot do.

Knowing When to Stop

Practicing different exercises can help you to develop more control and more telekinetic powers but you must be able to recognize when your mind and body has had enough. When you being to feel mentally, emotionally, or physically tired you need to stop and wait until you are refreshed. If you become mentally tires you will likely stop being able to control your focus. When you become physically tired you might start to fidget or feel uncomfortable.  When you are emotionally tired you might experience mood swings.

You cannot control your psychic powers if you are tired, frustrated or distracted. Being tired is a distraction and it will stop you from having the concentration that you need.

When you become tired you need to stop what you are doing, get up and go do something else that is not related to your psychic abilities. Sit in a comfortable chair, have a cup of tea, listen to some relaxing music, or go lie down and take a nap.

Just make sure that you are resting. Do not go clean the house, or do your school work, or do any physically demanding things until you have had time to rest and recover.

Final Thoughts

Telekinesis is a powerful psychic ability. You must prepare yourself mentally and physically for the demands of this psychic power.

You need to eat a properly balanced diet so you have adequate energy to sustain your focus and your energy field. You cannot perform telekinetic maneuvers if your body is fueled by empty carbohydrates.

You cannot perform telekinetic feats if you do not get plenty of sleep. You need to sleep so that your body can recuperate, rejuvenate, and restore itself. You need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night so you can feel your best and have the strength to do the exercises and use your psychic powers.

Using telekinetic powers can be physically draining and you should not try to use them every day until you have built up the mental and physical prowess to sustain you while you do this.

Your telekinetic powers are a gift that should not be taken lightly. These powers are not simple side show circus tricks that should be used to entertain and then not used at all. They should be strengthened and prepared to be used one day in a crisis situation where you could help save a life or prevent a life altering accident.

Most people are not going to understand your powers and that is okay. You believe in your abilities and you believe in the power of the mind, and that is all that matters. You only get one life to live on this earth, and it is up to you to live that life to the fullest extent. That means that you need to enjoy the things that give you pleasure, pursue the things that interest you, and ignore everyone who is negative and condescending to you.

You are unique and there are not anyone else like you, and will never be another soul just like you. Embrace your uniqueness and give yourself the permission to be and do things that other people may not understand. When you learn to accept yourself and live to please only you then you will find a sense of inner peace that cannot be described or duplicated.

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