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10 Powerful Signs Almost All Empaths Have

I was sitting around with my friends the other night just hanging around when suddenly I felt that one of my friends got really upset, the thing is….he looked exactly the same from the outside, his demeanor did not change at all, later when we walked home together I turned to him and asked him if everything was ok?

Nothing was ok with him…on that night we sat down and talked about his problems until the morning, he needed a friend, he needed someone who could read his emotions like a map and help him on a deeper level, on that particular day that person was me, I felt how important it is to have someone like that in your life which brings me to the topic of this article, empathy or more specifically people who are usually referred to as empaths.


What is an empath?

An empath is a person who experiences the emotions of others as if they were his own, he can feel what other people are feeling and thinking on a deep level often taking the pain of others onto himself (or herself), an empath is also blessed with the ability to heal people, by being able to connect with them on such a deeper level and with a different perspective on the situation, usually an empath knows exactly what is needed to be said to the person being empathically read.

Some are skeptical regarding their empathic ability, even to the point of asking are empaths real at all? well yes, but not everyone is given the same amount of empathy and some find it hard to even connect with their own emotions let alone the emotions of others.


So you how do you know if you’re an empath?

here are 10 traits that empaths usually have, if you have most of them, you are probably an empath!


1. Empaths Experience Compassion Fatigue

Empaths are some of the special people who can see through the other person’s eyes and understand the situation from his perspective almost intuitively, the major issue with this is that it is extremely emotionally draining to feel other peoples emotions (usually as strong as they are feeling or even stronger), usually if you suffer from compassion fatigue and you feel burnt out its best to just rest and try to disconnect from this ability for a while, spend some time in nature or alone, spend time doing what you love doing, another great way to pass the time and revitalize it meditation, but this is definitely a sign of an empath.

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2. You Are The Bedrock For Your Friends And Family

Do people come looking for you when times are tough? Do they seek your compassion when they need it the most? When times are tough usually people go seeking other individuals who can relate to them as deeply as possible, usually, these people have elevated empathic abilities.


3. You Cannot Seem To Hate Anyone

You hear a friend saying bad things about another person even to the point of hate, but just cannot relate to hatred the way others can, of course, you can understand where they are coming from but you cannot bring yourself to the point where you hate another living being, this is one of the greatest signs of an empath.


4. You Give Great Relationship Advice

Think back of advice you gave to a family member or a friend about their relationship, did they listen to you? And if so how did it go? did they make up with the person they had trouble with? Empaths give great advice for relationships, most relationship problems are caused by a lack of understanding and a blatant disregard of the other person’s point of view, empaths have the ability to see the other person’s point of view and explain perfectly (partly because they feel it as their own)


5. You Might Be Blessed With Other Psychic Abilities

Some empaths have other psychic abilities, the most common one is by far biokinesis which is the ability to manipulate bodily traits, after that is the ability to control air with the mind, a lot of the times empaths are also blessed with telepathy, you can test that out with zener cards or simply by trying to read people’s mind and not their hearts.

6. You Can’t Keep Yourself Away From Doing Activism

Whether you are doing volunteer work or going to protests you can’t seem to stop wanting to help other living beings with less fortune than yours, even if you are not in the best state ever you still feel people are suffering more than you and it is your mission and duty to help those who are suffering, animals and people alike, a lot of vegans are unsurprisingly empaths a lot of the time, but it does not mean that you are not an empath if you eat meat.

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7. You Prefer Deep Conversations Over Shallow Ones

If you had to choose, you would go into a deep conversation that can last for hours about the deepest topics you could get into than just talking about modern pop culture and who was where and did what (not that there’s anything wrong with that) empaths like to go in deep with their conversation topics and really dig into one topic until they cover it from the inside out rather than jumping to different conversations about shallow things.


8. You Are Not An Extrovert And Not An Introvert

While common belief would have you thinking that most empaths are introverted, some can be for sure, but the vast majority of empaths are actually given the option to switch between being extroverted and introverted, if you feel like you are an empath but you are also very introverted, sometimes the emotions of the people around you have a deep impact on your social confidence, let’s say you are mostly surrounded by introverted people, well there is no wonder that you will become introverted, on the other hand, if you are next to friendly people who are extroverted you may feel like you can open up to them and become more extroverted.


9. You Tend To Cry More Than The Average Person

Yes even you guys out there, empaths are more sensitive and can find themselves in tears even sitting in front of the TV watching a romantic comedy, Since you are more connected to your feelings, you tend to feel more than the average person, and that could lead to crying in situations that sometimes don’t require it.

10. You Would Rather Go Spend Time In Nature Than Indoors

Empaths are very connected to mother earth and nature, Empaths tend to be more grounded and seem to like going out into the wild on trips with family and friends or just alone seeking silence and guidance.


These are the ten most popular traits of an empath, I highly suggest watching the video at the top showing real-life empaths and their abilities, how they are able to deeply connect with people, comment below on which trait describes you most and share it with your friends!

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